Leah’s Diary: Imprinted (Emily’s Perspective)

April 19, 2013

I walked into the restaurant with my practically immediate family: Sue, Harry, and Seth. Leah, who I considered my sister, was on her way here. The ride over had been quiet without her. When we were together, our noise level ensured that everyone knew we were the best of friends.

The Blacks were already here, and so was Leah’s boyfriend, Sam.

Whoa! Sam.

He caught my stare with a reflection of my own expression on his face; there was shock. Surprise. Wonder . . . and a split second of love. What was that about? He stood frozen like a statue, still staring into my eyes. I couldn’t seem to break away my own gaze. I had known Sam for as long as he had been friends with the Clearwaters. I looked down and my heart missed a beat.

What is this? What just happened?

He moved toward me and then suddenly I was in his arms and he was kissing me. He pulled back to take a breath and, “Wh—” was all that I got out of my mouth before his lips were on mine again. I didn’t kiss back, but I didn’t stop him, either. I could feel the eyes of our friends and family boring into me—into both of us—with crazed feelings.



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I first started writing from Leah's perspective in a boring class during school one day and I couldn't stop. I had a twi-hard friend read what I'd wrote, and she told me I should keep writing and publish it somewhere! So I kept writing, but didn't post my work anywhere. Meanwhile, I was an avid fan of Bella's Diary and the other works. It was a wish I never thought would come true to join the talented team of writers, so you can imagine my excitement when I finally did! I love it so much—chatting with my fellow writer friends and talking to my fans like you! I LOVE to hear from you about anything and if any of you ever need to talk to someone, send me a holler on the LD facebook page!
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