Renesmee’s Diary – Approaching Solutions

October 18, 2011

Dear Diary,

I couldn’t quit contemplating over the events that had occurred at my party. They were all bottled up, anticipating an explosion of mixed responses from me.

First, the dress that had hypnotized me into believing I was a heiress unto the throne of beauty. Next, I was reunited with Billy and Zafrina, my “soon to be” friend. Even though my moment with Jake didn’t last as long as I’d wished, an old acquaintance stopped by.

Despite its eeriness, the glamour of the ocean blue-pearl sapphire necklace complimented me well. The reason this subject has not been able to escape my mind is due to the fact that I’m not sure if my family knows he came. After all, every party guest noticed the 20 carat sapphire plumped in between my collarbones. It was just assumed Alice had bought the extravagent gift.

“Excuse me miss,” a weary man interrupted my thoughts, reaching for corn flakes on the adjacent shelf. This was a wake-up call. I came here to grocery shop with Jacob, not ponder on and on about the party.

“Hey, do you know if this is any good?” the stranger asked, waving a box of some fruity cereal.

My shrug was enough of an answer as I pushed my cart torwards the meat aisle. Beef was on sale, which meant well for Jake and the pack. Chili, steak, meat loaf, beef stew, triple bacon cheeseburgers, pasta with meat sauce, and pot roast. All of their favorites under the culinary genius known as Esme, Bella, and moi.

I hoarded all the stocked beef, deploying it in my now miniscule cart. I certainly felt guilty, but so would I if I didn’t feed the boys, he he.

“Got anything, good?” Jacob appeared, tampering through my cart. I couldn’t quite compete with his carts, though. How did he do it?

“Nice, nice….I can almost smell the sizzling patties…this time with a kick of BBQ sauce and….onion rings!” He presented a box of frozen onion rings while I just rolled my eyes.

“And I suspect you’ll be wanting a cowboy hat, too?” I bit my lip to contain my arising laughter.

“Yee haw! Well I’m going to giddy on up to the bread aisle. Need anything?”

“No, I’m just going to grab some pie crust and cookie dough for later.” I winked, then headed torwards Jake’s favorite aisle, tiered with rows and rows of sugar.

“Hey, Renesmee. I didn’t think I’d see you, again.” This time it wasn’t a stranger, it was…

“Nahuel, I didn’t think so either. It truly is a small world, right?” I awkardly giggled, attempting to focus on which pie crust I should buy.

“I see you liked my present. You wore the necklace the rest of the entire night.”

“Yes, it was very thoughtful of you.” I cut short because thanking him for coming all the way to my party from who knows where was not appropriate. I still do not know if Alice invited him, even though I requested that all vampires that were risking their lives for me be there–which did include Nahuel.

“So it seems you enjoy life here in Vermont. I’m beginning to become aquainted myself,” he chuckled, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

“Yes, the scenery is pleasing.” I grasped a bag of chocolate chips, still avoiding his eyes.

“Nessie, that’s your nickname, right?”

I nodded, still ignoring his presence.

“Can I be blunt, Nessie? I actually came here to talk to you. My sisters’ lives are in jeopardy.”


Dear Diary,

I don’t know why I was uncomfortable around Nahuel. I feel selfish, ashamed and even more guilty than if I were to deprive the grocery store of all its merchandise. Nahuel came to me to seek my help. Something only I could provide him with.

I offered Nahuel a ride to my house, which he declined because he could sense I was swamped with plenty of chores. Instead, I agreed to meet him the next day at a park to discuss everything.

“Hey, how’s the songwriting coming along?” Jacob peeked his head into the recording studio. I extended my arms, opening for a bear hug. There wasn’t a bear hug, but a tender one and he dived in for a kiss, which I graciously accepted.

This is exactly the relief I had been waiting for all day. I used my fingers to trace the contours of his eight pack and curled my legs around his waist so he could hold me. My lips searched beyond his lips, circling around his neck then moving onto his ears.
He returned the gesture with soft kisses and began caressing my cheeks.

Either Jake’s intense body heat transferred onto mine, or we had fueled the heat. I didn’t dare pull off any risky stunts like removing his shirt because he’d cease my efforts within seconds. However, I was satisfied, arrested against his buff body. If there’s no mystery then there’s no yearning for more.

He released me, scrutinizing my work. I have to admit, I went from elated to nervous in less than a second. I know Jake would never insult or rebuke any of my creations, but this song just happened to be about us. I have no experience in the writing field, except from what I’ve attained from writing in my diary.

“Well, I better start preparing the pot roast. It takes a few hours–,” I tried to excuse myself.

“Ness, wait. Is this about us?” he questioned, confused.

“Yes,” I mumbled, my cheeks returning to a red hue.

He grinned, then rewarded me with a warm kiss to my delight.


Following dinner, it was time. I had to reveal Nahuel’s arrival and our plotted meeting tomorrow.

“Everyone, please gather in the living room for a family meeting,” I announced, not having to raise my voice (one of the perks of living with vampires and having a werewolf boyfriend).

Everyone hustled down, except for Carlisle and Esme who arrived in a fashionable manner.

I clasped my hands, anxiously awaiting everyone’s response to my news. “Alice, did you invite, Nahuel to my party?” I asked, though more in a demanding tone.

Jacob glared at Alice, like she was his adversary. I didn’t pay attention to that, because Jacob would have to understand that Nahuel didn’t come here to deceive us. He aquired my help to approach solutions to questions he could not answer.

“Yes, Nahuel and Huilen, but I never heard back from them,” Alice answered, and my Father’s face tightened. Maybe all the party guests’ chatter  tuned me and Nahuel out, but it never dawned on me why my Father hadn’t mentioned anything to me. Maybe my thoughts were private?

“Nahuel did come to the party, he just never came in. He was the one who bought me the sapphire-pearl necklace. I’ve arranged a meeting with him tomorrow at the park. He delivered unfortunate news about his sisters. He doesn’t know what’s happened to them and he’s enlisting my help,” I explained, searching my mother’s reaction. She would comfort me and serve as my support if my plan with Nahuel went sour.

“Renesmee, you should have told me this immediately. We don’t know if his intentions are genuine,” My dad bashed, completely plundering my spirits. “You will have your meeting here tomorrow at the planned time with no exceptions,” he finished, while I tugged on my curls.

I loathed the moments when I disappointed my father. He was right, I should have told at least someone after the Nahuel incident. However, my less noble side disagreed. This was between me and Nahuel, not my family. I honestly cannot see how someone—finally someone—of the same species could hurt me in any way.

Bruised with dishonor, I crept to the kitchen to binge on cookie dough. Of course the cookie dough had been gorged already. I laughed to myself.

Well ciao for now, friends,

-Renesmee <3

P.S. At this moment I am planning my mother’s belated birthday party (she refuses to have one every year, but we still celebrate it).


Renesmee's Diary

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