(Jacob’s Diary) Facing the Truth

May 10, 2011

Dear Diary,

Yesterday we called off patrols because Carlisle called a family meeting, and he wanted the pack to join.

“As you know, we’ve lived here for several years and – though I’m sad to say it – people are starting to talk, with their good small town gossip.” As soon as Carlisle said this, everyone knew what he was saying, where the conversation was headed.

“Yeah, the pack and I were meaning to talk to you about this,” Sam said, glancing at Emily and the rest of the pack.

I didn’t know anything about this.

“We were wanting to move back to La Push…all of us miss the Rez.” The pack all nodded in agreement. I sat still. I obviously wouldn’t go with them…because it would be too soon for the Cullens’ to go back, and that’s who I had to stay with.

“Yeah, Colin and Brady are holding up, but we just need to go home,” Jared said, and Embry and Paul nodded, followed by the others.

I sighed. Saying bye to them would be hard.

“Well…at least I don’t have to patrol anymore,” I stated, trying to lighten the mood.

“Only if there ain’t no bad leeches wherever you guys move,” Embry pointed out. I rolled my eyes.

“Because we’ve ran into so many here!” I replied, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“That reminds me, we have to decide where to relocate to,” Carlisle interrupted, and we all returned our attention back to him. “We have properties all over the world, we just have to make sure it’s somewhere we haven’t moved less than a couple of decades ago…otherwise that would cause a few problems, suspicions.”

Edward looked up. “What about that house in the District of Eden?” he asked, and Alice pointed her finger up.

“The one in the UK, right?” she asked, and Edward nodded. Carlisle looked around questionably, but I didn’t have a chance to react. Ness started channeling visions and feelings to me by the hand she was holding. She was scared. She’d never lived anywhere but here. It was especially scary for her since this place would be in a different country.

“That would probably be the best. Jacob doesn’t know any foreign languages yet and the British don’t speak much differently than us. This would probably be the best choice; it would be too soon to go to most of the safer places in America we’ve lived in before,” Carlisle said, and I groaned.

Great. I get to learn different languages.

“So is that where we’re moving?” I asked. Everyone was just quiet, their eyes careful not to betray their thoughts.

“Sounds good to me,” Emmett said, and the rest nodded in agreement. They didn’t exactly look happy to move. I guess moving is a pain in the ass to them, and since they’re immortal it makes it seem like only a small amount of time for them to live in one place. I was a bit nostalgic about it too. Moving away from La Push was worse, but I had just gotten used to living here, so it’d still be hard. Especially since I have to leave the pack.

I was going to miss them. Since we’re a pack, we’re closer than real brothers would be. We know each other’s secrets, and everything else. We’ll be on opposite sides of the Earth when we move, so I’m not sure if our little telepathy thing will work. I hope it does. I’ll still phase, to make sure I don’t age, and in case there’s some bad vamps in the area.

After the meeting was over, Nessie and I walked back to our house.

“It’s weird that we’re packing up what we just unpacked,” she said putting her head down. I nodded, a silent agreeance. I was holding her hand, and swinging it between us.

“We’ll have to get used to it, I guess. I mean, we have to face the truth sooner or later. You know how small towns are. They’ll all be talking before we know it,” I said, and she bit the inside of her cheek. Renesmee’s had that habit, almost like the way Bella bites her lip, but cuter.

They decided in the meeting that we’d move in about two months, giving us enough time to pack and enough time for Esme to go and arrange for a house to be built for Ness and I. Their property there has a main house, along with smaller houses around it for Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and Edward and Bella. They haven’t lived there in about forty years and they just used the property occasionally for vacations and stuff. The property is private, so nobody saw them the few times they were there, preventing any gossip that would probably happen.

I planned on spending the night with Nessie, but first I wanted to do something else. At around six, I called Sam. I wanted to run with the pack tonight. Not really patrolling. I just wanted to run with them a little more. I’m going to miss them… a lot.

When I got back from my run, I walked home from about a mile away.

I gave Ness a long kiss goodnight, before heading out the door.


We all talked the whole run and Leah even came out to run with us. She normally stays home with Louis, but today was different. I guess me moving away from them was like taking a infant from their mother. We’re so close that it’ll be one of the hardest things I have to do. Then again, they understand that Nessie is my imprint, and I can’t leave her. That’s just not even remotely an option.

Since they have imprints, they know that.

Nessie could tell how I was feeling. Lately we’ve been going at it like it was nothing, but last night we just laid together. She snuggled up close to me and we slept like that the entire night.

As sad as I am to be leaving the pack, as long as I have her, I think I’ll be okay.

This morning I have patrols, and Nessie said she was going to order some stuff from this new décor designer, insisting our new house should look amazing.

She also said it called for a new wardrobe.

That’s her ‘comfort food’ I guess you could say. Some women eat fried chicken and ice cream when they’re upset. Well, Renesmee likes to shop. You name it, she’s buying it.

Well, I have to go patrol. For once, I’m excited. I won’t be doing this for much longer, so I want to make the best of it while I can. I’ll be packing for a while, but I’ll write in here as soon as I get a chance.

- Jacob

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