Carlisle’s Diary ~ Just Another Day at the Office

April 25, 2013

Dear Diary:

          Well now that all of you know the story of my past, let me tell you about me and my family’s present.  We currently live in Hanover, New Hampshire so that Bella and Edward could go to Dartmouth. We moved here about 9 months ago from Forks. It was time for us to move so we wouldn’t arouse suspicions about the fact that we weren’t aging. Jacob moved with us, of course, as did Leah and Seth. The rest of the pack stayed on the reservation. They had all imprinted on women there and wanted to grow old with them. The only way that would happen was that if we, the vampires, moved. It was time anyways. Amazingly, the wolves didn’t actually want us to leave. We had gone from mortal enemies to one giant supernatural family.

          Charlie stayed behind. He misses us but we told him we were always a plane ride away. Plus he had his hands full; for starters he ran and won the election for Mayor of Forks! Which made Bella incredibly proud; it made all of us proud and happy! Also, he and Sue Clearwater have been dating seriously and we all have inkling that they will get married soon. Bella couldn’t be happier that her father has found his true love and uses every opportunity to tease him about it. Sue also helps Charlie manage the whole “need to know” thing. Thankfully, with us gone and the wolves no longer phasing, there’s not much he needs to know.

          As for my family here in Hanover, we live just outside of town in the middle of a forest. No surprise there. We’ve lived here before so there was already a house waiting for us. Esme, Emmett, and Alice had come here before we moved to build a few cottages near the house for Edward, Bella, and Nessie as well as one for the wolves. We also had one built that will stand empty for now. We have a feeling—or rather Alice had a vision—that while we are here in NH, Jacob was going to propose to Nessie and so once they were married, they could live in their own little home. Edward didn’t like that all too much. He hates the idea of his little girl growing up so quickly, if at all.

             Bella, Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie go to Dartmouth. Alice and Jasper have opted out of going to college for now and are just doing a lot of traveling or lounging around the house. Emmett doesn’t like school but wants to try to get a degree from a prestigious university to make Rosalie happy. Amazingly, Rosalie actually decided to go to school so that she could bond more with Bella and help her adjust to going to school as an immortal. It made all of us extremely proud of her. We think spending time with Nessie finally made her make peace with her life as she got to play a surrogate mother to Nessie. She’s a lot happier nowadays then any of us have ever seen her. It makes my heart sing.

          Speaking of, Nessie, Leah, Seth, and Jacob are attending Hanover High School as freshmen. Edward and Bella weren’t sure they wanted Nessie in a public school but she pretty much begged them to. She was right, though. She couldn’t be cooped up forever and out of all of us other than the wolves, she’s the most human. She has to learn to associate with human beings. Besides, the other three are with her, in the same classes. They call themselves the FANTASTIC FOUR; they have a special handshake and everything. I think they even sometimes speak in code. It’s all very interesting; even Leah smiles occasionally. Now that she is away from Sam and all of that drama, she’s started coming into her own. She’s even very, very slowly started to warm up to our family.

          Jacob is very protective of Nessie and sometimes it causes them to bicker—especially when other boys hit on her in school; Jacob is known to get jealous. Thankfully, Nessie only cares about him and doesn’t pay the human boys much mind. Not sure how that works with all the hormones flowing. I’d rather not know, after all I am her grandfather. Esme stays home and reads up on the newest in cookbooks so she could make delicious meals for the kids when they come home from school. A bunch of starving wolves and one half-human will devour a 6 course meal in under 2 hours, so Esme has her work cut out for her. She also knits and crochets; she’s made the most amazing scarves and sweaters for all of us. And she’s always looking for new ways to create things. She’s extremely gifted. Just more things that makes me fall in love with her more and more every day!

          Today is Thursday and I’m at work. I work at the hospital. The house is fuller today than most days because Seth, Leah, and Jacob are home with the flu. The poor kids are miserable. I’ve given them medication that should keep them knocked out for a while. You’d think wolves wouldn’t be able to get sick but this particular bug is persistent.  Still, I know their bodies will get rid of it faster than regular humans; they’ll be back to normal by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Nessie went to school alone today. At first she wanted to stay home and play nurse but everyone shooed her out of the house so she wouldn’t pick it up. Unlike the wolves, if Nessie gets a cold she has to deal with it like most humans; for about a week or so. And there was no way Jacob was going to have her catch something from him!

          So I had given the kids their medication and Esme is taking care of them. Everyone else is at school except Alice and Jasper who are currently in Japan on yet another trip abroad. Alice promised to bring Nessie back a beautiful kimono. Knowing Alice, she’ll buy 400 times that much for everyone. I hope Jasper keeps her in check somewhat.

          My head nurse is Betsy. She’s a sweet woman in her 50′s with a great sense of humor and a golden touch with the patients. When I walked into the hospital, and after I changed into scrubs as my shift that day was in the ER, Betsy came up to me with a smile and a stack of files of the patients ready to be seen.

“Good morning Dr. Cullen; it’s a shame you don’t drink coffee because you may need it after seeing some of these people. Then again, who knows?” She laughed and shook her head.
“It’s ok Betsy. We’ll just take it one patient at a time.”

She followed me into the first area where there was a man who was barely awake. His wife had said he had drunk too much alcohol and was feeling quite ill. I didn’t blame him…..I would feel ill, too, if I drank as much as his chart said he did!

“Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Goodwin, are you with me?” I shined the light into his eyes. He groaned and without any warning whatsoever…..threw up all over me and himself.  Mrs. Goodwin was the first to speak.

“Oh Rick! What did you do??? I’m so sorry, Doctor!”

I shook my head and laughed.

“It’s all right. It’s just another day at the office. Mr. Goodwin. I’m guessing you’re feeling better now. Listen, we are going to give you something to keep you hydrated. You will feel better. But you’re going to have one hell of a hangover. Mr. Goodwin, you’re lucky to be alive, you know that? You have 4 times the legal amount of alcohol in your system! That’s a huge amount.”

I then turned to Mrs. Goodwin and told her:

“Because of the amount of alcohol he has in his bloodstream, I will have to keep him for a few hours to make sure his organs don’t react to it. We want to play it safe so we will monitor him. If need be, he will have to stay overnight. Is that alright with you?”
“Whatever is necessary, Doctor. Thank you so much.”

I nodded and smiled at her. Then I looked over at Betsy who was pointing me toward the locker room and plugging her nose dramatically.

“Yeah, yeah I know—I’ll change.”

            After I changed, I continued on my rounds. I over saw a kid who had fallen out of a tree and broke his arm, which reminded me of the first time I saw Esme as a little girl. I fixed him up and sent him home. Next patient was an old woman that needed her diabetes medication adjusted as she was having a bad reaction to them, followed by another woman who was having a severe asthma attack. Betsy had moved away at some point. The next patient was a young woman about 18 years old who was arguing with her mom about the possibility of her being pregnant. That was taken care of without incident.

            As I was walking out of that last section, I saw Betsy looking for me and rushing toward me. Her face was as white as a sheet and her eyes were wide with fright.

“Dr. Cullen! Dr. Cullen! There has been a shooting at Hanover High School!”

          Everything stopped at that point. Once my mind focused again, the first thing that I thought was:

‘Oh no!…….. Nessie is there!!’

~Carlisle Cullen

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