(Jacob’s Diary) Lucy

March 6, 2011

Dear Diary,

This past week we’ve stayed at the Cullens’, and we’ll probably end up staying even longer. I’ve been running doubles, which I don’t feel too uncomfortable with as long as Nessie’s cocooned safely in the Cullen house with Edward and Bella, or the others while Edward and Bella are hunting.

Ness doesn’t really need blood anymore – not like she used to – so she doesn’t have to go to the woods – which is unsafe for her – and I won’t allow it anyway. If she does need blood, Carlisle brings some home from the hospital.

I wish I could stay with Ness the whole time, but we’ve bumped up patrols since that parasite escaped. When I found out that the idiot’s being controlled by some little mastermind who’s trying to screw with me, we decided that patrolling three times a day around the New Hampshire perimeter would suffice.

I miss seeing Ness alone and having the privacy of our own place, but I’m thankful to be able to stay with the Cullens. I mean, who doesn’t want eight kick–ass vampires, plus a pack of werewolves watching your imprint? It’s scary to know someone’s out to get Ness and I – or any of our family for that matter. We’re watching closely though, and I hope that soon this will all be settled.

Rosalie and Esme ended up packing the rest of Nessie’s stuff and putting it in our house. They even decorated it more in their free time. We’ve gone over there during the day when I’m not patrolling, but I feel safer at the Cullens’ at night because I don’t want to fall asleep and then get caught off guard by somebody.

Obviously the thought of us being left alone after the Volturi incident was just a fantasy…we’re pretty much perfect targets: A coven of vegetarian vampires, a pack of werewolves and a half vampire/half human who’s married to a werewolf, all together, as a family. Which is probably why the supernatural world likes to mess with us…assholes.

We didn’t know a lot at first. Alice hadn’t seen anything either because nothing had really happened. We were patrolling, keeping watch the best we could. There’d been several murders and we knew the culprit wasn’t a “serial killer” like the news tended to claim. We’d caught scent of The Frizz a couple of times, but not the person behind this whole thing…until today.

I was out patrolling with Sam, the guys were coming in about twenty minutes to take over when we caught an unknown scent in the woods, nine miles away from the house.

Sam and I followed it, our paws bounding against soggy leaves as we sprinted towards the leech in a blur. It wasn’t in sight yet, but we chased it for about twenty minutes.

Sam and I were closing in; we were gonna get it from both sides, but we broke into the Cullens’ back yard.

Sam’s thoughts were as scattered as mine. The vampire whipped her head around right when Carlisle and Edward came outside. Embry and Jared were on their way and Paul was just now making it into the Cullens’ field, that they referred to as a backyard.

I growled, trying to decide on charging, or staying where I was.

“Can we help you, Miss?” I heard Carlisle say. The vampire’s bright red eyes flickered to him and she furrowed her eyebrows. She had light blond hair, a slight frame and was dressed in mismatched, worn clothes. She looked almost scared, but she was covering her expression by baring her teeth.

“Which one of you killed my brother?” Her voice was high and light, but she said the sentence with force.

“Pardon me?” Carlisle voice was still calm; his expression confused, but focused.

“I said, which one of you killed my brother?” She was annoyed and Edward rolled his eyes. He whispered something to Carlisle, and the girl – who was still in her late teens – hissed, her lips pulled over her teeth.

Carlisle kept calm as he spoke. “Lucy, I think you might be confused. Your brother James was hostile towards a family member, who at the time was human, and we had to protect them because James wouldn’t stop trying to…kill them.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. And how do you know my name?” she questioned, her voice low and confused.

I rumbled a threatening sound in my throat.

So, she wasn’t after Ness and I. Apparently she was after Edward, but she didn’t know so. When Carlisle didn’t answer, she continued.

“He had problems,” she said, looking from Carlisle to Edward. “But you didn’t have to kill him! He was all I had left!” She was screeching now and I knew if she could cry there would be tears there.

