Leah’s Diary: Aberrant

April 3, 2013

I fell asleep sometime later and didn’t wake up till eleven-thirty that same night. Snap! I nearly fell out of bed when I saw the clock but I caught myself before the noise could wake Emily. I was late meeting Sam! We usually met each night for a few extra hours together after ten or so once my parents were asleep. Sam would be waiting on the porch for me. I ran down the stairs, avoiding the creeks in the old flooring from years of practice. By the door, I paused and pulled on my shoes and then stood up and turned the knob.

Sure enough, Sam was sitting against the paneled wall by the door. His knees were pulled up against his chest and he was staring straight ahead. He looked up at me when I closed the door and crouched down beside him. Sam leaned his head back and closed his eyes as I ran my hand through his hair.

“Where to tonight?” I asked as he stood, taking my hand and pulling me up with him.

We walked around my house, heading towards the woods, and answering my question. Sometimes we went to the trail that trimmed the edge of the forest around La Push and talked or whatever, other times we ‘d go to his house and watch a movie or fix something to eat—which usually resulted in a food fight. When we had enough money, we’d drive to Forks or Port Angeles to a late dinner or a movie. I usually told my parents before we went out of town, though.

His skin was as heated as it had been this morning. As he walked and I limped, I raised my right hand—the one Sam was not grasping gently in his—and placed it across his forehead. It was just as warm.

“Sam, are you feeling okay?” I asked him. “Healthy I mean? You feel like you’ve got a fever.”

Sam waited a moment before he replied. “I’m fine, Leah.”

I watched his reaction carefully; he just looked straight ahead while we spoke. When we reached the trail, Sam let go of his grip on my hand. He pulled a small lantern out of the trees, where we had hidden it,  turned it on and carried it to a clearing in the forest on the side of the trail. He turned and faced me once it was glowing brightly.

“Seriously Sam, what is going on? You’ve been acting so weird.”

“I wish I could . . . uhh,” he groaned, interrupting his own words.

I walked towards him, putting my arms around his neck, lacing my fingers into his hair.

“Hey, it’s okay. Shhh,” I hushed him.

He was shaking, and his skin was burning up, but I kissed him, trying to make up for our time apart. He held me close at first, kissing me back, but pulled away a minute later just as he had done earlier.

“Lee-Lee, I need to sleep and eat.” I tried kissing him again despite his remarks, but he pulled away once more. “I need to go home, Leah. I want to stay with you—really, I do—but not tonight,” he whispered to me.

I sighed but nodded. “Tomorrow?”

Sam exhaled sharply. “We will see. I, uh, have some things to take care of with Old Quil. I’ll call you in the morning. Promise.”

I sigh again. “Okay.”

I gave Sam one more quick kiss, turned off the lantern, then began walking back home with my hand in his.

“See you later,” I told Sam as we stood on my doorstep embracing each other. “I love you.”

Sam’s face showed no feeling as he brushed my hair behind my ear. “Love you, too.” Still no emotion.

I watched him leave and then went upstairs to my room; it was almost midnight. Emily was asleep on the second bed in ‘our’ room; there were two because she stayed over so often. I changed my jeans into sweatpants and crawled into bed. As I lay there, I tried unsuccessfully to avoid thinking about the things Sam had said. What in the world did Sam need to talk to Old Quil for? That made absolutely no sense to me. I shrugged it off my mind and focused on tomorrow. He said he would call me. I was so confused by all that had happened today, that it took forever for me to fall asleep. Sam was back. That was good. He was acting different, kind of like just before he disappeared. That may not be so good. He kept stopping our kisses and avoiding eye contact. Eventually, I fell asleep again into a quiet, dreamless sleep.


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