We’re Baaaaaaack!

January 23, 2011

Welcome back everyone! First of all, thank you all so much for your patience while we switched our server! (Our old one wasn’t able to handle certain scripts we were running on the site, like the Tweet & Facebook one you see below each post.) But, we’re back and on a server that can handle anything we throw its way!

Now, I’ll cut to the updates… because if you’re like me, your attention span weens off when people blabber on.

1. I’ll be catching up on news today and tomorrow.

2. ATTN: Edward’s Diary Readers! If you haven’t, please check out Sarah’s (the writer of Edward’s Diary) note she wrote for her readers here. Please note that I will privately be selecting a new writer for that Diary, so please no emails. I promise I’ll pick someone great! I’ll need about two weeks. Thanks again for your patience. :)

3. Just a reminder: We are in no way affiliated with Summit Entertainment or Stephenie Meyer. Not even close. All diaries on are, of course, unofficial diaries…. otherwise known as Fan Fiction.

4. You can find us on Twitter here, and like us on Facebook here. I just made a new Twitter layout, so check it out. ;)

That’s it for now Twi-lovers! Again, thank you so much for your patience… it means a lot. :)

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