Carlisle’s Diary ~ An Unexpected, Unbelievable Miracle

May 3, 2013

Dear Diary:


          The fact that I’m writing this to you at all means we are all alive and safe. But the way we got here was the most shocking and unbelievable way of all. That day on the field we went through the gambit of emotions, from anger and fear to bewilderment and relief and even more surprise. So much has happened since then; I have so much to tell you but of course I’ll start where I left off. The dark figures appeared out of the gloom.

“Hello Carlisle.” Aro’s gleeful voice sounded from the din.

“Welcome Aro.” I said almost forcefully.

“What’s the matter Carlisle, not happy to see us?” Caius sneered.

“There’s no point for you being here.”

“We disagree. You have brought too much attention to our kind. It has been all over the news and your face and that of your lovely granddaughter have been front and center.”

“So what? No one knows what we are. We live in a town that was touched by tragedy, we blend well with humans and always have. You really are reaching this time Aro.” Edward said pointedly.

“Well we took a vote and we disagree. It is extremely unhealthy for us to be anywhere near the human media.” Aro said.

By this time the whole armada of the Volturi had come to a halt a mere 200 hundred yards from us. Jane and Alec were in the front along with Demetri. The three elders were behind them flanked by Felix, the guard, and the two new additions. All looked upon us with dark anticipation. Bella had her shield extended to us all. She and Jane were in a staring match. Jane trying to find some sort of weakness in our shield while Bella was fully concentrating on keeping the shield in place.

“So what now Aro? You’ve come to destroy my family because of what you perceived to be some form of exposure?” I asked.

“Oh now now friend Carlisle. We don’t want to destroy any of you. You are too valuable. All we ask is that you join us. Your family can provide us with a lot of strength.” Aro said with a snide smile.

“Oh cut the bull! Basically it’s join us or die. That’s always been what you have been after isn’t it??” Emmett spit out.

“Well naturally. Your family is strong and we need a strong alliance. Otherwise, you are too much of a wild card. We cannot let that go on any longer.” Caius said with a sneer.

We all looked at each other. We knew it was about to begin.  The guard, Felix, and Demetri prepared themselves in a crouch. Jane and Alec held their hands out as if to hit us with a double whammy. The twins Josh and Jason smiled evilly and also crouched into position.

“So Carlisle, what will it be? Will you and your family join us?” Caius asked.

“Never” I said.




“Never”, “Never”, “Never”, “Never”, “Never”, “Never”

Our family had made their choice and voiced their decisions. We were never going to join them. It was time to fight for our chance to survive. We prepared ourselves for the onslaught.

“As you wish Carlisle. But you’re about to lose everything!” Caius said.

“Not without taking out at least half of you first!” Emmett jeered.

The Volturi all sneered at us. And I knew it was about to start.

What happened next, no one; not the Volturi and certainly not any of us, could have predicted. Suddenly, Jane, Alec, Demetri, and the twins fell to the ground and started screaming in what sounded like horrific pain. Everyone jumped. They were writhing on the ground, contorted in a horrible way. Everyone was standing there in shock because we knew no one standing there could have done anything to them. It was then that Edward and I noticed Aro’s face. It went from his usual arrogance to shock and then to extreme fright. It was an expression I’ve never seen before. Aro looked truly petrified. Caius and Marcus’ eyes were also wide. Then Aro started looking around as if he was searching for something or someone. Then he stepped forward and screamed:


When nothing happened except for the screams of those on the ground hitched up a bit in volume, Aro screamed again:



As soon as he said that, three women appeared to our right. They were about 6 to 7 feet off the ground and they appeared to be levitating. They looked like fairies. The one in the front had long black hair and the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen. They weren’t a natural color blue but they weren’t contacts either. The two behind her one was a blond and the other one a redhead. They were wearing very flowy-like dresses. The one in the front was wearing a dress that matched her eyes while the two behind her wore soft pink ones. It was obvious who the leader was. She was staring at Aro with anger on her face. She waved a hand and the screaming stopped. The ones afflicted were still lying on the ground because the force of what had happened to them must have drained all of their energy. Then she spoke.

“I warned you Aro. This was your last chance. It’s over now. I have seen everything I need to see and more.” The other two with her nodded.

“But…..but….but…..” Aro sputtered.

“SILENCE!!” She commanded.

“Rogue….please…..have  pity on us.” Marcus walked forward with his hands held up, his face resigned and yet fearful.

My family and I exchanged glances. We have never seen the Volturi so scared. Who were these women? It was obvious that they weren’t vampires but they weren’t human either or rather not mortal. I looked Edward who was concentrating on the leader, Rogue’s face. He then looked at me and shook his head, which meant he couldn’t read her mind. She was blocking her thoughts from him. She must have felt his gaze on her because she turned her head and looked at him. She stared at him and we were afraid that whatever had happened to Jane and the others was about to happen to Edward. But the only thing I saw Edward do was blink rapidly. Finally, Rogue looked away from Edward and back to the Volturi. I looked worriedly at Edward but saw him shake his head once and then look back me with a small smile. Jasper had sensed Edward’s emotions change and grinned himself. I had no idea what the two of them were smiling about, but that little bit of hope I had for possibly surviving this grew just a little bit more.

