(Jacob’s Diary) Unpacking is Harder Than You Think

June 23, 2011

Dear Diary,

Unpack. Rearrange. Unpack. Rearrange.

That’s what the past couple of days have consisted of for Nessie and I. The Cullens don’t pack that much, they just buy everything new when they move. Me? I have values when it comes to spending money. I mean, I grew up having to get my clothes at the Goodwill sometimes, because my dad’s disability check didn’t pay enough for me to buy new clothes. Why waste all of my stuff that’s perfectly good, and buying all brand-new things just because I have enough money to? I’m not wasteful, I’ll tell ya that. So I packed every damn bit of my stuff, besides the furniture. I only left select items.

Ness isn’t as wasteful as the rest – that’s my girl.

Our new house was a lot bigger than our other – not that the one in New Hampshire wasn’t already big. Here in Eden, the main house was one big house that had a bajillion bedrooms in it, and then there were four smaller houses surrounding it, making a large circle. They owned over two thousands acres of property here, so we had plenty of space between houses.

Ours was two stories, with over-sized windows, and the outside of the house was built out of different sized gray stones. All of the houses were placed in a forest – ours being most recently built – but still had the same amount of trees around it. They built our house in less than two months, and it fit perfectly in the space between the house Alice chose for her and Jasper, and Rose and Emmett’s. Thank goodness Edward and Bella’s house was across from ours, and the main house was between us.

I don’t want Edward barging in with a shotgun before Ness and I could even get started. Talk about a buzz kill.

The main house had a pool,  a game room – and everything else you could imagine – so we didn’t feel the need to install our own expensive extras to go along with the houses that were already over the top on the awesome scale.

When we landed in London, we had the train ride, which wasn’t too bad. Once we finally arrived, it was rainy and cold. Obviously.

It didn’t look any different from the weather in Forks. This made me miss New Hampshire. It was cold, but it rained normally. There was always overcast, but rain only made an appearance at an average rate. I haven’t seen the sun since we’ve got here.

This morning, I was helping Ness unpack her books. Well, she was unpacking them, and I was eating string cheese.

“My mom got me this for my third birthday,” ahe said, holding up an original signed copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ “I remember how excited I was,” she mumbled, blinking away tears. She’s done this a lot – finding things that bring back memories of New Hampshire, and getting upset. I asked the family about it, and Edward said to just let her be upset, so it’ll pass. Eventually, after moving a few times, it won’t be so hard on her.

Ness is either kissing me, moping around while unpacking, or decorating. She’s been almost neurotic with the interior of our house. Painting, ordering, moving furniture. While I’m entranced by the refrigerator. It hooks up to the Wi-Fi, and does certain temperatures in certain places, plus it has recipes and stuff installed. It’s food heaven. Did I mention it’s the biggest fridge I’ve seen in my life? I know.


I hugged Ness to me, afraid she would start crying. After a minute she pulled away, and sniffled.

“The delivery truck should be here soon with those vases for the great room,” I heard her murmur, before walking away. I shrugged, and followed her. She was walking to the front door to go outside, and I sat on the couch in the great room. That’s what Nessie calls it. I’ve always called it the ‘living room’ or ‘den,’ but she says that this new house is going to sound as pretty as it looks.

She painted the walls a deep, dark colored purple, and the edging was a stark white. The floor was cherry wood, so she got a white, plush, sectional couch. She added little decorative pillows, and couple of chairs and glass side tables. One day I was helping her place the couch, and she got all sweaty so we stopped, made love, and then finished moving the stuff without bothering to put our clothes back on. We’d do it again afterward, so what was the point?

She said once she got the vases, she was going to move on to decorate the master bedroom. Esme had already had the house furnished, and ready, but she didn’t mind Ness’s redecorating. It took Ness’s mind of the move, and as long as she’s happy, we’re happy.

Our bedroom was huge. We had a nice, big king sized bed– my feet didn’t even dangle off the edge.

There were French doors leading out to an upstairs veranda, looking out to the backyard. Inside, there was two dressers, placed on different walls, and if you walked to the edge, there was and arch, and you take a step down into a sitting area, with a couch, and plush chairs to sit in, facing the wall sized television.When you think it couldn’t get any better.

The master bedroom and sitting room were carpeted with off-white Italian carpet, that felt comfortable enough to sleep on.

The bathroom had a claw-footed tub; Nessie’s always wanted one. The shower was big, and had glass walls around it, and the marble sinks were a nice bonus. I think I would be very sad to leave this house. We had two more bedrooms too, but Ness and I were unsure what to do with them yet. The rest of the house didn’t disappoint either. Maybe I could stand the British accents, and proper grammar – this house is that awesome.

