(Jacob’s Diary) Surprise Visit

February 5, 2011

Dear Diary,

I ended my last entry when Ness and I were still on our honeymoon, but I decided I wanted to enjoy every second of it so I didn’t write until now. Our honeymoon lasted two weeks and as strange as it sounds, we got homesick.

Now that we’re married, we realize we will be living together, for one, and we are free to …be together, whenever we want. We know Edward will be bitter about it, but we we’re married, so it’s not like he can ban me from seeing her. She’s my wife, duh.

Esme said we could use her cabin as long as we wanted, so we stayed two weeks before booking the tickets for the flight home.

When we got home, everyone welcomed us back with a little get-together.

The whole pack was there, along with my Dad, and there was so much food. It surprised us momentarily because we had only called the day before to let them know we were on our way back, yet Esme had managed to cook and organize a little party for us already. But then again…it was Esme.

Anyways, earlier today me and Ness were moving all of her stuff into my newly remodeled house. Esme had added two bedrooms, re-sized the kitchen, the master bedroom and there was new furniture replacing my old worn furniture I bought when they had a deal at Costco, right before I moved to New Hampshire.

The rest of the pack took advantage of the deal also when they moved to New Hampshire with me. They miss La Push, but Brady and Collin are still training the younger ones that phased recently, their kids, and nephews. They’re protecting the Rez for us now. My pack couldn’t live without me. I’m the highlight of their day, by far.

The whole day me and Ness sat on her floor talking and packing at the same time, ‘cause we’re multitasking pros like that.

I never knew she had so much stuff though. She had about thirty boxes to pack stuff in, in all different sizes and when we were about two-thirds packed, we ran out of boxes.

So, me being the perfect gentleman, I went out to the hardware store, because they sold the boxes that their inventory came in for real cheap, in real big amounts. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway and then down the curvy road that came out to the main highway.

I had the windows rolled down, the warm air felt so refreshing. I made it to the hardware store and briskly walked in, already ready to get back to Ness. I thought it was odd I was the only car parked in the lot and shrugged, figuring they were probably closing any minute.

There wasn’t anybody in line at the checkout so I walked up to ask for the boxes. I saw a head of black hair that was frizzy but at the same time, it somehow didn’t look bad. Then I smelled it.


The girl looked up and her eyes were a strange color, like a purplish blue.


Her pale skin like marble and her high arched eyebrows, pointing menacingly.

“Hi, can I help you?” She spoke the same phrase she did the last time I saw her. The cashier girl from the apple cider store in Aspen…but how? How is she a vampire now? And why is she here? In the same exact small town I live in?

“Um…what’s going on?” I asked, feeling strangely uneasy.

She grinned innocently.

“What do you mean?” she asked, her voice high pitched and smooth like one of Edward’s piano compositions…way different from the old nasally voice she had as a human.

“Well,” I said, looking around making sure nobody could overhear. The store was empty. “Where to begin? How in hell are you a vampire and why are you here?” I asked, and she rolled her eyes, which were turning a darkish purple now. The contacts were dissolving quickly.

“Mr. Black,” she stretched out the name, running her hard finger over my chest. I flinched away. “I happened to have been…jumped that night after I met you, while I was walking home from work. Ugh, I hated that job. I made no money and it was freaking Aspen, so I had to walk home in ten degree weather.”

She laughed to herself, an eerie, emotionless laugh, then continued. “Anyhoo, I was changed. The person who changed me said it was for my own good, that I can get anything I wanted. I think she wanted me to come and see you. She kept hinting at it. She left me then; she knew I could fend for myself. She knew I could find you. So, I decided to come for what I really wanted,” she moaned, her mouth curling up and her eyes bored into mine.

She’s was so stupid…who trades enemy secrets like that?

“Who changed you?” I asked, my mind racing.

“Well, I don’t know. She was pretty-ish, not as pretty as me though,” she said, winking at me. I laughed; she still wasn’t attractive, even as an immortal.

The girl continued. “She was quite as malicious looking, though. She had darkish blonde hair and red eyes. Like mine now,” she answered, looking up at me, her contacts completely dissolved, leaving her eyes red and disturbing.

“Leave me the hell alone you damned leech. Do you think I care if somebody told you to come for me? Or if you’re just that delusional? I don’t give a shit. Leave me the alone,” I growled through clenched teeth then stormed out the door and to my car.

She stood there stunned, staring out of the hardware store’s window. I revved the engine and burned out of the parking lot, not before flipping her the bird.

She would follow me. That’s their nature. I just had to get away before her slow brain realized I left. She might be stupid now, but she’d realize soon that she wanted to get me, whether it was the easy way, or the hard way.

