Jackson Rathbone Talks Ass Grabbing & More With ShockYa!

October 11, 2011 was able to chat with Jackson Rathbone recently about his new web series ‘Aim High,’ crazy fans, ass-grabbing and more! Check out the excerpt below!

ShockYa: You’ve been doing more producing lately, are you hoping to gradually transition into just producing in the future? Are you still going to keep on acting and just wear both hats?

Jackson Rathbone: I want to get more production stuff going. I wrote a short film last year that I wanted to direct but I ended up losing my time that I had to direct it so obviously I couldn’t do it. Hopefully in January I might be able to do that. I want to do everything, I definitely see myself directing and if I end up acting, directing, producing and composing the soundtrack I’ll do it. I’m not going to edit myself, I’ll step away from that. I’m not going to be (Robert) Rodriguez. I love film, I really do and it’s such an amazing media because it’s all the art forms in one. You have a hundred different artists from different backgrounds coming together to one collective conscious mind and creating a piece of art. That’s f*cking cool, excuse my language.

ShockYa: And you have a couple of upcoming projects coming out soon, especially “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”

Jackson Rathbone: Yeah well Twilight comes out November 18th, we’re gearing up for that. It’s kind of like the calm before the storm right now.


ShockYa: Have you ever had any scary “Twilight” fangirls?

Jackson Rathbone: I don’t know if I have especially for that, it’s always different. I don’t think anybody likes being groped or grabbed because I don’t. If I’m at a bar and you want to say hi to me, say hi to me. I’m a nice guy, I’ll say ‘Hi, nice to meet you,’ but I don’t know why someone would grab me to get my attention. I’ve had my ass grabbed a whole bunch which is — I wonder if there’s a moment where you think I’m going to turn around and be like ‘I love you?’ That’s not cool but everything else is amazing. Just having the support of an amazing fan base, that means the world. If I have to get my ass grabbed every once in awhile so be it.
Read this entire interview HERE!

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