Top 10 Changes from Book to Movie in the Twilight Saga that Worked –– By Twilight Lexicon!

January 7, 2013

When a book is turned into a film, there are always going to be parts excluded, and sometimes they even have to change parts. The Twilight Saga films were no different, but even us Die-hard Twihards have to admit that some of the changes worked! Twilight Lexicon compiled a list of changes from the book to the movie that, in the end, worked out quite well!

#10: Combining Jessica and Lauren into one character:

Maybe it’s just the perfection of Anna Kendrick, but she nailed both Jessica and Lauren’s personality so that we don’t really miss having them BOTH.  We get the snark and the snobbery of them both all wrapped up in a perfectly delivered minor performance proving that there are no such things as small parts, only small actors.

#9:  Having Bella see Ghost-Edward in New Moon:

One of the many challenges facing bringing New Moon to the screen was that the main heart throb from the first film would barely be in it.  So… how do you film a book where the main love interest is missing for more than half?  You bring in his “ghost” as frequently as you can.

#8: Showing Edward’s past in Breaking Dawn Part 1:

Fans always want more back story, and even though we know this was how Edward lived for a while, we never really get to “see” it in the books.  This was excellent for character development and to give audiences who might not be as well versed in the books to know Edward’s reasons behind not wanting to turn Bella.  It’s also a fun tip of the hat to other monster movies!

#7: Riley and the Newborns getting more screen time:

I think everyone felt creeped out when they watched Riley hovering over Charlie while he slept on the couch!  Even more creepy was the image of the newborns coming out of the water.  Showing the crazed newborns, conversations with Victoria, and the lead in of the Volturi added to the mounting fear for a final battle.

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