New Jamie Campbell Bower Photoshoot For Mr. Porter

June 21, 2011

Jamie Campbell Bower recently did a new photoshoot and interview with (a mens clothing store which sells all the top designer brands). Check out the smouldering new pics below, as well as an excerpt from the new interview!

Not many men can get away with unlaced, 24-hole, leather boots in the middle of summer. You know the sort: those footwear monstrosities worn by the sort of boys who bask perennially outside R&B sweatboxes such as London’s Movida, all smooth, oily chests and grotesquely undone shirts. At a time of year when the mercury is touching nearly 30 degrees (with a little wishful thinking) and when socks really should be banned, it takes a certain youthful élan, a rebel aesthete, to get away with scuffed leather biker boots as heavy as monster truck tyres.

But there he is. Puss in Boots incarnate. On a hired bike, no less. Pinballing through the summer traffic, like some kind of pedal-powered punk rock cherub. Combined with his chopped, golden mane, a favourite trinket or two and a wobbly hand signal, (although no helmet), actor Mr Campbell Bower – star of the Twilight franchise, Mr Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, and the last two installments of Harry Potter – can make even such an unseasonal footwear faux pas work in his favour.

“Well, they help with the cycling,” he tells me, puffing enthusiastically, having just narrowly avoided oncoming traffic with a deft swerve worthy of an F1 pilot. “And I love cycling around town; I seem to have taken it under my wing these past few months. It’s much calmer than getting on the sweaty old tube. Particularly as all too often it can be dangerously crammed with effervescent Twilight fans that spot me. Sometimes you just don’t want the bother, do you? Not to patronise our wonderful fans but sometimes they don’t see you but the character from the books, or the films. And yes, some are, um, a little bit mental – but hey, everyone is a little bit mental in their own way.”

Read the full interview here


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