Carlisle’s Diary ~ I’m Bringing Sexy Back

April 30, 2013

***Warning: This entry has some sexual content in it. Reader discretion is advised.


Dear Diary:

          After our amazing bubble bath, I realized that Esme and I hadn’t had a date night in a while and I was determined to change that. So the following day, while Esme went shopping with Alice, Nessie, and Leah, I got myself ready. Jacob was walking around the backyard with Seth and they were just rough housing. I was racing back and forth between the house and the woods. Finally after a while, Jacob’s curiosity got the best of him:

“Hey Carlisle! What are you doing? You’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!”

Jacob always had a way with words. I shook my head and laughed.

“I’m making a special surprise for Esme. We’re having a date night tonight. It’s a surprise. So please don’t spill the beans.”

“Oh ok…..I gotcha, I gotcha.” Jacob nodded with approval.


I ran off yet again. I had forgotten the candles and tea lights. When I was carrying those and a massive bouquet of flowers, Seth looked at me with round eyes and said:


“Wow, Carlisle. You’re totally bringing sexy back!”

“Say what?” Jacob guffawed.

“You know, Justin Timberlake’s song…’s so Carlisle right now! I mean….dude…look!” Seth pointed to what I was carrying.


I couldn’t help but laugh at the two boys as they argued about what I looked like. I didn’t care. I was going to make tonight a night Esme will remember for the rest of eternity. I carried my load to the location I had picked out and arranged everything perfectly. Now all I had to do was wait for my wonderful wife to get home from her shopping trip and get ready for our wonderful date.

I didn’t have to wait long. About 45 minutes after I finished everything, the Mercedes drove up the driveway. The girls got out; everyone had at least 2 huge shopping bags. They came in laughing and talking loudly about everything they’ve seen and bought. I waited until the others had gone to their respective locations before I approached Esme. She was bending over, picking something out of one of the shopping bags. I swear you could probably put Seth in one of those bags and he wouldn’t even have to bend much. They were massive! I couldn’t imagine what else they could possibly buy. Esme reached in and pulled out a beautiful burgundy sweater and handed it to me. I was speechless. She always thought of me when she went shopping.  And even though I had as many sweaters as Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show, she always finds me more and more unique ones that I don’t have. I love her. After I kissed her and said thank you for the beautiful gift, I said:

“Honey, I want you to go upstairs and get all dolled up because we are having a special date night tonight.”

Her eyes lit up and she squealed.

“Ooooo perfect! I bought the most beautiful dress today and shoes! They will be perfect for date night!”

“Let’s go get ready. I’ll change in my office and you can have the bedroom. I can’t wait to see the new dress sweetheart.”

She clapped twice, grabbed the bags, and flew upstairs. I followed. We moved into our own private rooms and started getting ready. I could hear her humming as she was getting ready. I smiled and knew that that smile was going to be on my face for the rest of the night. After I made sure I looked presentable; I was wearing the new sweater she had gotten me, black slacks, and black shiny shoes. My hair was slicked back and I spritzed on some Versace cologne Edward and Bella had gotten me for my birthday. Then I walked out of my office and walked down the hall to our bedroom. I knocked softly.


The door then opened and there stood a vision. The vision was so breathtaking that I couldn’t speak for a long moment. My jaw went slack. I was absolutely blown away. There stood my wife, my reason for existing, my heart, my soul, and my whole world. She was wearing a deep red strapless dress that was short. It stopped just above the knees. It was like a tight top and had ruffles on the bottom. Her shoes were shiny and black like mine and were on a very high heel. (Pictures of her dress and shoes are below) She was wearing bright red lipstick and very little jewelry and make up; her hair was blown out to look like Farrah Faucett. No offense to Ms. Faucett, but Esme looked 100 times better with that hair style! The dress showed off all the right curves and her best features. When I could finally utter a word I said:

“Oh my…..Esme you look absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think you’ve ever looked more radiant and dazzling than you do now! Except perhaps on our wedding day. Sweetheart, you are so beautiful! I look like a plain Joe compared to you!”

“Oh stop it! You’re never plain to me! You could wear nothing and still look like the most gorgeous man on earth!”

“Hmmmmm……wear nothing huh? Well we can have that arranged…..but a little later.” I wiggled my eyebrows at her. She giggled and swatted my arm.

“Honey, you’re silly.”

“Ok silliness aside, let’s go. I’m eager to show you our date location.”

I took her by the hand and we ran down the stairs and out the back door past Bella and Edward. They looked at us with surprise because we nearly ran them over! We laughed and waved as we headed toward the woods. They waved back and told us to have a great time and that Esme looked beautiful. She smiled and then we reached the forest and really picked up speed. We ran for about 6 miles west until we were about half a mile away. Then I slowed us down and we started walking at an almost human pace. As we approached the location, it was Twilight. I put my hand over Esme’s face because I wanted to surprise her. Then as I walked her to the edge of the location, I dropped my hand and told her to open her eyes. She looked around and gasped.

