Peter Facinelli Talks His Post-Twilight Plans

July 16, 2012

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Peter Facinelli talks about his post Twilight plans, what he’ll miss about being Carlisle Cullen and more:

Julie Miller: How does it feel to be at your last Comic-Con for Twilight?

Peter Facinelli: It’s a little sad. I’m going to miss the fans. They’ve treated us so well, at Comic-Con especially. But just because the movies are over doesn’t mean the fans will disappear. I hope. Otherwise it will be me standing outside with a bunch of markers and no one who wants an autograph. [Laughs.]

Are you going to mourn Carlisle after the film opens in November?

I’ve mourned all of my characters but I haven’t really mourned him yet. Maybe in December, I’ll have a little vigil for Carlisle. Usually, when I wrap a character, there’s a three-to-five day depression that I go through because a part of you is gone. You’ll never get to play that character again. I got so used to playing Carlisle, though, that I never had to mourn the loss of him because I knew I would revisit him at some point. When we wrapped last time, I think we shot for six months. I wasn’t ready to mourn him; I was just thankful to be done. I knew that also I would have Comic-Con and there would be press [for the movie], so he is kind of still with me. But I think in December, there is no more to talk about. It’ll be complete.

At the panel, fans asked about Stephenie Meyers’s writing a follow-up to Breaking Dawn. It seems like readers are desperate for the Twilight story to continue.

Maybe there will be a Broadway musical. Twilight: Turn Off the Dark. Or an Ice CapadesTwilight.

What will you miss most?

The fans. There is something really special about Twilight fans where they all come together for the love of these books and this story. When you get all of these Twilight fans together in a room, it doesn’t matter whether or not they know each other. They all kind of are bound by this love and they become friends. You feel this energy. There are Twilight fans that I’ve known for years now that come to different events, and I’ll be like, “Oh, you got a haircut!” I know their names and they become members of this community. Then I’ll miss the cast relationships, because even though I might get together with one or two of them here or there, everyone is so busy. So I really appreciate moments like today and doing press sometimes because that brings the cast together. I was thinking that today, that this Comic-Con panel was probably the last time that the cast will be together in the same room.

Read the entire interview HERE

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