Pete Facinelli in Defy Magazine!

October 26, 2011

Peter Facinelli is in the Fall issue of Defy Magazine!

At a photo shoot in Culver City, California, Peter Facinelli sits casually in a windowsill with his legs outstretched, his back to the glass. He’s tall and lean with classic Roman features: the broad forehead, the Aquiline nose. Against the natural light streaming in through the large plate glass window, he becomes a silhouette, his sharp features casting shadows on his face. He fixes his gaze on something in the distance and seems pensive, wistful, a bit moody. He leans forward to look intently into the camera and then, without warning, springs to his feet and climbs onto the window’s ledge. His posture has changed, his energy suddenly powerful and exuberant. Just like that, he has morphed from one character into another.
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