Carlisle’s Diary ~ Moving In

May 7, 2013

Dear Diary:


          The next 2.5 weeks were a flurry of activity. The Watchers decided that they would build 4 houses about 3 miles away from where our house was. One was going to be for Rogue and Alexander, the second for Amy and Peter, the third for when Corin and Seth get married and lastly for Leah and Keith. They would make their houses stand in a semi-circle, with one drive way then separating into 4 separate one’s going to each house. So once they had staked out where they wanted to build the houses, we all proceeded to clear the trees and brush out of the way so there was buildable ground. In the meantime, we had gone on 4 separate trips to Manhattan to pack up and move all of their things which included clothing, furniture, and a bunch of personal items. They had enough photos and collectibles to open their own museum.

          While the houses were being built, the Watchers stayed at Michelle’s house. Her parents had called to check in with Rogue regarding their assignment and were very excited to hear about the moving. Apparently, Michelle’s mom Maria and Dad John, weren’t at all thrilled with what they were doing in Toronto. The vampires there, weren’t really behaving. So while Rogue was on the phone with her, I heard Rogue say that they have another week to give those vampires to reform before they were to put them under arrest. I guess Rogue really was judge, jury, and when time needed, executioner. I didn’t ask what those vampires were doing that was so off kilter but I figured Rogue had her hands and head full with moving and such that I didn’t want to bother her.

          The Watchers though all seeming to be attached at the hip, had very different taste when it came to their homes. Rogue and Alexander, liked Bella and Edward’s cottage and therefore modeled their home to look like the cottage. A bit different of course to fit their style and taste but along the same path. Amy and Peter wanted their home to look like a medieval castle and have two floors. Seth and Keith let Corin and Leah figure out how to style their respective future homes. Leah and Keith’s looked very practical. Seth and Corin was also very much a nod toward his Quileute roots.

Both houses had a lot of Native American art and furniture. The only difference between the two houses was the fact that Seth and Corin’s place also had touches of the Mediterranean with blue and white as a nod to Corin’s Greek roots while Keith and Leah’s had a few British items. Every home had the personality, heritage, and style of the couple to live there. At the end we were very happy with the way the houses came out. We still had an empty house standing on the property for when the inevitable happens and Jacob proposes to Nessie. There will always be an empty cottage after they move in together; the home that the wolves shared, will at some point become vacant, because it has the least amount of things, we are thinking of dismantling it or transforming it into a guest cottage for when the Denali’s visit. In any case, we shall see.

So now we have all the homes built and it’s time to move everyone in. To make things more interesting, there’s a bet going, which home can get loaded in the quickest. Everyone has their money riding on Rogue and Alexander. Apparently they are the energizer bunnies of moving. Then we were all given the opportunity to see what flying was like. Alexander took me, Rogue took Esme, Corin took Seth, Keith took Leah, Michelle took Nessie, and Amy took Bella. That was the first round. I can’t even explain what that felt like. We had to stand close to our Watcher as they put their arms around our shoulders and all of a sudden we were off the ground. Before we knew it we as high as a plane. Granted we were also invisible so that the planes wouldn’t A) crash into us and B) see us. But it felt just like you would imagine it. Wind rushing through your hair, being able to see for miles and miles in every direction. And with our keen eye sight, we were able to see every cloud, every molecule in the air. The different colors of the sunset in a way we couldn’t even imagine.

I felt free, like the world didn’t have an attachment to me anymore. Seth explained it to us that imprinting felt a little bit like that. When you feel like you’re no longer connected to your life but by the person you’ve imprinted on. Well I guess that’s the closest I’ll ever get to being a wolf. After we did the flying thing for a while, we were returned back to the ground in Hanover and the second batch of people went up. Peter was the only one who stayed behind the whole entire time as he’s done this many times. We loved it so much that the Watchers said that they could take us flying whenever we liked. It definitely beats the plane or even running. It’s an exhilarating and amazing feeling.

So after the fun with the flying we finished moving everyone in. Rogue and Alexander had in fact won the race. Those who bet on them were happy with their winnings. But ultimately, just being moved in and all in one place and to be able to leave Michelle’s home for their very own made everyone incredibly happy. To celebrate we had a bonfire in the backyard of our house. Esme had cooked a feast in celebration; we put in a dance floor and piped in some dance music. Everyone was eating, drinking, dancing, or talking. I have never seen anyone in my family so happy.

Michelle and Nessie were munching on some snacks; Leah and Keith were walking around and talking. Rogue, Alice, Rosalie, Amy were dancing while Bella was taking photos of them. Corin and Seth were checking out the music selections and yelling to the people on the dance floor about what song should play next. Emmett, Jasper, Alexander, Peter, and Edward were watching the women and trying to figure out what to do with themselves but would burst out laughing every so often when one of the women would make a funny face or do some silly move. They were talking sports and politics.

And Esme and I were just taking all of it in. Finally, Michelle’s parents came to join us. We had only met them once at a parent/teacher conference. And of course we were coming across as Nessie’s parents as opposed to Bella and Edward. We didn’t know who they were. But now they were a part of the secret and their Toronto mission was over with no serious issues. We welcomed them with open arms. Maria looked like an older version of Michelle and John looked a lot like Keith amazingly but both swore they weren’t related. Michelle ran over to give them a hug and pointed them toward the food, then went back to Nessie who by this time joined the other women on the dance floor to do the Cha Cha Slide. They were standing in rows and following the instructions in the song. I’d never heard it before but it looked like fun and Esme ran and joined them. So all the women were doing the Cha Cha Slide along with Seth, who was turning it into America’s Funniest Home Videos. The rest of us were laughing so hard, we were all but rolling on the ground.

I looked up toward the heavens and thanked whoever is up there for the gift of my family and all the extra additions. Thanked that the danger has passed, thanked for peace, love, and happiness. And in order to not sound like a Ms. Universe contestant as Jacob sometimes calls me, I was just incredibly happy and thankful. I then went up to the men and joined them in watching the insanity on the dance floor with a giant smile on my face. I was very content.

~Carlisle Cullen

Below you’ll find a link to the Cha Cha Slide and a picture of what it looked like flying into the sunset with the Watchers. Xoxo

 Cha Cha Slide

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