Carlisle’s Diary ~ Charlie Knows Everything

May 13, 2013

Dear Diary:

          It’s a new week and we have all been relatively busy. Amy and Peter are on the last leg of their honeymoon and should be home tomorrow, I’ve been working long hours at the hospital, and the rest of the family have been doing all sorts of things. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what though. Esme has been teaching Michelle and Nessie. The school year is almost over and both girls couldn’t be more thrilled for summer. I wonder what they will want to do for the summer.

          The next day, we were all in our house. The Watchers had come over to hang out and I had the day off. The girls’ lesson was over and they were lounging around watching some show on TV along with Alice and Corin; I think it’s called Project Runway. Rosalie was sitting with Esme and reading the crocheting book that Alice had gotten Esme in Japan. Apparently, Rose wants to learn how to crochet so she can make some sweaters for Emmett. Jasper and Emmett were discussing something about the news; I think they were debating about Syria and North Korea. Edward was just lounging around on the couch with Bella who was reading a book. Alexander actually had a passion for drawing/painting and was doodling something in his art notebook with Seth, Jacob, and Leah looking on with interest. Every so often they would ask him to add something to the painting. Keith was sitting next to Leah and just rubbing her back. She would look at him every so often and blush. Only Rogue was missing from the picture of contentment. She was in the other room on the phone with some Watchers in Europe, getting an update on a few assignments.

          Just then, Alice gasped and stared into space. Everyone automatically focused on her. Edward gasped as well. The rest of us just waited for an explanation. Jasper was by Alice’s side in under a second. He put his hands on her shoulders and shook her slightly until she focused again on him. When she did, she looked concerned and unsure. Emmett was the one who spoke first:

“Will someone please tell us what is going on? I hate the suspense!”

Corin hopped up and put her fingers on her temples, seconds after that Rogue walked back into the room looking concerned. I remembered that Rogue told us the first day that she met us on that field that they were able to communicate through telepathy, so I figured Corin had called her into the room. Everyone crowded around Alice and were waiting for her to speak. Waiting for someone to say something. Alice glanced away from Jasper and looked straight at Bella and said:

“Charlie knows……..everything.” 

Because we were so used to shocking news it didn’t take long for Bella to utter:

“WHAT?? HOW?? Who told him?”

“Sue and Billy.” Edward answered.

“But why? What’s the point?” asked Rose.

Jacob and Seth looked at each other. It was obvious that they weren’t comfortable that their parents were mentioned. Especially when it came to exposure.  Even with the Volturi gone, we still didn’t want to be known by the humans around us. There were still rules and we were in a room full of Watchers… of whom in particular worried me; Rogue.

“Apparently, Billy had invited Charlie for a bonfire on the reservation and started telling stories. He and Sue had decided to tell Charlie everything. Oh now I see……” Alice said thoughtfully.

“What is it Alice?” I asked.

“The reason they finally decided to tell Charlie was because he and Billy were out hunting one day and Charlie took a shot which nearly hit a wolf. That wolf happened to be Embry. Billy was shaken by how close it was. So he sat down with Sue and they decided to tell Charlie everything. Well they wanted to tell him the whole wolf thing. It was Charlie himself that started asking about vampires.” Alice mused.

“So then what happened?” Seth piped in.

“Well at the bonfire, Billy told about the Quileute legends..….all the way to the beginning. Followed by Sam and Embry phasing to show Charlie the whole point. He jumped only once, the wolves just stood there. Charlie stared at them, it took him a few minutes to digest everything, then and here’s the amazing part, Charlie stood up, walked slowly up to Embry. He touched his fur and rubbed it. Embry didn’t move so he wouldn’t spook him. They stayed like that for a while and then Charlie said ‘Look guys, you are great as wolves but can you turn back into humans so at least we can talk?’ Everyone was shocked by his candor. “

We were all listening stunned. Then Alice walked over the couch, sat down, and continued to tell the story only as she saw it. I peeked over at my family who were showing different emotions. Then I stole a glance toward Rogue who remained standing, listening, with a poker face. I couldn’t imagine what she was thinking. I just really hoped she wouldn’t have to harm Charlie. That would really be awful. She must have heard my thoughts because her eyes met mine and she shook her head–no–ever so slightly. I sighed silently with relief. I turned my attention back to Alice who was continuing the story.

