Carlisle’s Diary ~ Mother’s Day

May 13, 2013

Dear Diary:

          I didn’t plan on writing today but I decided that this is a very important day to chronicle. For starters before I explain what I mean, I wanted to tell you all something important. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have given other members of my family and now even the Watchers an opportunity to write in here. You may wonder why since a good chunk of them have their own diaries. My whole idea is that as the patriarch of the family, they mean the world to me as do their opinions. So if a particular person wants to tell something in their own POV, they are more than welcome. So that’s just the why of it. There will definitely be times in the future when this will happen. And I don’t have to be a mind reader to know that.

          But I digress, the whole point of this entry is to talk about a very important holiday even in my own house and that’s Mother’s Day. Though Esme is not the biological mother of our vampire brood, she’s as close to a maternal figure as any of them has ever had. And then of course there’s Bella. She gave birth to Renesmee and therefore definitely qualifies for this special day.  Jacob’s mother passed away so Esme is the closest thing he has to a mother. Leah and Seth’s mother is back in La Push and with Nessie’s urging, they both sent her a huge bouquet of flowers as well as an Edible Arrangement. Michelle did the same thing for her mom, Maria. That and she and her dad went shopping and bought Maria a beautiful butterfly necklace.

          The one that surprised me the most was Rogue. She never had children yet, Corin, Amy, Keith, Peter, and even Michelle view her as the mother figure in their lives and therefore all bought her gifts. Amy and Peter are still on their honeymoon and have said that they will bring her a lavish gift back for when they return next week.

          So for Mother’s Day, Alice put together a very small reception in the backyard, which by this time had already been cleared of the wedding things and you wouldn’t be able to tell that a wedding of any kind ever took place. That’s the beauty of having vampires on speed. All of us except Rogue, Bella, and Esme went shopping. Alice stayed behind to decorate the backyard and then would join us at the stores. I knew that I wanted a beautiful necklace for Esme. When Edward saw what I had picked out, he decided to buy on behalf of himself, Bella, and Nessie matching earrings, and Rose and Emmett would get her a matching ring while Jasper and Alice would give her a matching watch. The wolves pitched in and got Esme a beautiful Native American jewelry set. Nessie and Edward then went to Pandora and picked out the perfect charmed bracelet and necklace for Bella.

          Meanwhile the Watchers excluding Peter and Amy got Rogue a dolphin jewelry set. She loves dolphins apparently. And amazingly, we had a little package arrive from Forks for Bella on Mother’s Day! It was obvious that it was from Charlie but that Sue helped pick it out. It was a very vintage looking jewelry box (photos of all of the gifts plus the Mother’s Day gathering are below). Once we’d gotten everything in the stores, we headed back home. The backyard looked magnificent. It was what Esme and Bella like to call, simple elegance. There were lights strewn around, tables with chairs and one table for the buffet. For once we didn’t cook anything. We actually ordered in. There’s a killer Seafood place in downtown Hanover and they deliver, so we had everything from, shrimp to lobsters to scallops and oysters delivered! I think we probably gave that restaurant more business in one afternoon then they had in 3 months!

          But they weren’t complaining; were very thrilled in fact to have such business. It was always a great thing to see the Cullen family house, as we never go into town to eat. I can only imagine the gossip. I shrugged; oh well! Edward caught my thought and smiled. Jacob wouldn’t come within 5 feet of the oysters. Nessie took one and proceeded to chase him around the yard with it. While the rest of us just shook our heads and smiled. There was Martini & Rossi champagne to go with the seafood. Those that ate stuffed their plates with food and a glass of champagne. Edward as usual was playing music as he had an electronic keyboard and it beat dragging the piano out, though for us it would have been a breeze.

          When it was time to exchange gifts, the 4 women were speechless. Rogue actually cried. I knew she was emotional but that’s one emotion I never thought I’d see from her. She’s just that strong. We didn’t know it but Alexander had sneaked out and got her a totally separate gift from that of which the Watchers all pitched in to get her. It was a gorgeous rose gold ring with a diamond from Veraggio. She gasped. Then put it on and kissed Alexander for such a long time that Nessie said she counted to 8 Mississippi before they finished! Everyone laughed.

          The rest of the women absolutely loved the rest of their gifts. It was a lovely evening and it went into Twilight. I couldn’t have felt more content surrounded by my family and the women who made all of us incredibly happy. I hope the rest of you whether you’re mothers yourselves and/or are celebrating with your own mothers, I hope today made you realize that having/being a mother is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. I think women who are mothers are beautiful.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere!

~Carlisle Cullen

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