Jamie Campbell Bower in Glamour UK!

May 6, 2011

My amazing Twitter pal and blogger over at Robert Pattinson UK sent this little surprise to my email today! It’s a short interview that Jamie Campbell Bower did with Glamour UK where he talks about being sent weird things on the Breaking Dawn set, paparazzi and more. You can check out the transcript below too or click to enlarge:

Monitor: Arise, Sir Jamie
Meet the star of this month’s TV must see, Camelot – Jamie Campbell Bower.
If JCB, 22, isn’t on your radar, he soon will be. The Harry Potter and Twilight star is about to take the role of King Arthur in a coming-of-age re-telling of the legend of Camelot.

On doing bootcamp for his role in Camelot:

“I’m usually not one for physical exertion, but I didn’t tell the producers that before I got the part of King Arthur. The cast did a month of bootcamp – it was f*cking awful. But we really banded together; this over-powering masculinity suddenly kicked in.

On his style:

I’ve always had the same look: Skinny jeans and long T-shirts. Bonnie [Wright, Jamie's fiancee and Harry Potter co-star] likes me in suits, but it’s very difficult to get me into one.

On doing his own stunts for Camelot:

I did my own stunts on Camelot……until I broke my ankle during a fight sequence. We were in a little valley in Ireland, and it took hald an hour for the ambluance to get there, and another 45 minutes to get to the hospital.

On his band:

I’ve been a musican longer than I’ve been an actor. My band are recording an EP soon. Our sound is Biffy Clyro meets Muse. We call it slacker pop.


I rarely get papped. It’s only when I’m surrounded by a hundred 14-year-old girls that I get recognised.

Gifts from fans:

I get sent weird stuff. When we were filming Breaking Dawn, I got a note that started with, “Dear Jamie, I’m not insane,” and then went onto say some very sexually explicit stuff. She’d sent it along with three wheels of cheese, a bondage collar and some nipple clamps.

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