Leah’s Diary: Promising Plans

April 11, 2013

Morning came more quickly than I would have liked. I stayed close to the phone while I was getting ready for the day and throughout breakfast. Mom and Dad went to Billy Black’s house for awhile because Rebecca, who I used to play with when we were little, was home from Hawaii with her new husband for a few weeks. I would have gone too—if it weren’t for Emily being here and because I was expecting Sam to call. I stayed home with Seth and Emily waiting for the phone to ring.

When the phone finally rang, I jumped up to answer it, but Seth had sensed my anticipation and got there before I did. It was Emily’s mom calling. I watched TV for the remainder of the morning with Emily and then we played board games. Mom and Dad got home a little after lunch time and went to work in the office. When the phone rang again, which wasn’t until around four that evening, I didn’t reach for it. Seth watched me for a minute before answering.

“It’s for you, Leah,” Seth told me, rolling his eyes.

I exhaled sharply and took the phone from him.


“Hey, Lee-Lee.” Sam sounded excited. His mood changes were kind of bothering me. He has been so distant and weird.

“Are you okay? Goodness! Talk about bipolar!”

“Sorry. Hey, let’s go to dinner at the lodge tonight. Six?” His tone was still excited but now quieter.

“Okay . . . just me? Emily is here again visiting.”

Sam paused thinking it over. “Okay, everyone then? Whole family? And the Blacks? I’ll call the Blacks. I heard Rebecca’s in town too.”

The Blacks had been friends with our family for forever. My Dad and Billy Black went fishing every weekend with the police chief from Forks. Mom had been good friends with Billy’s wife, Sarah. Their daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, who were twins, were my age and I had been good friends with them since we were toddlers. As we grew older though, Rebecca’s chose to hang out with her other friends while Rachel and I stayed closer.

“She is. Let me ask.”


I held the phone away from my ear and yelled, “Mom!”

“What Leah? We’re working.” My parents did a lot of business financial stuff for La Push and were often busy. I wasn’t sure exactly what they did but I knew it was important.

“Sam wants to go to dinner.”

“Okay.” I sighed knowing she hadn’t understood, so I stood and walked to the door of the office.

“I meant he wants us all to go to dinner. And the Black’s. “

“Oh.” She looked at Dad who shrugged, knowing the decision was up to her anyways. “Sure, we can do that.”

“Thanks! Lodge at six,” I said as I walked back to the living room.

I returned the phone to the side of my face. “We can go.”

“Sounds good. Love you Lee-Lee,” he spoke slowly and gently, truly meaning the words.

“Same at you, Sam! See you!” I spoke incognito, hiding the true meaning of my words from my teasing brother. The look Seth gave me when I got off the phone told said he knew what I had meant anyways.

“Yup,” Sam said.

I hung up the phone and headed up the stairs in a hurry, yelling down the stairs to Seth and Emily on my way, “We’re all going to dinner with Sam. Get ready!”

I ran into my room and then closet. I immediately picked out my favorite light pink laced top. I wasn’t sure if I should wear jeans or a skirt. Dressy or casual? After a few minutes and trying on several outfits I decided on black dress pants, keeping it neutral. Then I headed to the shower.

When I got out of the shower I pulled my hair into a half up ponytail, threw on my clothes and ran into my room. Emily was in there, fixing her hair; she had already changed into something nicer. Seth knocked on the door and I opened it while trying to decide on shoes.

“Mom wants you to make sure your chores are done before we go to dinner,” Seth told me as I ran around my room putting on make-up.

“Ughh,” I groaned. “Fine. Tell Sam I’ll be a little late. And tell Mom I’ll take the car.” I chose black sequined flats for shoes and slipped them on my feet and then hurried to do my make up. I hated that I would have to be late, but taking the car meant Sam and I might be able to go to a movie or something after dinner. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror as that thought came. Maybe being late wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Seth still stood in the doorway as he said, “I don’t get why girls get dressed up for everything.”

Emily laughed and then followed him as he went back down the hallway.

“See ya there, Lee, ” Emily said.

“Mhmm,” I affirmed, even though they were already gone.




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