Carlisle’s Diary ~ The Watchers (Rogue’s POV)

May 4, 2013

Dear Diary:

          “Our actual origin is a mystery; all we know is that we were chosen by some higher power to be the Watchers about 500 years before the Volturi came into existence. We are from Greece as well. I was 30 years old when I was chosen. I was engaged to a wonderful man named Alexander Melanides. Because I was unwilling to leave my life without him, Alexander was also made into a Watcher. That way we could be immortal and live and love forever. Unlike popular myths, we aren’t slayers like Buffy from TV. And both men and women are Watchers. We coexist quite well with vampires. The Volturi have known about us from the beginning. They also knew that we were much more powerful than they could ever be or hope to be. We were created for the soul purpose to make sure vampires and humans among other species could coexist with each other without mass slaughtering.

          I was chosen as the leader of the Watchers from the very beginning. My job was and is to keep the peace and to make sure the Volturi don’t overstep their bounds like they did today. Aro knew the consequences of his actions. I just think that he either stopped caring or grew way too complacent because we haven’t come to visit him in a while and he figured he could just slide by. The Volturi and I had very similar rules. No exposure, no immortal children, no creation of large armies, and no unjustified killing. Out of all of the Volturi, I couldn’t stand Caius the most. He was the most arrogant and thought he was the king of the world. The only thing he and I ever had in common was our annoyance of the Children of the Moon. So I was not at all upset when he had them hunted into near extinction.

          Amy and Corin are also from Greece. Amy is actually engaged to a vegetarian vampire. And Corin…..well now you know. It is not uncommon for Watchers to marry vampires. Because our job is to protect the human race, when that does happen, the vampires are vegetarians like you. There aren’t many out there but enough. As a total, there are 1 million Watchers in the world. And they all report to me. So you can imagine it’s a big job. Then there are junior Watchers like Michelle. Michelle became a Watcher 500 years ago along with her family. She was 17 at the time she was chosen, but because of her youthful appearance, she can pass for 13 too. We have less than 1,000 junior Watchers because they are commonly not used. Just to set the record straight, for you Nessie, Michelle didn’t lie about anything accept who she really was. Her friendship and kinship with you was and is totally genuine. And I’m frankly really glad she has finally found a friend more or less her age in the same vicinity as her.

          We have lived everywhere in the world over these millennia and speak multiple languages each. We’ve lived here in America since almost the very first colonies. We knew America was a large country where we could assimilate into and change location without changing country or language. Hence is why we speak English perfectly without an accent. But if you ask us to speak our native Greek, we can speak that too without an accent as well as all the other languages.  We also knew about the Quileute wolves from the beginning of their times. And have been around the tribe many times. Of course because of our invisibility powers no one knew we were there. We at first came to assess if they were dangerous and as unpredictable as the Children of the Moon. When we saw their communities and their love for their families and unity, we were satisfied that we had found another species that was able to coexist with humans without problems. We actually loved their stories and their ways of life including the whole imprinting thing which was quite fascinating to us. I left feeling satisfied.

          We are fully immortal and unlike wolves, vampires, or hybrids, we are totally and completely indestructible. We are invincible. We were created not to be killed. There is nothing you could do to us to kill us. We breathe but we don’t have to if we don’t need to. We eat human food. We sleep but can go up to a month without. We never lose our energy. Our powers are quite extensive as you’ve seen. But you only saw the tip of the iceberg. I have the most in powers then the others as I’m the leader but believe me, if Amy, Corin or any of the others were caught unawares and on their own……they could still deal with it without my help. Everyone is self-sufficient.

We have the capability of both telekinesis and telepathy which is how I told Edward what was going on the field earlier and I could block anyone from reading my mind as well. The reason and only reason we didn’t come to you before this confrontation was because of Aro’s ability to read minds. I couldn’t risk anyone telling him even by accident that we were here. I wanted to catch them unawares. But I want you all to understand, I was never ever going to let any of them harm you. We were there the whole time, just waiting for that cue. I was still hoping Aro would change his mind but I could see when I saw his face and read his mind that, that wasn’t going to happen. I also have the power to cause pain, to float, and to fly. These are just the blueprint powers as I call them.

Right now we all live in New York City. But were thinking of moving somewhere else. There’s a group of us. There’s Alexander and I, Amy and Peter, Corin, and Keith. Keith is also a single Watcher who has been with us for a long time. But he and Peter are the fairly new additions to the group because the rest of us have been together since the very beginning. Peter met Amy in the late 1700s. And Keith joined us in 1876. Peter is the only vampire in our group and he’s from Ireland. Keith is American of British decent. Now that Corin and Seth are obviously going to be together and we don’t separate, looks like the rest of us will be looking for some houses to build here in Hanover. I hope you don’t mind us coming here. “

I finished speaking finally and looked at the Cullen’s, their Denali counterparts, and pack of wolves. Then I looked at Corin and Seth who had finally joined and were sitting next to each other. They couldn’t stop staring at each other. I saw Michelle roll her eyes and giggle. Well didn’t this all turn out interesting and ironically perfect. We were looking to move somewhere, where Peter didn’t have to sparkle and Hanover looked pretty good. It was Carlisle that spoke first:

“Rogue, you are very welcome to come here. We would love for you and your loved ones to join us up here. In fact, we would really like to help you build your homes.” The other Cullen’s nodded eagerly.

