Carlisle’s Diary ~ The Big Day

May 11, 2013

Dear Diary:

          This last month has been an absolute whirlwind. Alice has been running around like a spitfire with an extra energizer battery!  She has been planning the wedding of Peter and Amy; who’s only job was to stop by the court house and pick up a marriage license. And today’s the big day! I’m so happy to tell you all how everything went down!

          The night before, we sent the bride and groom to their house and made sure that they were guarded by Corin who would automatically report to Rogue if they decided to sneak out. With the Watchers there’s an unspoken law; Rogue, Corin, Amy, Michelle, her parents, and Keith are all very close and almost like family. But everyone knows that no matter what, Rogue is in charge so when she gives an order, there’s no questions asked. So when she gave the order that Amy and Peter had to stay away from our backyard, they begrudgingly relented. Even then, we had Corin and Seth stand guard while we got the back yard ready. We set up and open aisle with rose petals for the actual aisle, there were white benches and lanterns hanging from each row.

          Alice secured a justice of the peace to perform the ceremony. Then it was time to put together the background of the ceremony, Alice used the little brook we had near our backyard and fully decorated it with moss. We cleared the trees to make for an opening, and then there is a small aisle and then a very medieval looking arch. Next Alice went full speed ahead with the help of Rose, Bella, Nessie, Michelle, and the boys to put up the tent and make it fit with the medieval theme as well. All the colors were burgundy. We indeed ended up with 50 guests on the nose.

          Lastly and most importantly it was time to get ready. The guests were going to start arriving within the half hour so we vampires got ready very quickly to make sure we were there to welcome the guests. This was the first fully supernatural wedding. There wasn’t one person or guest that was fully human if you don’t count the Justice of the Peace. It was mostly made up of vampires and Watchers plus the wolves and Nessie. It made me snicker a bit and shake my head. Alice was like a traffic cop standing in the middle and directing people where to sit and where to put last minute items. Because the judge was in attendance already, we didn’t lift any heavy stuff alone. We had told our guests on the invitations that the theme was Medieval Romance so if guests wanted to dress up they could. I was pleasantly surprised that 99% of those invited embraced the theme.

“Ok everyone, places! Places! It’s time to begin. The bride is ready and lord knows the men don’t need that much time so they’re ready too!” Alice called.

“Alright, alright cool your jets.” Emmett grumbled. Everyone laughed.

We all sat down in our designated areas. Edward was already at the piano playing random classical tunes softly as people made their way to their seats. The judge was smiling and waiting. He was staying long enough to marry them and off he would go to his next engagement. Then it was time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. First came Michelle with the flowers and sprinkled them generously down the aisle as she went. She smiled and winked at her parents. Her dress was a beautiful dark green medieval number with see-through black laced sleeves. I knew from what I’d heard from Alice that all of the bridesmaids would look the same. Secondly, came the groom who was wearing a very formal kilt that belonged to his fathers and forefathers before him. He was wearing a white shirt with a white tie, black vest, and black suit jacket with a red rose in his lapel. He wore white knee highs and black laced shoes. (Photos of the wedding and reception are below)

Next came Corin on Keith’s arm. Her red hair seemed even brighter against the beautiful green in the dress; she was wearing her hair down blown out in a wavy style. Keith was wearing a kilt, an off white shirt, and a gray vest also with a red rose in his lapel. He was also wearing knee high socks and black shoes. They looked very striking. Corin’s bouquet was white roses and green hydrangea. Continuing then came Rogue and Alexander. They wore the same attire as Corin and Keith, except for Rogue’s hair was blown out straighter then we thought possible and she had two braids going around from both temples to the back and connecting into a little braid down the back. She had the same kind of bouquet as Corin. Then they all made their way down the aisle and then went to stand in their designated spots after parting in front of the judge.

Finally, Edward paused in his music and started loudly playing Pachelbel Canon (link to song provided below). Everyone stood up and faced the back. Then I heard Peter gasp as Amy came into view. I could understand why. Amy looked like a fairy; a medieval fairy. Her blond hair was up in what Alice calls an up-do with strands coming down around her face. She had green flowers in her hair to offset her blue eyes. Her veil was connected to a backwards headband that was connected to the back of her hair and ended at the temples so her face wasn’t covered. She had very minimal makeup and jewelry. Her dress which was white with minimal golden embroidery was off the shoulder with different sized sleeves which were see-through lace. The dress itself (as Alice had shown you in the previous entry) was figure forming up top and flowed out at the waste. Her train was very small and was to be pinned up during the reception. Her bouquet was made out of red roses and purple hydrangea.

(To tell you the truth, I had Alice sitting next to me and dictating that whole description because I wouldn’t have been able to explain that in such great detail. So thank you Alice.)

As she was walking down the aisle you could hear whispering amongst the guests. It was obvious that everyone thought she was stunning. Alice really did a great job. Just then, I felt Esme squeeze my hand. I looked over and she was smiling. Though there wasn’t anyone to upstage the bride that day, I have to say, Esme looked ravishing. Her medieval looking dress was blue with gold embroidery and 3/4th sleeves. She wore her hair the same way she did for Bella’s wedding. (Photos of all of our clothes are also attached.) Everyone in our family plus the wolves embraced the theme and looked quite spiffy. I remember Jacob rolling his eyes when I used that word. Oh well, guess I’m not “hip”.

