Renesmee’s Diary – Quiet Thoughts

October 9, 2011

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written in you in awhile. I’ve been hoarded with massive mounds of work. Please forgive me, Diary.


It was pretty awkward mingling in a room filled with vampires, some who ate humans, and of course the vegetarians. Then there were the werewolves, who clearly chose not to mingle and avoided the vampires at all costs. The only humans here were Jake’s Dad, Billy and Sam’s fiancee, Emily. (Imagine how they must have felt being singled out.)

Of all things distracting, my dress was it. “Are you sure this isn’t too much?” I asked *Nicole, my new best friend, who we had discovered a few months ago. She is an ex-nomad, but desired to be a part of the vegetarian lifestyle and took under the guidance of my family.

“What??!? Are you crazy, you look gorgeous! Besides, Jacob can’t keep his eyes off you.” Nicole is definitely transforming into Alice, seriously. Which contradicted her appearance because from far away Nicole truly does look just like Rosalie. Nicole has long, shimmering blond hair and a model figure along with all the other vampire features.

I was celebrating my 16th Birthday Party (sixth technically) and I was almost going to forever be a young adult. I still have some more of developing to do, but in the mean time I consider myself a teenager – or in Alice’s words “a young lady.”

This wasn’t your average 16th Birthday Party because it wasn’t a “Sweet Sixteen.” This year I informed my family that it was strictly not what I wanted. I wished for a quiet family get-together, and possibly a chance to reunite the vampires and wolves that saved my family’s –and my own – life a long time ago against the Volturi. Even though I was fairly intelligent and able to learn and retain information, I could still never remember the names of all the family friends. Thankfully, my mother made a Vampire Index a while back with each coven listed alphabetically.

“There she is! The woman of the hour!” Alice announced, skipping towards me.
“Let me see, twirl in that dress!” She ordered as I spun. This dress did make me feel like a princess, though I’d never admit it (and don’t tell Alice, either). I was flaunting the “Tallulah Princess Dress” by Alice & Olivia paired with velvet Christian Louboutin pumps. I did feel like a supermodel, I confess. For all I knew, maybe Jake had been staring at me the whole evening… after all things had been going swell for us.

Following Alice’s perpetual fashion extolling, Nicole had fled to re-apply makeup.
“There she is, my wonderful Renesmee.” Billy wheeled up, opening for a hug. I adored his presence because he always treated me as family, always.

“Hey, Billy. Thanks for coming. I know it’s a hassle to endure an eight hour flight from Washington to Vermont.” I greeted him, returning his hug.

“Coming here for your mother’s stuffed mushrooms is always worth the flight.” He laughed heartily, though I often wondered how Billy managed to get to the stuffed mushrooms before the pack does. “Of course your mother keeps a special stash for me, along with everything else. Not even my son could resist gourmet delicacies enough to spare his father some.” We both grinned, because we knew it was true.

“Hey what happened to all the stuffed mushrooms?!” Seth interjected, clearly indicating he had been eavesdropping on our conversation.

“Let me guess, Jacob and Sam ate them all, and now you’re going to beg me for my stuffed mushrooms. I don’t think so, Seth,” Billy responded quickly then looked at me. “Pardon me, Nessie, but I have h’orderves to protect.” He laughed, but wheeled away like James Bond escaping a bomb explosion.

I was caught off-guard by the woman behind me, who dashed at vampire speed beside me.

“Nessie, child. I remember that angelic face and it hasn’t disappeared.” Of all the vampires that had obtained the risk to cease his own existance and fight in my honor, I recognized the dark olive brown skin and the charcoal haired woman. Her hair was fashioned in a braid and she was fitted in a cross leather and cheetah print dress. Zafrina, my friend to be.

We shall be great friends, my Nessie,” were the words she had mouthed six years ago. I was certain at this point this was my chance to befriend her. I didn’t know the next time she would visit me. Zafrina charmed me with her outgoing, eccentric personality.

Zafrina was the light to my tunnel during those nervewrecking days of preparing for the Volturi arrival. She amused me more than any other entertainer could by sharing witty jokes – or complimenting my beauty. Above the rest, I admired Zafrina’s gift to project an illusion in one’s mind. She transported me to places I wished to be – where I was content and distracted from the intimidation of the Volturi that was to come. For that, I am grateful.

“Zafrina, it’s wonderful to see you again. I am very thankful for the sacrifice you made for me that day, and thanks for coming out. I know the Amazon isn’t exactly in this neck of the woods.” I chuckled. It truly was a pleasure to see her again with all her wild features.