“Absolutely, dear. You saved our lives, it’s the very least we can do.” Carlisle’s wife Esme said.

“Thank you, we’d really appreciate the help, especially since we don’t know the area too well. And my fiancé is tired of sparkling in Manhattan.” Amy said with a laugh. We all laughed at that.

“Wait a minute, if you and Peter have known each other since the 1700s, why are you only engaged and not married?” Asked Alice curiously.

“Alice, don’t be nosy!” Esme chided.

“No no it’s ok. I mean we’ve done so much that I guess it never really crossed our minds to plan a wedding. We aren’t really good at stuff like that. Rogue and Alexander got married immediately after they became Watchers. They already had their whole wedding planned out. In our time when you were chosen to be a Watcher and become immortal, it was looked upon as a blessed miracle by your family.” Amy explained.

“Yeah, Amy is 25 or was at the time she was changed and I am or was 21; which makes Rogue the oldest.” Piped in Corin.

“And I became a junior Watcher when my parents became Watchers. And we’re originally from Italy.” Michelle said as she was sitting next to Nessie holding her hand.

“When it comes to interacting with humans, I have to change my name a bit. As you can see my girls here all have normal human names. Meanwhile, mine is like that of a warrior. So just for the purpose of dealing with humans, I call myself Rose. Rose Melanides. If I ever need documents or passports, that’s what is written on them. But I only answer to that name when a human speaks with me. Otherwise, to every other species, I’m Rogue.” I explained with a smile.

“Is that what your mother named you? Rogue I mean.” Rosalie asked.

“Yes, she did because she had a difficult time delivering me and I came out my way. I was a fighter. A warrior from the start. So Rogue it was. I always liked my name. Rose sounds too fluffy for me personally. No offense to you Rosalie.” I said quickly with a smile before I offended anyone. Oops.

“No, I understand what you mean.” Rosalie said, amazingly understanding.

          Just then my phone rang. I excused myself and picked it up. It was my wonderful husband. I had already told him all was over via a small text but now he was calling to see what was still going on. I gave him the gist of it, including the fact that we were moving to Hanover! He was glad everything worked out, no one got hurt, and the Volturi were obliterated. He out of everyone I think hated the Volturi the most. I knew Keith was nearby so he could hear what I was saying. I also told him that Seth, the shape shifter had imprinted on Corin. There was a beat of silence and then a “Wow”. Then he said he wanted to come up and meet everyone. He said that he could be here in about 5 minutes. Flying enables us to get from point A to point B very quickly. And that Keith and Peter were coming too; I knew Peter was missing Amy. Peter being the vampire would hitch a ride with Keith in order to get here faster. I said alright. Then I went to tell the others.

“So that was Alexander. He is very excited about everything including the fact that we got rid of the Volturi. He hated them more than anyone I know. He and the others are very anxious to meet all of you so they will be here in a few minutes.”

“Wait how…..are they going to get here so fast……from New York?” Garrett asked puzzled.

“Remember I mentioned our ability to fly? We save a lot of money on plane tickets.” I said with a laugh.

“But isn’t Peter a vampire you said?” Emmett asked.

“Yes but he can hitch a ride with either Alexander or Keith. Each of us Watchers can take one person as a ‘passenger’ as we call it.” I explained.  Everyone wowed.

“Hey, maybe we can show you guys how that works one of these days.” Corin offered looking at Seth and giggling.

“Oh Cool! Wow….Yeah!” Seth exclaimed excited. We all laughed.

I could tell that the Cullen’s and their friends needed some time to absorb everything we’ve told them. So I let them talk amongst themselves. Meanwhile, I walked outside to wait for the arrival of the others. I was soon joined by Amy and Leah who smiled at us and said she just wanted some fresh air. As Alexander and the others approached, I felt a charge in the area. It wasn’t something I’ve ever felt when they were coming. It wasn’t a negative charge but as if something was supposed to happen. It puzzled me until the very last moment when Alexander, Keith, and Peter appeared. Amy flew into Peter’s arms and as I watched from the porch Leah stared at Keith and vice versa. Alexander must have felt the charge as well because he looked at them with first a puzzled and then amazed expression. As I understood, I shook my head and laughed.

“That’s two for two!”

“Wow!” Said Amy.

“Well they are brother and sister. They shape shifted for the first time together. Only makes sense that they imprint within hours of each other!” I said as I walked down the stairs and into Alexander’s embrace. We hugged and kissed for a long time. I’ve missed my hubby.

Then the other Cullen’s came outside as they heard the commotion and between the mind reading and pack minds everyone knew without being told what had happened. Then Carlisle invited everyone back in to continue the conversation now that everyone was up to speed. It felt wonderful to be with my love, my group, and our new friends. I smiled; Alexander and I wrapped each of our arms around each other’s waists and walked into the house.


~Carlisle Cullen

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