“Then after everyone rejoined the bonfire, Charlie looked at Billy and Sue and asked them about us and what the whole vampire thing was about. To say Billy and Sue were shocked is an understatement. They hesitated but he urged them on. He said he figured if he could deal with two boys transforming into wolves, he can deal with the whole vampire thing. Sue asked what happened that changed his mind from the whole need to know thing. He said, he felt that we moved away because he couldn’t understand the stuff. Sue and Billy hesitated so he just kept urging. Then they told him. All of it. Including about how Bella gave birth to Nessie, and how Nessie is a hybrid and the whole imprinting thing.”

“It definitely caught him off guard. He went through a whole gambit of emotion; shock, anger, bewilderment, sadness. They told him that we didn’t eat humans but animals just like he did but instead of eating their flesh we drank the blood. I think that made him feel better. Then after he had more time to process everything, he asked if we all left because he couldn’t man up and handle it. Sue told him the truth about not aging and causing people to wonder. That being said, he wanted to come here and talk to us and see everything for himself.” Alice finished.

“Whoa whoa whoa……so he’s coming here?!” Emmett guffawed.

“Yep.” Alice answered.

“When?” Esme asked.

“If my calculations of everything are correct, They are already on their way. Sue is coming with him. They will be here in about a half hour. They caught a flight earlier today.”

That gave us time to think. I could tell Bella was wildly staring at the floor trying to piece together everything that was just said. I didn’t need to be Edward to know that she was trying to digest the fact that her father knew our whole history……and most unbelievably……was alright with it! What did it all mean? The rest of the family just kind of scampered around and tried to prepare themselves for what this little reunion was going to be like. The Watchers were the only ones that weren’t saying anything or reacting in any way. I was wondering if they were communicating telepathically so we wouldn’t know what’s going on. Corin just smiled at me. I shook my head.

Finally, Bella couldn’t take it anymore and stomped outside. Edward and Nessie followed her. The rest of us slowly migrated onto the porch. About 10 minutes after that a cab pulled up at the entry to our drive way and we watched Charlie and Sue step out, pay the cab, and start walking toward us. Charlie was carrying two bags, one presumably being Sue’s. Charlie was a gentleman and would never let a lady carry her own overnight bag. Just that part made me smile a bit as I watched them walk out of view as they made their way through the trees and into our front yard. The cab was long gone by then.

As they emerged from the forest and stepped into the opening that led to our house, something totally unexpected happened. Sue and Charlie started to glow. Not like the sun hitting them type or being happy type of glow; they literally started to glow. A yellow light was emanating from their bodies. They stopped short as they realized what was happening. We looked on in shock. Bella then snapped out of her shock and ran to her father.

“Dad! Are you alright? Are you in pain?”

“No. I’m fine. What’s happening, Bells?” Charlie whispered.

“I have no idea!” Bella said as she stared at Charlie and Sue still glowing away.

          At that point we started to realize that none of the Watchers were looking shocked. In fact, Corin, Alexander, Michelle, and Keith were just smiling. They didn’t say a word. The looked into the house and waited until Rogue appeared. She looked at all of us, then her Watchers, and then the scene in the yard and she too smiled. Right before our eyes she changed into the same dress that she was wearing the first time we ever saw her. She then floated off the porch and toward Charlie and Sue who were looking at her in shock and wonder. No one spoke. When she reached them, she floated to the ground and walked forward. Then she reached out both hands and touched both Charlie and Sue on the shoulder. Charlie and Sue blinked furiously. It reminded me of when Edward had the same facial expression on that field when the Watchers first appeared and Rogue was telepathically telling Edward we’d be alright. I could only imagine what she was telling them.