James was a sick guy, but she obviously loved him.

“Did he…change you?” Carlisle asked with slight hesitation. He felt rude prying.

“Yes. We were both in a foster home and I was beaten…so bad. James disappeared and I thought he had left me. He came back for me though. He killed the sick bastard that molested and beat me every day. I begged him to change me, so he did. We were best friends…but then he started chasing people, and killing them. So when I met Zander, I left with him…but Zander left me after two years.” She paused briefly and looked to the side, trying to control her emotions. “I tried finding James, but I couldn’t. I was all alone. In Texas, I heard from a friend that some vegetarian coven up North killed him. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t there for him…so I had to find you.” Her face contorted, she looked malicious, her teeth baring again.

“I understand where you’re coming from, but you have to understand that we had to do it because he was after one of us. We protect our family,” Carlisle replied matter-of-factly.

She shook her head. “You took him from me!” She yelled as her eyes swept between all of us.

Emmett and Jasper were now there, along with the rest of the pack.

She was shaking, and I growled a deep growl of warning.

“I understand you were close but we don’t like hurting people, or our own kind. We do protect our family though. We are deeply sorry we did it, but please understand it was for the good of others. We didn’t have a choice.”

Damn, Carlisle was good. He was a master at keeping his composure.

She put her head down submissively. “I didn’t mean to cause trouble, honest. I just…miss him,” she wept.

Edward stepped forward. “If you would like to consider becoming ‘vegetarian’, there are many covens that would love for you to join them. You’re welcome here if you like, but you’d have to learn to change your diet.”

She looked at Edward, and shook her head. “I like being alone…I’m really sorry… I’m still mad that you destroyed him, but I don’t want to cause trouble for you or your coven.” She looked at all of us, and nodded awkwardly.

She was genuinely sad and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She spent so much time finding us… only to realize that she didn’t need to get revenge; there was no point in trying. There were too many of us, anyway.

She walked further and looked over at me.“Eliza won’t be a problem to you anymore. I’ll take care of her.”

I snorted at her, cocking my head to the side.

Frizz is gone for good.


Once she left, I looked at the pack with relief and Sam suggested we all phase back so we could discuss everything that just happened. I agreed since Ness was safely inside with the girls. I walked inside with Sam when we phased back.

Everyone was in the living room, so I sat down beside Ness.

“So, what the hell just happened?” I said.

Edward laughed. “Some girl wanting revenge, though what we did was purely justified,” he answered.

“Well, is she really going to leave us alone?” I asked skeptically.

Edward nodded. “Yes. This all happened because she was stupid and confused. When her boyfriend left her and then she found out James was dead–  from one of Victoria’s friends in the South – she didn’t even think that his destruction could’ve been because he was malicious. ”

I frowned. “Well…is she going to be okay? I mean…she was pissed and then she just walked away.”

“She knows how he was. She just didn’t really consider it at the time. She realized that trying to avenge his death wasn’t right  because he got what he deserved.”

Carlisle shook his head. “It’s a shame she doesn’t want to change her lifestyle…in fact, I feel sorry for her minion,” he said.

“Is she going to kill Frizz off?” I asked.

Edward nodded. “That’s what she was thinking about before she left. Eliza’s a newborn though, so I don’t know who will come out alive if she approaches her,” he said.

I groaned. “Damn it. We’ll just keep doing doubles then, I guess,” I told the pack, and they nodded in agreement.

Once everyone left, I had my arm over Ness’s shoulder and I felt content for the first time in a while.

“I just realized something,” she said. I looked at her. “It’s hard being supernatural.”


Ness and I packed our stuff from the Cullen house and finally, went home. I breathed a sigh of relief when we were laying in our bed, safe and sound. She’s been asleep a good hour and I’m patrolling tomorrow…so it’s time to put this thing down.

Drama will never subside in our world, but thankfully I have a way to express my feelings now. Who knew a guy like me would ever have a diary.

- Jacob

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