Leah’s Diary: Missing Sam (Time is Before Bella Came to Forks)

March 19, 2013

He’s been missing almost three weeks now. No one knows were he went and no one can find him. I just need to know that he is okay. He is the sun to my blue sky, blowing the clouds away. He’s the moon to my stars, destroying the black holes and asteroids in the way. Seth is sick of my complaining and crying. Mom is more sympathetic. Dad is really quiet, like he knows something. Every time I ask, he snaps at me. Mom doesn’t say anything to Dad about it in front of me.

I walk downstairs hoping to see his face peeking through the window by the door, but there is no one there. I twist the cold brass knob of the door and walk outside barefoot onto the frosty lawn. I still expect to see him crouched by the door, waiting, or standing around the corner, but he isn’t there. The icy air bites my warm skin as I begin to walk along the rough dirt road leading further into town.

A light goes on in the Billy Black’s house as I pass but I ignore it. A breeze begins to move the still air bringing the scent of wet cedar branches from the forest. I breathe deeply, tasting the sweet air, letting it fill my lungs with clean, fresh air. The cedars remind me of Sam, the clean scent of his smooth, warm skin.

I had reached the neighborhood of small, scattered mobile homes that house the majority of La Push residents. I walk three rows of homes back, two houses to the right and climb the steps to the porch. I knock twice on the cold door then look in the windows. Empty. Dark.  Abandoned. My heart starts pounding faster with disappointment and yearning. I want Sam!

“Sam!” his name echoes through the trees as I run towards the trail that borders most of La Push. We used to take walks on it nearly every night with the moon lighting our way through the forest. I run a quarter of the trail, wishing to escape the pain of missing him, but the root of an evergreen catches my foot and I fall. Hard.



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