          Then when it was all done, she retracted her arms and smiled again. She waited for Charlie and Sue to wrap their minds around whatever it was that she had told them. Charlie was the first one who spoke:


“Dad….please….tell me what she showed you. What just happened?” Bella pleaded with him.

“Hold on Bells, let me figure all of this out.” Charlie said.

“Figure what out?”

“We’re Watchers?” Sue finally spoke.

          We all gasped. Wait what? Charlie and Sue were Watchers? That was impossible. Watchers are immortal and Charlie and Sue are humans. What was happening here? Rogue looked at all of us and laughed, the other Watchers joined in.

“I think we’ve kept them all in suspense for long enough. It’s time to tell them.” Rogue said. The others nodded.

“Yes I think that would be best.” I said.

“Yes, Charlie and Sue are Watchers. They have the Watcher gene. When the Watcher gene is awakened in an ordinary human being, that human begins to glow. We have yet to figure out what is the catalyst to the awakening of the gene and who gets it as opposed to who doesn’t. That’s still a mystery in our timeline. When I touched them both, I told and showed them the history of us and what they were now chosen to be. Of course, they had the option to not choose to be Watchers. We are usually given 24 hours to make the decision. Deciding on being a Watcher automatically means immortality. It also means the gaining of powers same as Corin and the others. It’s not a decision made lightly. Becoming a Watcher is a huge responsibility. It means they have to move around like the rest of us because they will not age. The up side to this is that now they could be with you, Bella, always. So in a way it’s a double edged sword in this day and age.”

Again no one spoke. Wrapping our minds around this new development took a bit of time. The Watchers waited. They were used to this. Amazingly, it was Charlie who broke the silence and stunned us yet again with his candor:

“Ok, I get it that I have 24 hours to decide this. But do I have to glow the entire time? I feel like an oversized firefly!”

Corin and Michelle giggled. He smiled in their direction. It was Rogue who spoke once again:

“Sorry Charlie, that’s one thing that I don’t decide. When we were chosen to be Watchers eons ago, we also glowed for 24 hours.”

“Great……so how will I sleep?” Charlie grumbled. That’s what he was worried about?????

“You can borrow my sleeping mask.” Sue winked at him.

We all gaped at their back and forth banter. Bella finally found her voice again and spoke, directing her next question to her father:

“Who are you? And what have you done with my father?”

“Awww come on Bells. I’m not that bad! You make it sound like the invasion of the body snatchers!”

“What happened to ‘need to know ONLY?’”

“I decided that it wasn’t good enough that you had to move away. That I was man enough to deal with all of this.” He waved his arms toward all of us.

Again no one spoke. Finally, I decided that it was time for me to step up to the plate and open my mouth:

“Well standing around and gawking isn’t going to help matters, I’m sure Charlie and Sue are tired after their trip and may need to get some rest not to mention some real food. We imagine airplane food isn’t all that tasty.”

“Kinda like prison food.” Jacob mumbled.

“How do you know? You’ve never even been to prison!!” Nessie poked him in the arm and asked.

At that point we let the younger generation bicker as Rogue and I shuffled everyone including our two glowing additions into the house where Edward took their bags into the rooms they would be staying in; they were side by side. Meanwhile, Esme raced to the kitchen followed by Rosalie and Alice to prepare a meal. Bella was standing next to her glowing father, who put his arms around her and hugged her. She hugged him back.

“I love you Bells. No matter what Sue and I decide. No matter whether if you’re a vampire or a wolf or a fairy. You’ll always be my little girl.”

“Thanks dad, I love you too.” Bella whispered. I think if she could have cried, she would have.

Her dad was accepting her…..accepting all of us as we were…….and what more could one ask for?

~Carlisle Cullen

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