I was sad the first couple of days, but I got over it. Nessie will too. This is a new beginning for us, and a chance to make more memories. Until then, I’ll let her shop her pain away. Hey, it works. Either that, or we won’t leave the bed for a while. I’m fine with both.

She’s been storming through new designer collections, and getting next season’s “hottest trends” before they hit the runway, she told me. Does that mean that they’ll hit the runway like a plane does when it’s landing?

Anyways, I still have all of my old clothes, and so does Nessie. Thank goodness we have a walk-in closet a teenage girl would pay to see, because at least a hundred articles of designer women and men’s clothes show up in there every other day. Did I mention I’m also getting the latest trends?


Too bad Wranglers jeans aren’t ‘brand name,’ designer’ jeans. I could use an endless supply of them instead four thousand dollar slacks.

At least she’s thinking of me. Who could blame her though? I stick in everyone’s minds. It’s not conceited when it’s a fact.

Back to what I was saying, I’ve patrolled every other day, for an hour or so. I know I’m patrolling alone, and in a new place, but phasing feels good and it gets me relaxed. I haven’t seen any vamps in the area yet, but I’m going to patrol regardless.

The forest is really dense compared to back in New Hampshire, and there’s a ton of wildlife.

I talk to the pack when I patrol, too. I try to choose times when they’re patrolling, just to keep in touch. They’re all so happy to be home. I miss La Push, but this is where I belong because this is where Renesmee is.

I’m not going to patrol today, so I can spend all my time with Nessie. In two months, the school year will start, and we’re all enrolling to a small ‘college’ in Eden. In the UK, they call high school college, even though it only lasts from ages sixteen to eighteen. We would all enroll at ages seventeen, and then after ‘college’ we would go on to University.

They do things so weird here.

I am also proud to say I have yet to try fish and chips, though I did have some french fries the other day. But they were frozen and cooked in the oven, so I got the luxury to call them french fries.

Since we’re going to school soon, I thought I’d spend as much time as possible with Nessie. I already do, but being further apart during the day will be hard for me because I’ve been glued to her side, all day every day since we’ve been married. Hell, even before that.

I think I’ll be able to get all of are classes together though.

This place is foreign and new to Nessie and I. Well, Bella too. The rest of the Cullens have been here before, but for us, this is our first time. Going to a new country might as well be like going to another planet. I’m a guy, so moving didn’t bother me as bad, because I get distracted by pools and big televisions. Nessie’s sensitive though, and this is scary to her. She also is forced to leave behind a place she had just gotten settled into. Leave behind all sorts of memories – our first memories of being husband and wife too. I understand what she’s going through, even if I’m not. Not just because of her gift, but because she’s my imprint and I’m so in touch with her feelings.

What she feels, I feel.

I hate that she’s so sad, but I just hope that she’ll move on. It’s not fun for me to see her feeling so scared. All I can do is be there for her. Maybe I should unpack the rest of her stuff so she doesn’t get upset again.

She walked through the door ten minutes later, with a huge box. Then she went back outside, brought in another one. Finally, she left, and got the last one, and heaved it through the door.

“Phew! Those are heavy, even for me!” she said, pushing her hair back.

“Why didn’t you ask me to help you?” I asked. I had gotten up, thinking it was only one box but she dashed back in and out with the rest before I could.

“Oh, it’s fine babe. I got it. Wanna get me a knife to cut the tape?” she asked.

I brought her a small knife from the kitchen. She slid it across the top of the first box, sat the knife down, and opened it. She pulled out two vases to match the walls, both deep purple. She took it over to the fireplace, and sat it down on the little white marble area in front of the fire place. She then got the other, and did the same. I watched her, as she had a determined look on her face, placing and perfecting them as if she was in a trance.

Nessie opened the next box, and pulled out these little white sticks that made a loose squiggly line, and grabbed two even handfuls, and placed them so they were sticking out of the vase, making some sort of stick bouquet.

“That looks great, Ness,” I told her and she blushed deeply. Adorable.

“Thanks. I didn’t want them to clash with the walls. They don’t do they?” she asked, fidgeting nervously.

“Honey, it’s perfect,” I reassured her, then I kissed her nose, before kissing her chastely on the lips.

“No way, Mister.” She pulled me in, kissing me deeper than before, and running her hands through my hair.

“I love you,” I mumbled against her lips. “So damn much.”

“I love when you curse. Mmm,” she said when I pulled away. I laughed, and said a couple of curse words, kissed her hand then pulled her upstairs to bed.

We did very productive things that afternoon, but she eventually left to bring up the boxes of clothes, to ask my opinion.

As for now, duty calls. I have to go and worship my lady again, now that she’s finally done looking through her clothes.

- Jacob


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