(Esme’s Diary) Chapter 1: Dr Carlisle Cullen

May 7, 2011

May 3rd 1911

I have dreamt about him every night, every night since I met him for the first time. His beautiful pale skin, his eye’s like droplets of gold that I could get lost in forever! He is the man of my dreams and I only wish I were old enough to be courted by him. One day, though, I will find someone who will have that look of love and compassion in their eyes, like he did. His eyes also hid something, he had an air of mystery around him, like he was hiding something, or in pain.

I suppose I best start from the beginning and explain how I met… HIM. My parents have a farm on the outskirts of Columbus. Like we always did, my friends and I were sitting in a tree talking about life, boys and what we wanted to happen in our lives. You see, out of my friends, I am the only one not being courted. My best friend Evie is, it is rumored, about to get engaged to Harry. Pearl and Edwin had been dating the last 18 months and were well on their way to the alter also. Me? I was the odd one out. I had all this love inside me to give but the right person hadn’t come along yet.

We had been talking all afternoon and I knew it was about time we all started heading home. I started my descent first. Climbing down each branch as if by memory. I had done this hundreds of times, I felt I could do it with my eyes closed.

But I didn’t notice.

I didn’t notice the slight crack in the branch or hear the branch groan as I placed a small amount of my weight on it. As I placed my feet on the branch and let go of the branch above me, letting this branch take my full weight, it gave way and I was falling. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think. One minute I was in the tree, the next I was flat on my back on the floor. I didn’t feel the pain at first, only once I tried sitting up did I feel the intense throbbing pain in my leg.

With the help of my friends we finally managed to get home. As soon as we got through the door my Mother could tell something was wrong, as Evie explained what happened I could hear my father groaning in the background. Probably upset he wasn’t going to get much help around the farm from me for a while. My fate was sealed when my mother informed me that the local doctor was away on vacation and we would have to travel to the local hospital in Columbus.

This is when I saw HIM for the first time. He walked into the waiting room, looked down at something he had in his hand and said, “Esme Platt?”

I looked up and gasped, my heart beating so hard and fast I thought it would jump out of my chest.

“Yes,” my mother answered, glancing at me, obviously wondering why I hadn’t spoke for myself, or why I was turning a soft beetroot color. We managed to get to a gurney when he turned to me and smiled.

Oh my that smile. If I had been standing I know my knees would’ve given way.

“So,” he began. “My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I’d like for you to tell me what happened please, Esme.”

I couldn’t speak; I was losing myself in his beautiful golden eyes. My mother nudged me, snapping me out of my daydream.

“Mmm, sorry sir?” I said a little sheepishly.

“How did you hurt your leg Esme?” Dr. Cullen repeated.

Oh, Now this was going to be embarrassing.

“Urm, well, I, Err, fell out of a tree, sir,” I mumbled, somewhat incoherently.

My mother chided me for mumbling.

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Cullen said. “So you fell out of a tree? Ok, let’s take a look then shall we?”

As his hand touched my leg I jumped. My mother chided me again. “Sit still Esme.”

“Sorry Mother, sorry Dr. Cullen,” I said, feeling myself blush, my heart still racing. His touch had sent a shock through me, not just out of lust, but because his hand was so cold, like ice.

I couldn’t understand it, it wasn’t that cold in the hospital. I put this to the back of my mind whilst Dr. Cullen examined my leg, confirming that it was broken. I lost myself again, gazing at him whilst he fixed me up. I was trying to memorise every feature on his beautiful face. All too soon he had finished, and then sent my parent and I on our way home again.

His face printed in my mind forever.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the man of my dreams.

Esme xx

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