(Jacob’s Diary) Unknown

July 20, 2011

Dear Diary

I came across a fresh scent the other day, but it wasn’t a vampire.

There hasn’t been anything on the news of murders or bodies found –  so I wasn’t sure what the scent was. It wasn’t human, I knew that. I’m going patrolling every night to be safe. It’s been a while since someone’s tried to kill us, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there was someone out to avenge someone or whatnot.

The Cullens didn’t know the scent either, so they were patrolling every once in a while too.

I remember how when I found the scent, my whole body tensed, and my eyes scanned the forest quickly, the wind running through my fur. It’d been a hell of a long time since I’ve caught a new scent – a first for an unknown species.

I breathed it in slowly, adding it to my memory. My snout was lifted in the air, my paws stuck to the ground. I couldn’t see anyone, so I took off, following the scent through the forest.

After a mile in, I stopped and listened, searching for any sign of movement.

Dead silence.

I went a little further, but the scent had disappeared. I followed the scent back to where I had first smelt it. I’d never smelled this kind of scent. It wasn’t werewolf I would obviously be able to tell. It wasn’t sickly sweet either. It smelled gross, to be honest. Like body odor and dirt…though I could tell it wasn’t human.

There was something else to that scent, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I paced the scent a few times, investigating, and then I decided to call it quits. Smelling it over and over again wouldn’t help me figure out what the thing was. I wanted to get some good sleep anyway because the next day was going to be Saturday.

Since school has been boring, and Ness and I don’t have all day together, we thought we’d have a little day to ourselves, to go out on the town. I was genuinely excited. I missed going out with Ness. Before we got married, we dated, so we went a lot of places and did a lot of things. I love being married, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t go do things nearly as much as we used to. Besides, I need to see what all this town has to offer.

Our day together was great. We left in the morning, got breakfast at the waffle house and then went bowling.

Ness and I bowled almost perfect games, but she beat me. I blame it on her vampire genes.

Then we went window shopping on main street where there were little family owned stores. Afterward we went to a small restaurant and got some lunch before going to the park. As we ate lunch I watched the small kids running around, screaming and playing on the jungle gym.

Carlisle didn’t know if Nessie could have children. She gets her period, but he doesn’t know if the frozen vampire genes would stop her from becoming “fertilized.” Especially since I’m a werewolf, and that would probably complicate things. I would love to have kids, though. I’ve always had a soft spot for children. I know Ness would be an amazing mother, too. If she can’t though, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. I’ll love Ness no matter what.

Next, we went to this lake outside of town. I really liked it here so far; there’s a lot to do. The people aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be either; only a few stick their noses up like there’s a pole stuck up their ass or something.

Since it’s a small town, most of the citizens have small town values. Even in England. Who would’ve known.

The lake was huge, and there were a few houses dotted in the area. People were in paddle-boats and fishing. We got some ice cream from a stand that was run by a nice old man. We sat in the grass watching kids with their little remote control sail boats and the people wading in to wet their feet. Despite all the relaxing fun, we eventually had to leave because the movie was starting.

It was some thriller, about aliens. It was pretty mediocre but we enjoyed it. It was nice to act like a normal couple, in a movie, holding hands. Occasionally making out.

Oh yeah.

“That was hilarious,” Ness said, leaning into me on our way out of the movie theater. “It wasn’t even scary!”

I laughed. She was right. They don’t make movies scary anymore these days.

“Well, we’ve witnessed worse. To us that’s a comedy. Some of the people in there were thoroughly creeped out, you know.” She rolled her eyes when I said that.

“Okay, yeah, you’ve seen worse. I, for one, haven’t. My parents have sheltered me from that part of the world. So even this sheltered girl thought that the movie was stupid,” she said, looking up at me through her big eyelashes.


I opened the car door for her and the rest of the ride home was spent listing “horror” movies that should have been categorized as a comedy.

When we got home, I ran around the car to open the door for Ness. She got out and started walking towards the front door. Then it hit me – I smelled the scent. And I smelled it in my driveway.

“Ness! Come back here!” I yelled and she looked up. She was sticking the key in the lock, but she complied and walked back to me, confused.

“I smell it, stay right here,” I demanded, positioning her against the car, behind me. I already had my phone out, calling Edward. When he answered, I rushed out a sentence for him to hurry over here.

“Hey, I smell that scent. It was in our driveway, and maybe in our house,” I half–whispered into the phone. A few seconds later he was standing next to us.

“The others are coming now. Emmett and Jasper are coming through the back in case it’s in there and tries to escape,” he informed us and I nodded. Bella came to stand beside Nessie, and Edward and I walked into the house. I unlocked the door and the scent was very strong. They must’ve came through one of the unlocked windows.

“What the hell?” I asked when I saw they had taken our bed sheets. Great, now this unknown supernatural species is psycho.

“I’m following the scent,” I told Edward, then I jumped out of the window from our house. They weren’t in there, but hopefully I could catch them. I phased, not worrying about my clothes, and started sprinting the trail of the scent. I ran for about twenty miles. Obviously they didn’t want to be caught.

I was actually feeling a bit winded. I was running as fast as I possibly could, my paws turning up the soil below them.

The trail ended when I reached the edge of a river.

I didn’t see anything and I doubted I could swim fast enough to catch whatever it was, so I turned around and headed back. Nessie was talking to Alice, not too worried. She knew we would take care of it. Emmett and Jasper were talking about something, and I walked up to Edward and Carlisle, standing by a tree.

“Hello Jacob,” Carlisle said, and I noticed Edward staring at the tree.

“What is it?” I asked, and Edward furrowed his brow.

“Whatever this thing is…it-it urinated on this tree,” Edward said, disgusted, looking at me as his lips pulled over his teeth. My own face contorted and Carlisle shook his head.

“When you think there are enough monsters in the world, out comes another one,” he said. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, do you think it’s safe here?” I asked and Carlisle looked at Edward contemplatively.

“Well…the houses aren’t very far apart, and at least one of us can keep watch at night,” Carlisle told me.

“Okay, doc,” I said, and Carlisle went to go talk to Jasper and Emmett about it. Once again, Ness and I have to be under watch, because some weirdo is out there, and we’re their targets. It’s a repetitive cycle.

That night, we slept under the watchful eye of Alice.

- Jacob
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