“Anything for a friend. How have you been since I left? It’s clear you can speak English perfecto now.”

“Yes, I’ve certainly grown since you’ve last seen me.” Zafrina scrutinized my beaming dress. I couldn’t help but imitate a model posture and add a crooked smile for good measure.

“My, yes you have developed. Well a Happy Sixteenth Birthday, friend. I’ll have to see you later. I believe you’ll enjoy being planted in the middle of a rain forest, again.” She winked, then vanished in the crowd.

I eyed Jacob soon after Zafrina had left. He was handsome as always, and it always seemed a mystery to me why at these parties I didn’t notice him ’till halfway through, which lead myself in an awing trance. It’s horrible, really. I spot him, then I stare, melting ’till one of us approaches the other. It seems impossible at the stage of our relationship, really. However, dating seems surreal to the both of us, and has since we began. Jacob has been my best friend for far too long for me to ever become used to feeling in love with him.

“You’re doing it again,” Nicole noted, waving her hands continuously a few inches in front of my eyes.

“I know, this time I realized it. I guess I’m making progress,” I chuckled.

“Why don’t you go over there and talk to him?” Nicole suggested, nudging me forward.

“You know what? I was just thinking that.”

I practically glided over to him, serenely and cool. Although he didn’t look, I knew he caught me coming. He was acquainted with a love seat, amused by the vampire girl who detected lies.

I grinned as I passed guests and made my way towards him. It was probably this dress that awarded confidence with the glam and sparkle of it. Not to mention everyone so far had sincerely complimented the way I looked. That is not an easy task to perform once crowded in a room with powerful vampires.

“Hey, stud,” I whispered in is ear. I couldn’t believe how drastically the dress changed me. I was beyond confident and….sexy in that dress. This was not like Nessie Cullen.

Jake smiled in response and said, “Excuse me, Maggie, and thanks for the chat.” Maggie seemed keen on him, which is quite odd as no immortal here besides my Mother, Carlisle, and Esme looked at Jacob that fondly.

Jake gingerly clasped my hand and led me outside to the front porch. Once we noticed we were alone, our lips met in perfect harmony. (This was definitely the highlight of my day.)
He caressed my cheek and I was glad it was too dark out for him to notice me blushing.

“Jacob!” Billy called from inside. I guess this was goodbye to a perfect night already.
Jake softened his face into an, “I’m sorry, but I have to go” expression, but of course my man didn’t leave me hanging.

“I love, you,” he whispered gently, before, to my dismay, he left.

I decided it was best to lounge out there awhile since the party left me feeling like a needle in a haystack. I’d never really appreciated how large my property was. The backyard alone was approximately an acre and I used to love sprinting across it (or chasing Jacob, he he).

However, there was a boundary I was not to cross, ever. Beyond the boundary laid the woods. I was not to step foot in the woods unless I was at least being guarded by one werewolf or vampire. I knew there was no possibility of me ever going through the forest on my own as my footsteps were heard and my every move was being watched. Even with this understanding, there was one time I permitted myself to think about what it would be like to rebel against the golden rule and explore nature at its best, on my own.

My Father had gone grocery shopping with Esme, so of course there was no one to peruse my thoughts. My thoughts were private, my own. I abused my Father’s absence to consider journeying into the unknown world of dangers. Imagine if I had attempted to cross the boundary line? I would have been caught speedier than a prowling cheetah.

Just as I was about to return to the party, my eyes hooked onto a shiny, glowing object. It was an array of pearl and sapphire.

“You like it?” a vaguely familiar voice asked. He was off somewhere in the distance, overshadowed by the darkness so I couldn’t see him.

“Well yes, it’s stunning. You’re lucky to have it,” I answered, even though I obviously do not believe this man wears the necklace himself.

“Since you like it so much, it’s yours. After all, it is your Birthday.” I guess you could say I was terrified then. I was, but even more-so, my curiousity became more augmented by the second. Who was this stranger? From what I gathered, it was obviously a vampire because his voice was too smooth, too flawless.

I hesitated to grasp the necklace, it seemed like an inapropriate gesture even though it was offered to me.

“Go ahead, take what is yours.” He handed me the necklace and in the porch light I could see who it was. His long black braid was slicked back and his rich, coffee brown skin was dressed in a business suit.

“What a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know you’d be here.” I honestly didn’t know if Alice had invited him. It would be rude of me to ask him, so I would have to avoid that question.