When Amy finally made it down the aisle and took Peter’s hand, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She was trying not to cry. The judge then signaled to Edward to stop playing the music. He did and then came to sit next to Bella and Nessie. The judge then started with the actual ceremony. Amy gave Rogue her bouquet to hold, so she and Peter could hold hands. After about ten minutes the judge turned to Peter and asked:

“Do you Peter James Bailey take Amy Sotos to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, as long as you both shall live?”

“Yes, I do.” Peter said emotionally.

“Do you Amy Sotos take Peter James Bailey to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, as long as you both shall live?”

“Yes, I do.” Amy said through her tears.

“May I have the rings please?” said the judge. Alexander handed them to him. The judge held out his hand to Peter who took a ring. Then the judge said:

“Peter, please repeat after me: Amy, with this ring, I thee wed.”

“Amy, with this ring, I thee FINALLY wed.” Everyone laughed as Peter’s shaking hands slid the ring onto Amy’s finger. Then the judge offered the other ring to Amy who took it. Then the judge said:

“Amy, please repeat after me: Peter, with this ring, I thee wed.”

“Peter, with this ring, I thee wed.” Amy whispered and screwed the ring onto his finger amidst giggles from the crowd.  

“Well, then. Within the power vested in me by the state of New Hampshire, I now pronounce you man and wife! You may kiss the bride!”

And boy did they ever kiss! Peter took Amy’s face into his hands and then they just connected and kept on going, ignoring the eventual throat clearing as everyone else stood and cheered! As they were kissing I realized that none of us other then perhaps Alice knew their last names up until the judge said them! He even dipped her while kissing! Finally they parted and were grinning from ear to ear. Then finally the judge who was also clapping and smiling said:

“It is with great honor that I present to you the new Mr. & Mrs. Peter James Bailey!”

Now everyone cheered, clapped, and whistled as taking her bouquet from Rogue the couple made their way down the aisle toward the reception tent followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Before entering the tent, they shook hands and thanked the judge for his service and wishing them luck for their future he left. Then they made their way toward the tent. Alice though stopped them short. She wanted it to be the ultimate surprise. She danced into the tent made sure those lights, candles, and everything was perfect then with the help of Michelle she lifted the curtains and let them in.

They both gasped. To tell you the truth we all gasped when we saw this tent. I can’t put it into adequate words what it looked like, but there is a picture below. It was 1001 Arabian Nights meets Medieval Times. While the guests got situated by finding their seats and tables, the bride, groom, and their wedding party with Rosalie went around in the backyard to take photos. Rosalie is our professional photographer so I knew the photos were going to come out beautiful. She said she was going to do both color and black and white ones. The whole photo op took about a half hour, which was more than enough time for everyone to mingle amongst themselves. Edward then went up to the music station and turned on the music. He then introduced the wedding party to applause and lastly the bride and groom, who went straight to the dance floor for their first dance. They had chosen Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”. They’d been together for such a long time that it fit perfectly.

Afterwards, they sat at their royal table and those who ate were served a feast. The rest of us just sat and mingled or Alice for example kept flying around the room to make sure everything and everyone was happy. Because only the bride ate food, the groom made the rounds to each table to thank everyone for coming. They cut the castle cake and Peter fed a piece to Amy. There wasn’t any debauchery involved. After dinner, it was time to party! The music was everything from disco to the roaring 20s to 80’s freestyle to love songs to the 90s and today. Of course there was the Cha Cha Slide which by this time Esme had dragged me to the dance floor. After about two hours of dancing, Alice asked everyone to take their seats. Then she introduced one of the Watchers from Toronto who it turned out was a belly dancer, so she performed for about a half hour to some Middle Eastern music and boy was she great! I heard some of our women murmur that they wanted to take belly dancing classes, especially Nessie. Edward rolled his eyes.

The party went on until 4am! Finally the Watchers, wolves, and Nessie were exhausted and it was time to send off the happy couple on their honeymoon. Since planes were not needed and apparently they could make their luggage invisible so it wouldn’t even weigh anything, it would literally take them about 10 minutes to get from New Hampshire to Ireland! So then we all got ready and as they walked outside, we threw red rose petals at them as they stood with their luggage, then Amy waved her hand and their luggage vanished. After which, they waved goodbye to us and with Peter’s arms around her, she lifted into the air and with another wave disappeared into the night sky.

I really hope they like their honeymoon and can’t wait to hear about it. We decided to leave everything until tomorrow for clean-up, then we said goodbye to our Watcher guests who were flying back to wherever they were from, the Denali’s were staying for a few days with us and then also going home, meanwhile the rest of us hugged, said goodnight, and went to our respective homes. Everyone was incredibly happy with how everything turned out…..especially Alice who was grinning like a little pixie as she and Jasper walked to their room.

One wedding over……..lord knows how many more to go!

~Carlisle Cullen

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