It was at that point that Rogue and the other two women floated to the ground. They really were levitating before! I’d never seen anything like it. Rogue looked at Marcus as he was the last to speak.

“Marcus, you are the only one that will be spared today. You have done nothing wrong and in fact have had your very life taken away from you. But we will get to that in a moment.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Caius barked.

Rogue turned her head sharply to look at Caius. When their eyes met, Caius took a step back and bent his head slightly as if her glare was making him top heavy.

“I suggest you, Caius, keep your mouth shut until you’re spoken to. Is that clear?” Rogue said very slowly but with no less command in her voice. Caius nodded once and backed off. She then turned to Aro and spoke:

“You know Aro, for a smart man, you sure act like a complete and total fool. You seem to have a misimpression that I don’t see you, that we don’t see you. That you can just come here and slaughter this innocent family and walk away. I’ve watched you very closely recently; especially since the last time you came to attack this family. I was very much hoping you wouldn’t come here and use the kind of trickery to catch this family unawares. But you did and therefore your lives are now forfeit.”

          As Rogue was speaking, we noticed movement behind us. Our Denali cousins have arrived! So even if this still turns out badly, we now at least match the Volturi in numbers. They came to stand by my side, their eyes wide with surprise. I had a feeling that they had been watching all of this unfold with as much shock as the rest of us. I turned to Tanya who shook her head meaning she also had no clue who these women were either. We all turned back to Rogue as she finished talking, turned to look at the newcomers and this was the first time we saw her smile. She winked at us. Then her face grew serious again as she turned again toward the Volturi. At that moment as the realization of what was about to happen hit the Volturi, Felix grew enraged and growled at Rogue, who looked at him with a very evil smile. And just as Aro yelled “FELIX NO!”; Felix launched himself into the air directly at Rogue. It was all over in a matter of seconds. He didn’t even get half way when what looked like a ball of fire came flashing out of Rogue’s palm and collided with Felix. As soon as this happened, he burst into flame and fell back to the ground. In a matter of seconds all that remained of Felix was a pile of burning ashes. No one moved. No one blinked. Everyone was frozen.

“Anyone else? I really don’t care how this happens, it’s up to you.” Rogue said dusting her hands off.

          The Volturi started backing up, some were even looking around trying to figure out I guessed if they would have a chance to flee. As they did this, Rogue looked at the two women behind her and nodded.  Without warning they disappeared and reappeared each on either side of the Volturi, blocking any route of escape. Before anyone could further say anything, Rogue again addressed Marcus:

“Marcus, I will set you free in just a moment. I know that you voted to not come here today and that vote was overturned by the other two. But first I think something needs to be aired out once and for all. And that is who really killed your wife; after all these millennia you deserve to know the truth. I think Aro can provide you with the very intimate details. Aro? Shall it be you or I who tells him? I suggest you do it.”

          Of course that sounded more like a command then a suggestion. For the first time since I met the Volturi, I saw some real emotion cross Marcus’ face. Aro meanwhile, looked horrified and was trying to back away from Marcus. I was shocked. That was one of the biggest mysteries. Who killed Marcus’ wife and Aro’s sister Didyme? But judging by the way Rogue said it, a sickening feeling started to grow in my stomach. It couldn’t be. Surely, Aro wouldn’t kill his own sister!

“I….I…..I…..” Aro stammered. He was trying to say something and yet avoid everything at the same time.

“What is she talking about Aro? What do you know about Didyme’s death? You said you had no idea how she was killed or by whom.” Marcus’ voice grew higher and louder as he spoke. Aro looked miserably at Marcus then and as they stared at each other, the truth hit Marcus like Thor’s Hammer.

“No! You didn’t! Oh my god! How could you? Your own sister! Did you really hate us that much?”

“No, I didn’t….but you wanted to leave and I….I….couldn’t let that happen.”

“So you killed her???? In cold blood??” Marcus shrieked.

There wasn’t anything more Aro could say, except bow to Marcus and look pitiful. Marcus looked around wildly then let out a blood curdling shriek that had everyone backing away from him. He then collapsed to the ground onto his knees and dry sobbed into his hands. Even Caius looked appalled at this whole mess. None of us could speak. I felt Esme clutch my arm and let out a little sob of her own. The rest of my family looked at Marcus for the first time with real pity. Even the wolves were shaking their head in disgust; Jacob grunted. Marcus then lifted his head and looked straight at me and said:

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to destroy your family. I always admired you, Carlisle. I’m so sorry. Please accept my apology.”

“Yes of course Marcus. We are all so sorry for your loss and the fact that you have to relive it again.” I said stiffly but with compassion in my voice.

At that point Rogue cleared her throat. She had the floor again.

“Now that that is over; Marcus, I knew what he did from almost the beginning but he himself had to tell you. I hope you can understand.”

Marcus looked at her with agonized eyes and nodded.

“Now Marcus, if you could please stand over there by Amy, I’d appreciate it.”

