Edward’s Diary (Expecting a Visit)

March 13, 2011

Dear Diary,

Renesmee went through the course of her first week of school. She is really enjoying being able to experience a normal teenage life. From what she has told me, she likes to learn in her classes, and the people are friendly and charismatic.

After Renesmee took Carlisle’s IQ test, we discovered just how smart a half-vampire home-schooled teen can be.

Carlisle presumed that starting a year as a freshman in high school would suit her more aptly as far as her education goes, but Bella and I worried that mentally she wasn’t ready for all the personal complications of high school. So Renesmee takes AP classes, but attends Richmond Middle School instead.

Last Monday morning, we reminded Renesmee about trying to blend in and act human – one of many parts of the long lecture by us she’d had to suffer through the night before.

We had all the facts down: Her name was Vanessa, but she went by Nessie. She was fourteen years old; and her parents were overseas on a missionary trip but she lived with her aunts and uncles. I hated making my daughter lie to everyone, but nevertheless she seems excited.

As she stepped out of the car and waved goodbye, I got this feeling from somewhere deep inside me that I could only describe as the feeling a parent would get as their kindergartner went on their first day of school. And it was sort of the same concept.

When we got back, Bella showed me her thoughts. She was recalling our meadow back in Forks, where I’d first shown my true identity to her. Where we’d spent so much time together.

“I want to find another meadow,” she told me.

“It won’t ever be the same, though, love,” I reminded her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

She sighed. “I know that. But…I want a place where we can be together again, all alone in the woods.” She smiled at the thought. “Besides, I’m thirsty.”

It was worth a try. Bella and I took off through the woods, hunting down a few deer and all the while trying to find some place that could replace our meadow. The only place that could compare was a small opening in the forest with a glistening stream and open skies, but it wasn’t high enough to get out of the cloud bank. As we later discovered, the site was too close to a popular hiking trail for any safety. We will search more sometime later.

Nessie has really adapted well to acting normal at school. Though the subjects are complex, her accelerated mind allows her to catch on fairly easily. Her new friends at school, though quite jealous, are not suspicious of anything. She even has some new friends to go on a shopping trip with on Saturday, and of course, Alice looked like she could have burst into tears at the fact that she’d have to miss out.

On Saturday evening when Nessie was out, we received a phone call from Bella’s mother in Jacksonville. Renee, who hadn’t seen Bella since our wedding, wanted to come to New Hampshire and visit. Bella hung up, telling Renee she’d call back once we all discussed it.

“She wants to visit for Spring Break this week,” Bella informed us, though most of us had already heard it through the phone speakers.

“We can’t,” I demanded. “We can’t put your mother’s life at risk. And what about Phil?”

“He wants to come too. Oh, Edward,” Bella sighed. “You’re right. But I really need to see my mom.”

“Alice?” I looked at my sister for help, but she just shook her head plainly.

“I can’t see anything now. You need to make a decision first.”

“Renee is going to see how you haven’t changed, Bella,” Jasper said. “How none of us has. She’s going to wonder about Renesmee and Jake.”

“If Renee and Phil come, they don’t have to know about us werewolves,” Jacob, who was laying flat on the couch flipping through channels, reasoned.  “Leah and Seth and I don’t know your mom so much.”

“Yeah,” Seth called from the kitchen. “Leah and Jake and I can just hide out in the forest for a while. We won’t mind.”

“Speak for yourself, loser.” Leah got up from the couch and stormed out, thinking of how disgusting raw rabbit meat was.

Bella started pacing slowly. “Edward, I need to see Renee again. I haven’t seen her since the wedding, and she knows I don’t still have that illness I faked before I had Nessie. Of course she wants to come see us. Besides…” She stopped short and watched me face-on, her golden eyes piercing into mine. “It could be the last chance I’ll ever get to see her again.”

Of course, she was right. Bella needed to see her mother.

So we worked out a plan. The wolves would hide out in the forest or the cabin down the street, so that they wouldn’t get in Renee’s way. Jasper, who still wasn’t sure how he would handle the presence of humans, would be out of town to inspect the astronomy classes at Washington State University.

To decrease suspicion, Rose and Emmett decided on yet another honeymoon, in Asia this time. Once we had a decision set, Alice could see only so much, but it was enough reassurance to us that our secret would not be revealed.

I am hoping that Renee won’t notice how much Renesmee’s grown. Though she has never seen mine and Bella’s daughter and we have kept in very limited contact, Bella has sent her a few of the most mature-looking pictures of Nessie, who posed as our adoptive daughter. Nonetheless, Nessie is only four, but looks much, much older.

Renee will be arriving Tuesday night. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper are getting set to depart in a few minutes time, so I need to say my farewells to them. I’ll be sure to keep my diary up-to-date on what happens.

–        Edward


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