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March 9, 2013

Hello my friends! Feels like it’s been forever since I’ve made a website update post. I like to make them every-so-often to answer any frequently asked questions and just to say, “Hey, thank you for visiting Bella’s Diary!”

I have a few update categories for this post. First, the fun giveaway part!


I’m giving away 2 paperback copies of my novella, ‘My Darrling.’ You can check out the synopsis and reviews here to decide of it’s your taste! (It won’t be everyone’s ‘type’ of book, so if it’s not something you’d like, just skip this section.)

Now, if you’ve read the synopsis and it looks like something you’d like to read, all you have to do to enter is one of the below things (just pick one, whichever one is most convenient for you).

1. Add ‘My Darrling’ to your ‘To Read’ shelf on Goodreads, then go to my author profile page here and leave a comment that says, “Entered.” (You can find the comments section right at the bottom of the profile. Just scroll all the way down). I’ll check that you did indeed add it to your ‘To Read’ shelf and then add you to the entrants list. 


2. Copy, paste and Tweet the following (all the words in maroon)— Book Recommendation: ‘My Darrling’ by @mcleantweet Read the synopsis here:


3. If you have an Amazon account, go here and click the little yellow ‘LIKE’ under the title and my name. (This helps authors rank on the website!) Screen shot it after you click it, and tweet the pic to @mcleantweet (that’s me!)

*Contest winners picked 1 week from today (Saturday March 16th), and you will be notified either on Goodreads (if that’s where you entered) or via Twitter through the account you tweeted to me from. Contest is open WORLDWIDE. Good luck!

Volunteer Fan-fiction Authors Needed:

Let’s not beat around the bush here: Bella’s Diary has been slacking on the fan-fic. And hey, when I opened the site, that’s all it was about—the diary! Although I have a bunch of excuses as to why I’ve been slacking, I won’t bother feeding them to you . . . because I know it gets redundant. I will leave you with this, though: I’m sorry for the giant delay in finding new authors when past authors dwindled away. I should have been more on the ball. Now that the Twilight Saga is over, it’s really the best time to offer some diaries for those of you (like me) who miss it like crazy.

So . . .

Bella’s Diary is now looking for people who can volunteer to write diaries for the following characters (at least 1 per month—length of diary doesn’t matter as long as the story is good).

1. Edward. I miss him. I want to know what’s going on with ol’ (literally) Edward! I want to see where his life went after Stephenie Meyer stopped writing the Twilight Saga. Sure, only Stephenie can give us the real thing, but if you think you have what it takes to take on Edward’s character (and want to have an audience of around 100,000 Twiaholics/month—many of which will turn in to a devoted fan base) then send me between 2 and 4 paragraphs of your writing as Edward and outline where you’d like to take his story. Send to with the title: Edward’s Diary

2. Bella. Did you just gasp? Yup, I’m ready to take what I started and hand it to someone who I think will do it justice. I’m going to be picky with this one because I was the one who personally wrote as Bella before stopping to write my own books. I started this site entirely to purge my mind of ideas I had for her. If you think you would make a great continuation to Bella’s Diary, send between 3-5 paragraphs of your writing and examples of where you’d take her story (point list if you’d like) to with the title Bella’s Diary.

3. Alice. Alice is the best friend we all want . . . to read her diary is just such a fun escape! We need an Alice. If you’re bubbly and fun and ‘get’ Alice’s character, then please send me between 2 and 4 paragraphs of your writing from Alice’s POV and outline where you’d like to take her story to with the title Alice’s Diary.

4. Who do you want to see? Tell me to the @bellasdiary Twitter account. I always check Tweets—sometimes a little later in the day, but I always check. For now I’m going with the 3 characters above, but will add another that YOU all vote on (Renesmee? Charlie? Aro? Rosalie? Or someone else . . ?) I’m going to keep a tally, then after a couple weeks I’ll count the tweets to see who you all voted for! Just pick your favorite person from the Twilight Saga and Tweet their name to @bellasdiary

My Vampire Novel: Willow (Book 1: Coveted).

I plan to release my vampire novel shortly and recently released a synopsis! Check it out HERE and please add it to your ‘To Read’ shelf if it’s something you’d like to read. Honestly, I’ve been asked so many times by people who’ve been reading Bella’s Diary for years, “Krystal, is there anything I can do to help with your books/writing/etc., now that you’re doing your own thing?” and truly, the best thing is just to help spread the word by adding it to your Goodreads, linking to it if you can, talking about it—it all helps drum up excitement and I appreciate it more than words can say. I solemnly swear to not shove my work down your throat by inundating my social network accounts with, “Buy my book. Buy it. Did you buy my book yet? Hey, people . . . my book. Get my book now. Buy it. My book Book. Book.” Haha.


Nope, we’re not quitters! The actors are still employed, so we’re going to keep you up to date on their other projects, and Stephenie Meyer‘s future projects, too! The news might not be as crazy as it was been between New Moon and Breaking Dawn, but it’ll still be there—and now that we’re looking for new writers we’ll have fan-fic, too. (As long as we do find writers, that is.)

So far this is all I can think of to update, but if I think if more I’ll add it here. Also feel free to send an email of something you think I could add to this post to:



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