New Times’ Q&A With 100 Monkeys

July 30, 2011

New Times posted their new Q&A with 100 Monkeys! They chat about their new album, hotel parties and more!

New Times: So you guys started this tour a little while ago, how’s it going for you?

100 Monkeys: Yeah we started about 3 weeks ago, and its just been great. Lots of energy from the crowds, and our fans are awesome. We have fans that travel all over the country following us to see multiple shows in different cities.

New Times: You recently came off a 100 city tour, what was that like?

100 Monkeys: Well we’re still trying to hit a bunch of the cities from that tour. A lot of the smaller places didn’t have venues big enough to hold everyone, so we’re going back through a lot of them and we’re just trying to play anywhere. Bowling alleys, roller skating rinks, you know wherever we can get our fans in.

New Times: Wow a rollerskating rink, you’d totally have to play on skates.

100 Monkeys: (Laughs) Wow, that would be something. I’m not sure how we would do that, but we should try it. Yeah that’d be really out of control. Especially when we switch instruments.

New Times: So with such a crazy tour schedule, what is a typical day like for you guys?

100 Monkeys: Crazy. No seriously, it’s like wake up, play, sleep, and onto the next town. We can’t wait to get back to Florida, we’ve been there before and everyone is just real cool, laid back, and wants to have a good time.

New Times: You guys are really all about the fans. I mean you give out your hotel info and encourage them to stay there. Has that ever gotten out of hand?

100 Monkeys: Hahah whoa. You make it sound dirty, like some crazy slumber party. It’s more like we partner with hotels all over the country and they offer our fans a discounted rate. Sort of like a Groupon. A lot of our fans are really dedicated to our music, and they travel all over just to see us play. So we want to give back to them, because without them where would we be? Once in Detroit, we did have a pretty crazy party in the lobby. Jello shots, whip cream fights, cookies. But you know, we cleaned up after because we’re gentleman.

New Times: So I’ve been listening to the newest album Liquid Zoo, and in my opinion your sound is very Murder City Devils meets The Doors, and a little Johnny Cash. What would you compare yourselves to?

100 Monkeys: Wow, well you hit the nail on the head. But yeah, we listen to a lot of Motown, classic rock, and stuff from the past, so we like to draw our sound and inspiration from older bands. A lot of rock and roll and blues.

New Times: The song “Keep Awake” is pretty morbid, kind of makes me think about Patrick Bateman in American Psycho with Huey Lewis and The News. What movie killer could you picture humming that song while doing the deed?

100 Monkeys: The Joker. Definitely.

New Times: Liquid Zoo’s release was just a few weeks ago, what was the creative journey like for this album?

100 Monkeys: Well we’re always traveling and on the road. So we get a lot of inspiration from that. And in the process of recording, we would hangout at this local bar called Liquid Zoo, and the bartender would just let us go on stage and jam. We’d get loose and just go back to the studio and start recording. With this album we really wanted to capture that live energy that we have on stage. It’s really hard to duplicate that through a studio album, so it’s been a learning process. We played everything live and together in the studio except the vocals. It was definitely a new way to go, but we wanted to get that high energy that we have on stage expressed through this album.

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