Jacob’s Diary (Moving Day)

June 12, 2011

Dear Diary,

So this is it. Moving day.

All of our belongings have been packed up and they’ve moved all of our stuff on to multiple trucks to be shipped off to our house in the UK. I’m already anticipating the accents of the Brits… all “fish and chips, mate?” twenty-four-seven. No more small town accents. No. Now everyone’s gonna talk all proper and they’ll probably even use complete sentences. 


I’m very appreciative though. That’s the only complaint I have, and I don’t even care that much. I mean, they’re bringing me all the way over to England with them, building Nessie and I a house, and being there for me. I have a great life. I’m Jacob though; I’ll end up finding something to complain about.

We didn’t really have to do much work, with all of us having super strength and the Cullens’ having the speed factor. It took a matter of thirty minutes to have everything up in the truck and ready to go.

I was hugging Ness from behind as we watched the last truck drive off; we both shared a feeling of nostalgia and Ness was channeling hers into me. Everyone had a bittersweet feeling around themselves; having to uproot our belongings and move onto a new life – even though the new life will be filled with memories just like the old one.

Last night Nessie and I made love, as a final goodbye to our house here in the small town outside of New Hampshire. It’ll be a while before we can move back here. The pack left two days ago and I have an ache in my chest.

We tested out our telepathy thingy after they got back to La Push; the pack was so glad to be back home. Turns out it still worked, even when they were on the other end of the country. When we get to Eden, we’re going to test it again to see if it’ll work on opposite ends of the world. If it does, that’ll be pretty damn awesome.

Only Rose, Esme, and Carlisle are here with us, the others were driving the trucks or being a companion along the way. We only required two U-Haul trucks, considering they only take necessities. The Cullens leave the rest and lock it up until next time. Our flight is at four o’clock today and we have to leave in about twenty minutes.

First, we have to drive to the airport, have an approximate flight time of eight hours to London, then a ten hour train ride to the District of Eden, followed by the drive to our house there.

A lot of damn traveling if you ask me.

Before we left, Nessie and I took one last longing glance at our house, locked it up and drove the three mile driveway to the road, then hit the highway.

On the ride to the airport I held Nessie’s hand over the console while she sent me messages of sadness. She’d be happy once we settled in, but I also felt pretty glum myself. I gave her hand reassuring squeezes throughout the ride.


Once we made it to the airport we met up with the rest of the family who had came from dropping off our belongings at the UPS place.

None of us had luggage – Ness and I had a carry-on though, considering we’re part human.

We all had first class, and I’m sure we’d take up more than half of the seats in first class on the flight.

I was correct, there were only two seats open and nobody else occupied them. Since we were all together, the flight hasn’t been that boring. We’ve all laughed, and joked. We watched the corny movie they showed, and Ness and I ate the airplane meals.

Ness is sleeping on my shoulder right now and we’ll be landing in an hour or so. In her sleep she always channels her dreaming thoughts to me, and right now she’s dreaming of me. Her and I in a forest, inspecting a caterpillar. If only my dreams were so innocent. Edward cleared his throat at that. He doesn’t interfere with our relationship – he just expects me to control my thoughts in his presence. It’s harder than you would think.

This is my first time moving with them, and it’ll be the first of many.

Once you get past the whole “mortal enemies; meant to hate each other” thing, they really are my family. Of course my pack is my family, but they’re close to the Cullens too, so it’s like a jumbo supernatural family.

I don’t think that the Cullens understand how appreciative I am…they support me financially, and they take care of me. They’ve accepted me into their home, their family, and even let me marry one of their own.

I used to have a hatred like a burning fire for them, but now all I feel is the warmth of a family, and love.

I love my dad and our family of course, but after my mom died, I never had much of a family – it was just me and him until the pack. Now I have two families. I’m so…fortunate.

My dad was upset that I was moving even farther away, but now with this new whatchamacallit, I can use a camera hooked up to a computer, and talk to him through there. Alice ordered one for him to use and he can “video call” me. I think it’ll be pretty cool to have.

Nessie’s mouth is in a little ‘o’ shape right now, and she’s dreaming about the caterpillar talking to us.

Her and her dreams.

I love watching her sleep. Even if she couldn’t channel her dreams by touch, it would still be interesting to watch. Every time something happens in a dream, her facial expression changes. It’s almost comical; one second she’s smiling, the next her eyebrows are furrowed, and she’ll huff in anger. Adorable, I know.

Every once in a while I’ll kiss her nose lightly, but I want her to sleep. She hasn’t been sleeping well lately from the anxiety of moving.

The only reason I’m not sleeping right now is also anxiety. I haven’t let it bother me until now, so I am a little scared.

It’ll be around one when we land and then we have to be on the train for ten hours. I’ll sleep then.

Alice and Jasper are playing Scrabble, and the others UNO.

You’d think they were twelve; they’re so competitive and treat the game like they’re so important.

Except for Edward, of course. He just doesn’t play ‘cause it would ruin the fun for everyone else.

He just sticks to reading.

Or making out with Bella. Ew.

He wants me to control my thoughts, but he sits there and practically dry-humps Bells two seats away?

I just got a death glare from him. Prisspot.

Ness is snoring now, lightly making noise when she exhales. Every once in a while I’ll tuck a curl behind her ear, or kiss her forehead. She’s so beautiful.

The view from my window is just night. Stars and gray clouds. I wonder if we’re going to start school when we move? Considering I don’t have a super-brain like the rest of them it’ll probably be agitating. It’ll be a way to pass the time though, so why not? Besides, if Nessie goes, I will not let her go to high school without me. Guys are too horny to be around her without me beside her. It’s good I’m so intimidating.

I now see how Edward felt all those times Bella was cornered by teenage guys looking for a good time. He wanted to rip their heads off. It’s now completely understandable.

I don’t want to seem like an overprotective jerk, but she’s my wife. That has to mean something, right?

Teenage boys are too selfish. They’ll take what they want. Not that Nessie can’t take care of herself in that situation – considering she’s probably stronger than any human – it just pisses me off that there are people that want her so badly. I’m possessive, and she’s my imprint. Not their treasure to play with. Mine to cherish.

Nessie told me a while ago that my possessiveness turns her on, so I don’t think she’ll mind that much.

She also gets pretty vicious when a teenage girl checks me out. Being a werewolf gives me the gift of good looks. I’m buff and tan so I get a lot of looks from girls; not that I pay attention. Only to one girl.

She still pulls out that death glare that can burn holes in their backs. It’s so hot.


We just touched down, so I’ll put this little thing up so I can talk to Nessie. I’ll write again once we’re there.

- Jacob

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