Welcome Rachel: The New ‘Edward’s Diary’ Writer!

February 14, 2011

I am so excited to announce that we have a new –and incredibly talented– writer for Edward’s Diary, Rachel! Rachel is taking over for the previous writer, Sarah, who due to time constraints could no longer write as Edward. [You can see Sarah's note to everyone if you missed it HERE]

You can view the very first New Edward’s Diary entry from Rachel HERE!

Rachel plans to wrap up where Sarah left off and then bring Edward’s story to after Breaking Dawn, like all the other diaries on the site. Rachel also, like the other writers, is in school and plans to write whenever she can squeeze in time, making it more frequent when she is on Summer holidays. [Please remember to be courteous when it comes to other people's free time and don't try to rush writers. They appreciate your patience more than you know.]

You can ‘like’ Edward’s Diary on Facebook HERE & Follow Rachel (Edward’s Diary) on Twitter HERE! Sarah so kindly let our new writer take over the original Twitter & Facebook accounts so the previous fans wouldn’t get confused. (Thank you Sarah ♥ )

Before I go, I want to let you all know that I am getting your emails about the other diaries not being updated and I hope you know that the writers haven’t forgotten about you. Alexandra from Renesmee’s Diary updated her Facebook today with a message to let everyone know she’d be back soon. And Erin (Alice’s Diary) is going through a SUPER busy streak and a case of writers block. I get writers block quite frequently and I can definitely say it is super frustrating, but more-so when you feel under pressure.

Meagan (Jacob’s Diary) updated not too long ago and I am working on my last entry now, too.

Really, you are all the best, most supportive readers we could ask for and you are very courteous of our time. I hope you don’t think I’m saying you aren’t. This is just a small friendly reminder for the more ‘impatient’ ones. ;) Also, I’m trying to let you know we would never forget about you and that even though I can’t get back to each one, I am getting your emails.

Head over to Rachel’s Facebook and Twitter links I posted and send her a BIG WELCOME! She is a huge sweetheart and very friendly!


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