Ashley Greene West Hollywood Condo Up in Flames: Dog Dies

March 22, 2013

We just got word from TMZ that one of Ashley Greene’s dogs has indeed died in the fire that erupted in her West Hollywood condo. I have no words . . . my dog is like my child. Wishing them all the best as they overcome this.

Here are the updates we were sent:

12:16 PM PT  A firefighter tells us … Ashley, her boyfriend and her brother were out late last night and were sleeping when the fire broke out on the living room sofa.  They ran out of the apartment, and then realized the dogs were still there.  The 2 men tried to get back in to rescue them but couldn’t.  We’re told Ashley wanted to keep the dog that died, so firefighters wrapped it in a sheet and gave it either to Ashley or one of the 2 guys.

11:50 AM PT 
A firefighter and a neighbor on scene just told TMZ … one of the dogs died at the scene … under the bed.  We have been told a second dog was taken by Animal Control … to be checked out. And, we’re told several other residents tried to fight the blaze with fire extinguishers.  They were covered in soot.

11:15 AM PT
– Residents in the building who live near Ashley tell TMZ … Ashley’s brother and assistant had been going in and out of the condo all morning.  One resident says she heard glass exploding in Ashley’s condo.  The woman says Ashley’s chihuahua was inside the unit.  She does not know anything about a second dog.  As we reported, one dog was definitely saved.

Twilight” star Ashley Greene‘s home has been burnt to a crisp … after a fire ripped through her West Hollywood condo, TMZ has learned … but luckily, one of her dogs was saved.  We know Ashley has 2 dogs, and we don’t know the status of the second.

At least 10 fire trucks swarmed to the 7-story building moments ago to extinguish the blaze. The full extent of the damage is unclear … but a photo agency has released shots of the aftermath inside the apartment.

We don’t know if Ashley was home at the time.  One fireman told TMZ … the fire started on a sofa.

Three people were treated for minor injuries.

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