She pointed to the blond standing near the twins. Amy smiled. Marcus bowed to Rogue slightly and silently moved to where she had instructed him. He walked hunched over and seemed like half the man he was only 10 minutes before. Once that was done, she turned to the remaining Volturi members and asked:

“Any last words?”

“Wait! You can’t mean now!” Caius sputtered.

“Well when the hell did you think I meant? Next year? Sorry Caius but your cruel and unforgiving hand has taken many a life that wasn’t yours to take. None of you deserve to exist anymore! And I made my decision before I ever came here. I made my decision when you all made yours! You sealed your own fates! Time to pay the price for all of your evil deeds. Enjoy hell, you all fit there perfectly!” Rogue’s voice boomed.

          With that she nodded to the other two women and in all of their hands appeared the same balls of fire that had destroyed Felix. They then raised their arms half way and threw the balls of fire at the Volturi, who didn’t even have time to blink let alone react. All 6 of the fireballs combined into one large one and completely obscured the Volturi from our line of vision. All we heard were screams and a small explosion. Then all that was left of the Volturi were ashes where they had all stood. Once the fire had consumed every inch of what it sought, it extinguished itself. The only Volturi member that stood standing was Marcus right next to Amy where he had been standing the whole time. He looked at the execution with a strange mixture of relief and elation. After all the insanity was over Rogue turned to us and smiled.

“They will never bother you again. You are all safe now. It is over. No more Volturi.”

We all had to get our bearings but as soon as that sank in, everyone let out a whoop and started hugging each other. The wolves howled. It was really over. The other two women came to stand next to Rogue once again. They were all smiling at our celebration. Finally, I stepped forward, held out my hand and said:

“I don’t know how to thank you. You have saved my whole family. But I’m very sorry, we don’t even know who you are.” I smiled sheepishly.

“Well that is kind of the whole point.” Said Rogue.

Then she introduced the other two women as Amy and Corin. By this time our family was crowded around the strangers all waiting to shake hands and say thanks.

“Amy is my second in command and Corin is my third. We are the Watchers. I would definitely love to tell you our whole story but it may take some time.” She said with a smile.

“Please come to our home, we’d love to have you and listen to your story. I imagine just from the sheer power of what you can do that you are definitely immortal.” I said.

“Yes. We are immortal. In fact we are older than the Volturi.” There was a moment of shocked silence. The three women laughed.

“It’s alright. We are used to that reaction from vampires.” Rogue said, her eyes lighting up as she laughed. She was a very striking woman, they all were.

At that moment we remembered Marcus who was still standing a little ways away. Rogue walked up to him and he bowed to her. She put her hand on his shoulder and said:

“You are free to go now Marcus. Live wherever you wish. I know it will be a long time before you feel like yourself. But I’m glad you learned the truth. I didn’t want to you spend eternity not knowing and he owed you at least that much.”

“Yes thank you for sparing me. I will return to Volterra to pick up my belongings and then I will return to Greece. It’s where I belong. It’s my home and yours too if I recall correctly.” Marcus said with a very hard attempted smile but at least his eyes didn’t have that far away gaunt and haunted look anymore.

“Yes, you’re right. Greece is our home as well.” Rogue smiled.

They shook hands and he nodded at us and walked off the field the way he had come with a speed that of slightly faster than a human. I truly hoped he would find some sort of happiness.  I then gathered my entire family and the newcomers or Watchers as they were called and we flew back to our house. It was almost 7pm. Only 3 hours had passed since it all started and it ended in a way none of us could have hoped. When we got to our house, we let ourselves in and asked the Watchers to have a seat. Just then Corin walked up to Rogue and whispered something into her ear. Rogue smiled and said:

“Oh and by the way, we have another small surprise for you. Corin, go get her.”

Corin walked out only to return less than a minute later. As we all looked in stunned silence, behind Corin in came Michelle, Nessie’s best friend from school! Michelle looked at all of us but her gaze landed on Nessie and she smiled.

“Michelle! Oh my god! What are you doing here?” Nessie exclaimed as she ran to her friend and hugged her. Michelle hugged her back with a smile.

“Michelle is a junior Watcher. She and her parents were sent here to watch over you all. We had an inkling the Volturi won’t leave you alone so this was the best way. And you would never suspect her because she wasn’t a vampire or any other species you’ve ever come across.”

Seeing everyone’s very shocked and puzzled expressions, Rogue laughed and said, “Ok ok, let’s just start at the beginning and I’ll tell you all about who we are and what we do…..but….erm….wait a minute…..where did Corin go?”

There was a pause. As we looked around we noticed Seth was missing too.

“Oh damn!” Exclaimed Jacob.

“No way!” Leah uttered.

“Oh my…..well this definitely adds to things being sawn up nicely!” Rogue said clapping her hands. As the rest of us looked for an explanation, Jacob was the one who answered:

“Seth imprinted on Corin!”

Another beat of shocked silence. Rogue shook her head and said:

“All in a day’s work. Well, let the kids do their thing and I’ll start telling you a little about our history if you would like.”

We all nodded our heads. And Rogue began to speak.

~Carlisle Cullen

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