Carlisle’s Diary ~ Stories and Pestering

May 6, 2013

Dear Diary:

          So I invited the Watchers and their families into our home for further stories and explanations. It was already really late, but even Nessie was determined to stay up to meet everyone and hear the stories. We were just introduced to Alexander, Peter, and Keith. And then another thing happened that we never expected. Leah imprinted on Keith! Now everyone in the wolf pack is attached to someone. No more single and miserable people. It will be nice not to have a grouchy wolf around. Though Leah has come a long way, she still has occasional attitude problems. I hope that her new found relationship will upgrade her mentality.

          The only people missing were Michelle’s parents, but Rogue said that they had another assignment and were presently in Toronto, Canada doing well what else? Watching someone. Rogue mentioned that there were a few vampires acting out and they were just acting as backup to other Watchers. So now that everyone was seated, some stomachs started growling and Esme went to get dinner ready. She didn’t have anything ready as we weren’t even sure we would live to see the next day but with Bella, Rosalie, and Alice’s help, she whipped up a meal that would probably feed an extra-large human family for about a month. Since the Watchers also ate, everyone settled down in our dining room to dig in and talk some more. While the wolves, Watchers, and Nessie dug in, the rest of us just sat around and mingled. Peter, being a vampire, sat with us to talk.

          I’ll take this opportunity to tell you what the men look like. Alexander has long black hair and light eyes. He’s very rugged and taller than the others. He wore mostly black clothing and has a very gothic air about him, but he’s incredibly friendly and couldn’t keep his eyes off Rogue. It was very obvious that he loved her.

Peter has blondish brownish hair that he ties in a ponytail. He has golden eyes just like us as he is vegetarian. His style of clothing is very vintage. You can tell he still loves the 1800s, but it didn’t look like a costume.

Keith looks a lot like the wolves, ironically. He has short brown hair, green eyes and is very buff. He wore very tight form-fitting clothes and appears as though he just walked out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. (Photos of all of the Watchers are at the bottom of the entry.)

          Alice was sitting near Peter, all but hopping up and down. When Peter finally looked at her she said:

“So . . . um . . .  Peter, Amy told us that you two were engaged and have known each other since the 1700s.”

“Yes this is true. Why are you asking?” Peter said.

Edward and Bella groaned. They already knew what was coming.

“Be careful Peter what you ask with this one. She has a tendency of going a bit overboard,” Edward said. Alice swatted him on the arm.

“Oh shoosh Edward!” she said and then turned her attention back to Peter who was looking at the two of them completely puzzled.

“Well um . . . Amy said that you didn’t really have time or interest in planning a wedding. I assume you want to be married?” Alice inquired.

Amy, who was eating with the others, looked up and smiled. Peter looked over at her and she winked at him. Being a Watcher, Amy already knew where Alice was going with her line of questioning. Poor Peter, being a vampire . . . well, not so much. So he had to go through the whole Spanish Inquisition from Alice.

“Yes, Alice. I would love to marry Amy finally. But neither of us knows anything about planning a wedding,” Peter said.

“Well perfect! That’s where I come in! Anyone in my family, even those who bitch and moan, will attest that I am the best at planning parties, weddings and any other celebrations. All I need is your permission and to ask you both some questions about what you want and I take care of the rest! So what do you say?” Alice was speaking faster and faster as she got more and more excited. Jasper was grinning.

“Alice, slow your horses—they haven’t even moved here yet!” Bella said.

“Oh, right. But still. Building a house is easy and fast; planning a wedding needs to be done with absolute precision!” Alice insisted.

          The Watchers and Peter were watching her with amazement. Then Rogue, Amy, and Corin laughed. Between reading minds and watching everything unfold, I have no idea how they could keep up. Edward’s gift is one thing, but when you have every gift or power—as they call it—and then some, I’m very surprised how the Watchers haven’t gone absolutely bonkers. Rogue apparently heard my thoughts because she looked straight me and said:

“Practice makes perfect.” She smiled and winked. Everyone stopped talking and looked at her then me.

“What was that about practice makes perfect?” Rosalie asked.

“I was wondering how all of you, Watchers, could read so many minds plus have all those other powers and not go bonkers,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh . . . yeah, practice. But when you have so much to do, you don’t pay much attention to all the extra voices in your head,” Alexander said between sips of wine. The other Watchers nodded. Alice clapped her hands. We were getting off track from what she really wanted.

“So what’s the verdict?” Alice continued to pester Peter and Amy.

“Well, I’m game if that’s what Amy wants,” Peter answered looking at Amy.

“Sure! I’d like to finally get married. And if we don’t have to plan anything, that would be even better. Because frankly, we have no idea where to even begin,” Amy admitted with a laugh.

“Oh sweet! I promise I’ll make it perfect! And yes I know, you have to move here first!” Alice squeaked.

Then she jumped up and ran to both Amy and Peter and hugged them. Everyone was laughing as she whirled around the room. That’s really all you had to do to make Alice happy, give her some kind of a celebration to plan. But she was right on one account, even those of us who moan about how all out she goes, she does make sure every event is catered to the taste of the individual or couple. She has yet to disappoint anyone and that includes Bella, who is as anti-anything-over-the-top-as-possible. By this time, everyone had finished and the wolves especially Seth and Jacob were yawning. Nessie stifled one as well, though she tried to hide it. It was at that point we all decided to call it a day.

The Watchers and Peter would return to Manhattan to pack up their things and come back here. We had volunteered to help them bring their things from New York to here so that way they could move faster. They were renting their penthouse suite so all they had to do was pay one month’s rent ahead of time and tell their landlord they were leaving. It wasn’t going to be a problem as the landlord knew they were looking to move out anyways and had already looked for future tenants.

They would temporarily move into Michelle and her parents’ home until their own would be built. We offered to put them up in our house but they declined. They said they didn’t want to intrude and it would be perfect because they could stay at Michelle’s home while her parents were away and then would vacate the premises before they returned. From what Rogue said, their mission in Toronto was going to last at least another 2 to 3 weeks. Michelle was all right being on her own, and now with a house full of Watchers, especially those she’s worked with previously plus was close with, she was very happy.

So with a round of good-nights, hugs and thank-yous—which included very intimate ones for Seth and Corin and Leah and Keith—our guests and saviors were gone.

Our Denali Cousins decided to go back home as well because they saw that we had our hands full with the new additions to Hanover. The next few weeks were going to be surrounded with building homes and moving in Watchers. But now after a group family hug and another round of good-nights, Nessie, Bella and Edward went off to their cottage to put Nessie to bed.

Jacob, Leah and Seth grabbed some more of Esme’s cooking and headed off to their cabin as well. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett went to their respective rooms in their wing. And Esme and I walked slowly up the stairs, turned off the lights and walked to our room. We looked at the clock and it said midnight.

The day was over.

Esme and I walked into our bedroom and didn’t even bother looking at the bed. We walked into our massive bathroom and I started running the water. Esme found the Lavender bubble bath and poured it into the tub. Without saying a word, we both undressed and climbed in. After a day like today, words weren’t needed, extreme actions weren’t needed. All that was needed was a night of silence, peace, being close to one another and the never-ending scent of Lavender.

~Carlisle Cullen

Rogue, Alexander, Amy, Peter, Corin, Seth, Keith, & Leah

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