We were in an area surrounded by trees that created almost a canopy around this one particular location. You couldn’t see the ground because it was totally covered with flower petals. There were candles in the trees and there was a little brook nearby with a small waterfall. I had placed tea lights in the brook and they sparkled away. I had hung different wind chimes and decorative moons and suns all over the trees. There was a smell of lavender in the air. On the right very close to the brook, there hung a hammock. But it wasn’t made out of rope like the usual ones you see in backyards or on beaches. This one looked like a swing with a bed on it. I called it a hammock bed because it had a canopy made out of trees on top just hanging not at all connected to the rest of the bed. It looked like the bed was levitating. You couldn’t see what it was attached too but you could tell it was about 3 feet off the ground with just air underneath.

As Esme was taking all of this in, I ducked behind a tree and turned on the music. I had installed speakers so they wouldn’t be seen in the trees as well and surrounding bushes. I turned on the song “At Last” by Etta James. I bowed, and then held out my hand to her. She was so taken aback by the surroundings that it took her a few moments to understand what I was asking. When her thoughts caught up with the rest of what was happening, she put her hand in mine and I spun her around and fit her perfectly in my arms. We danced slowly around and around. She was trying to look at me and still take in all that was going on around us. Fireflies had come out by that time and it was as if I had arranged for them to be there too, they were perfect with the candles and tea lights.

“Oh Carlisle…..this is…..I have no words…..this is all so beautiful!”

“It was the least I could do to show you how much you mean to me still. I’m so sorry we haven’t had a date night earlier. I feel so bad that I’ve neglected you.”

“What are you talking about? You are a doctor with a hectic schedule. We live in a supernatural world. It’s par for the course! You give me so much. And most importantly, I get to spend the rest of eternity with you. The most perfect man!”

Before I could argue with her about how much of a louse I’ve been, she kissed me. Well that worked. I shut up and forgot what I was about to say. We could be in the middle of the end of the world, and if Esme kisses me, I wouldn’t remember what was going on, the day or even time. She would always have this effect on me. Even in the beginning. We stood there kissing and just then Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” came on.

I smiled against her mouth. How perfect is that? She felt my smile and pulled back. I didn’t have to say anything, she knew why I smiled and she giggled. Then she backed up and kicked off her shoes and started singing along with Faith Hill. She was dancing and making silly faces and singing the song as I just stood there smiling and watching my beautiful wife. When she was singing and dancing, she turned her back to me and at that point I grabbed her around the waist and just spun her around as she squealed and laughed.

Then I set her down gently just as Phil Collins “You’ll Be In My Heart” started playing. I turned her to face me, she was still smiling. The moon was shining on us.

“I love you so much my beautiful wife. You are the shining light in my life. I am so honored to spend eternity with someone as perfect as you.”

“I love you too. You’ve made me incredibly happy.”

Then I kissed her. Softly at first and then harder and stronger; more passionately. She responded with a soft moan. We stood there kissing for a long time. Then I slowly walked us over to the hammock bed. We smiled at each other. I then reached around the back of her dress and unzipped it. When it fell down on the ground, she was wearing a strapless red laced bra and matching panties. My dead heart turned over. She stepped out of the dress. She then walked over to me and started to strip me very slowly with a slow smile. Until we were both in our undergarments; mine were nowhere near as hot as hers. But I guess that’s normal for most women. Then we kissed again as our hands starting to roam over each other’s bodies.

We then sat on the bed, which took a little effort as the bed was swaying. She hitched herself up to the pillow and lay down under the covers. I hovered over her. She then moved her hands to her bra that unhooked in the front and took that off. Her eyes never left mine. I bent down and kissed her again….then I let my hands roam over her body down to her panties; I slowly removed them as I kissed down her body. She moaned louder. Then she was totally bare in my arms, her soft skin glowing under the moonlight. I took off my briefs and slid under the covers with her. I hovered on top of her and kissed the tip of her nose, her lips, down her neck, to her breasts……kissed each one, nuzzling them…..then down to her stomach as she arched her back.

It may not be common knowledge but we do own a copy of the Kama Sutra. Ours is an old one with watercolor pictures. For obvious reasons our family doesn’t know this. I don’t want to hear gagging noises coming from each room.

But I digress; I wanted to make her feel loved in every way. We made love multiple times that night. In many different positions. We didn’t really speak much except the occasional “I love you”. Finally we were satiated just as the sun started to come up in the east. The birds were chirping, the animals moving slowly about, and the fireflies had gone off to bed. Esme was laying on my chest, just humming away to the latest piece of music playing. I wasn’t paying much attention to it. But I was pretty content. I kissed the top of her head, smiled to myself and thought;

I really did bring sexy back.


~Carlisle Cullen

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