I sped at one-fifty all the way home but I still had a creepy crawly feeling of being followed. I slammed the brakes when I sped up the driveway of the Cullen house. Ness came outside… I guess from hearing the car.

“Hey, Jake! Did you get the box–”

“Get in the house. Now,” I shouted pulling my lips back over my teeth, my eyes roaming the surrounding trees while softly pushing her through the door – that was thankfully open. Her face was worried, confused.

I slammed the door behind us.

“Carlisle!” I yelled.

“What is it Jacob?” Carlisle appeared at the bottom of the stairs, his face confused.

By that time, almost everyone was crowded in the living room. I was calling Sam, so I told them all to hold on.

“You need to patrol the whole perimeter around the hardware store, now!” I demanded before he could greet me.

Overreacting my ass, nobody’s touching my wife. I caught a whiff of something on my way out of the hardware store parking lot, but I was too determined to get the hell out of there, I didn’t think too much about it. I did now.

It was blood.

That confirmed my suspicion. No wonder there were no customers in the store. I had no doubt they were piled in the dumpster out back.

“Who’s this vampire Jacob?” Edward asked when Sam hung up. Of course he would try to decipher the situation before I could even get a word out.

Once I had finished explaining that is was some stalker freak that obviously didn’t have good intentions for Ness and I, everyone was confused.

“So she was waiting for you at the hardware store? How could I have not seen that?” Alice asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know…but like I said: she has some delusional thing for me and I will not let anything happen to Renesmee,” I shouted, unable to control my anger.

Rosalie spoke up. “So the person that wanted her to get you, or whatever, who do you think she was? Why would she have something against you? Against us?” she questioned.

Ness was holding my hand, rubbing circles in my palm. She was worried to death and I knew it, but she wanted to comfort me instead.

“I don’t know. She said the woman was evil looking. Hell, there’s a lot of evil looking blonde vampires,” I coughed and darted my eyes at Rosalie.

She rolled her eyes. “Well, obviously it wasn’t me. Emmett and I have our own…alibi,” Rosalie retorted, smiling at Emmett.

Emmett grinned back at Rose. “Hell, yeah. That’s what I call an alibi!” he yelled, and Carlisle gave him a stiff look.

“Emmett, this is serious,” Carlisle said.

Emmett rolled his eyes then brought his laughter to a halt. “Dammit, I thought we were through this when we killed that redheaded bitch and changed Bella. When are people going to finally leave us the hell alone?” Emmett whined. Hell, I whine the same shit. It’s true. Is is ever going to end?

“Well, obviously we’re easy targets,” Rose added with a sigh.

I looked at the rest of them. Bella was sitting on the other side of Ness, rubbing her shoulder.

“Well, the pack’s going to patrol doubles probably and we’ll just have to keep a lookout. I don’t think it’s the Volturi… I think they figured out that they can’t get rid of us. It must be somebody working alone – obviously a coward – trying to get an obsessed girl to do it’s dirty work. We’ll just have to be careful,” I warned.

Esme cut in, worry dominating her expression.“Well, at least promise you and Ness will stay in the guest room until this blows over,” she offered, her heart shaped face worried.

“Of course Esme. I’d never miss a chance to eat your cooking for every meal,” I told her and she smiled.

Once we all dispersed, Ness and I had the living room to ourselves and I noticed she looked sad.

“Is she prettier than me?” she asked.

I gave her a look.

“Stop asking stupid questions, Ness. She was just as unattractive as last time, except she’s too pale now,” I answered, pulling her on my lap. “I love you,” I added, and she kissed my nose. “This isn’t that big of a deal, we’ll get her soon. We’ll just have to be careful until we get whoever’s behind this whole mess. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

I meant it; I would protect Renesmee no matter what.

“I love you too…and I’m only worried she’ll charm you into eloping with her. Maybe I should get you a leash?” Ness joked, her grin growing. I started tickling her under her chin – where she was most ticklish – and she shot back with grabbing my foot and wiggling her fingers on the arch at the bottom of my foot.

“Oh, now it’s on!” I challenged, picking Renesmee up and running her up to the guest room, a floor below Edward and Bella’s … thankfully, but with supersonic hearing, it’ll be an awkward stay here regardless. Oh well.


Right now I’m watching my angel sleep and it’s a good thing that this guest room doesn’t have a window. We’re perfectly cocooned in four walls with kick-ass vampires, so the worries are lifted.

Now, I feel quite sleepy… and I want to snuggle with my wife. So, I’ll keep you updated.

- Jacob

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