He flashed a grin and submitted his hand. His hand was, as expected, a mutual temperature.

“May I place the necklace on you? It would perfectly compliment your dress.” I nodded, lifting my curls while he secured the necklace.

“Thank you for the gift. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you come from?”

“I just went hunting. Do you hunt?”

The answer was no. I quit hunting a few years ago. As I became older, hunting interested me less and less. It was fun as a child, an activity I cherished with Jacob. After awhile, though, my human morals emerged. Despite the “vegetarian” lifestyle, I couldn’t allow myself to kill anything. I preferred Carlisle to just supply the blood for me, human blood that had been righteously donated. I seldom drank the blood, only when I really needed it, not wanted it. It’s not that I would ever turn my back on being a half-vampire, but I found it challenging to maintain vampire traditions while having to pretend to be human half the time.

Seeing him made me feel quesy, so I mentioned it was “Birthday present time” and dashed back to the party scene, that strangely made me more comfortable than the previous interaction I had with him.

I’ll write again when the party has ended. See you later!


Dear Diary,

What a spectacular party! Everyone, including the pack has left except for Jake. I can’t blame them, I am a bit woozy myself.

One of my favorite accents of a Birthday party? Presents! I’m actually using a gift as I write.

Daddy bought me an actual feather pen and ink, which has been used by Thomas Jefferson himself. This pen is the last thing I thought anyone would ever buy me, but my family are the Cullens, right?

Alice didn’t hesitate to go all out, refurbishing my walk-in closet with “new shoe organizers, golden hooks, new lighting, and a runway with a five-sided mirror.” Oh, and not to mention, new attire was apart of the “refurbishment.”

Rosalie went with a classic car. I couldn’t blame her after all, as she said,  “Renesmee, it’s still your ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and every girl deserves a car on her sixteenth birthday.” Although, I highly doubt Rose had been to a sixteenth Birthday party in about a century and I had clearly classified my party as an “Unsweet Sixteen.”

The car she did buy me was pleasing, however. It was a vintage Mustang convertible, which she spruced up and painted pink. Rosalie even included modern fixtures like a built-in GPS system and a screen that played movies. Not to mention the brand-new leather seats and the sound surround speaker system. I definitely wouldn’t mind making myself comfortable in that vehicle.

My mom, as always, presented me with a gift not as lavish. Nonetheless, it was just as extrodinary. My mom managed to piece together a photo album of me throughout the years from birth up till last week. There was even a picture of me dancing the cha cha with daddy when I appeared to be about 10 years old. Even Jake exploded with laughter on that one.

“Thanks, Mom. I love it. You always know how to rekindle fond memories.” I celebrated with a heart-to-heart hug because this was definitely something I could keep forever and share with everyone for a long time.

Alice seemed satisfied too, glowing with bursts of joy. “Yes, thank you Bella, this means Nessie won’t forget how many times I dressed her in Gucci, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Alice and Olivia, Vers—”

“Alice, now it would be our pleasure to share Renesmee our gift,” Carlisle interrupted. It always dazed me how Carlisle could be so smooth and polite, even when he disagreed with something. This feature must be associated with his impeccable willpower to resist human blood. This time everyone sided with Carlisle because listening to Alice ramble on and on about fashion designers severly drained one’s mind. (Sorry, Alice!)

“We thought you could use this,” Esme unvieled what looked like a basket.

“Whoah! That’s a basket filled with cookie recipes, cookie molds, and sugar. You shouldn’t have!” Jacob roared while I lightly punched him. There was no purpose in attempting to punish him. My hand would be the one suffering the consequences if I punched too hard.

Even though Esme and Carlisle’s gift was sweet, he he, I was beaming with building hysteria. I couldn’t contain myself.

Jasper understood my passion for music like Alice’s passion for fashion, so he coordinated with Emmet to build me my very own recording studio.

“Where is it? WHERE?” I commanded, more than asked.

“Left of the basement,” Jasper chuckled. Before I made my descent, I hastily hugged Emmet and Jasper.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” And I bolted towards my “recording studio.” I couldn’t believe it.

This was all mine. To top it off, my guitar, as well as two other acoustics were hanging on the wall, anticipating my use. In addition, there was an original black Les Paul at the center (there was an authenticity tag on it). Besides my family would never settle for anything less than an original. The more original, the more pricey it is.

I am eager to experiment with cooking and with using my recording studio. But for now I think I’ll be heading up for bed.

With love,
-Renesmee <3



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