Bella’s Diary Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer Talks Which Scene From ‘The Host’ She Was Most Sensitive About

February 18, 2013

Hey everyone! So last week I was lucky enough to take part in a fan site interview with Stephenie Meyer to talk about ‘The Host‘ via conference call. I had never done one of these before so I was quite nervous. Here was my question and Stephenie’s answer:

Krystal (Bela’s Diary): As an author I imagine there are certain scenes you write in which you covet maybe a little more than others, and when turning a book into a movie there has to be a little give, of course. But as the author and a producer, was there a specific scene in which you were a little sensitive about? That you wanted to be done exactly how you wrote it?

Stephenie Meyer: Every scene feels like that (laughs). There are some that you are more sensitive about. I think with The Host, the ones that really…when Ian is telling Wanda she can’t go. That one I was really keyed up for. And I know that Jake and Andrew and I, on the day of, did some fine tuning where I wanted more anger, and Jake’s like, “Yeah, I feel angry.” (Laughs). It was awesome. And we got there, you know? Sometimes it takes a couple of takes, but you get the emotions you were looking for. I’m trying to think if there were any others . . . a lot of Ian and Wanda moments were more important to me. I’m not sure why that is. I think that Ian, as a character, his arc is maybe the most interesting for me. So that might be why those are the one’s that I’m more sensitive about.

Krystal: Awesome, that’s all great to know. Thank you!

And here is the audio of all the fan site questions and their answers from Stephenie! HUGE, huge, huge thank you to the folks at Edward’s Meadow for recording and editing this! (Note: I’ll add the full transcript below once it’s all ready!)


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