Booboo Stewart For Uriah in ‘Divergent’? + Pics From Teens For Jeans Event (January 8th) #BoobooForUriah

January 14, 2013

I was just going through Twitter and noticed a lot of Booboo Stewart fans using the hash tag #BoobooForUriah. It seems as though his name has been floating around as a possibility for the role.

From Just Jared Jr.

Booboo Stewart and Kelli Berglund step out at the and Aeropostale launch of the 2013 “Teens For Jeans” event held at Palihouse on Tuesday night (January 8th) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The two were joined by Booboo‘s sister Fivel and Pretty Little Liars star Brendan Robinson.

Booboo‘s name has been floating around the world wide web for the role of Uriah in Divergent, with Shailene Woodley.

Uriah is described as a “tall and handsome, with brown skin and dark eyes and of Middle Eastern descent. His smile looks white against his bronze skin. There is a tattoo of a snake behind his ear, its tail curls around his earlobe. He has another tattoo right above the waistband of his pants.”

I personally LOVED these books and would really love to see Booboo snag the role! He just seems like such a huge sweetheart who will always use his name for good. He’s a true humanitarian–not only that, he just DOES fit the description of the role perfectly!

What do you think? Use the #BoobooForUriah tag on Twitter if you think he should get the role!

In the meantime, enjoy these pics of Booboo Stewart at the Teens For Jeans Event (January 8th) in West Hollywood.

NOTE: You may have noticed that Booboo has dropped some weight recently: This was for a role in a movie. He explained on his Twitter:

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