Carlisle’s Diary ~ Fright

May 16, 2013

Dear diary:

          Whoever said enjoy peace and quiet while you could, didn’t know the half of it. So the day started off like any other. Our family was hanging outside; the weather was warm and sunny so we were staying close to home. No need to sparkle in public. We were in the backyard. Esme and Rosalie were planting the garden. I was sitting on the porch reading a book. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Seth, and Jacob were playing cards. Leah and Bella were putting a giant puzzle together on the grass. Nessie was walking around doing random cartwheels with Edward teaching her how.

          Soon, the Watchers joined us. Corin and Amy joined Bella and Leah on the grass with the puzzle. Peter and Keith joined the game of cards. Rogue sat down to watch Rose and Esme plant the garden, while Alexander sat a little ways away and from the looks of it was sketching Rogue and the other two with our new garden. Suddenly, Leah, Seth, and Jacob perked up and without warning bolted toward the woods and phased on the fly while the rest of us looked startled and confused. Edward was the one who spoke:

“They picked up some sort of scent that was unfamiliar to them. I have no idea what it is either.”

“Do you think there’s any danger?” Nessie asked worriedly.

“I think we’re fine for now.” Edward reassured her.

We went back to our own preoccupations except Nessie who sat next to her mother and Edward who came to sit next to me and peered around the backyard every so often. The calm didn’t last. Not even 5 minutes passed since the wolves took off as we noticed Maria emerge from the forest on the far edge of our backyard. Something was off about her. She started to walk forward, than started to run toward us. That got Rogue, Amy, and Corin’s attention. All three got up instantly and looked at her with concern. As she neared, we could see tears streaming down her face and it was filled with fright. At this point, she stumbled and started to fall; Alexander caught her before she hit the ground. I’d never seen a Watcher stumble or fall for that matter.

Maria continued to sob as not even a second passed when Rogue and the others reached her. Before Rogue could ask, Maria blurted it out:

“It’s Michelle! She’s hurt! Something bit her! All but took her leg off! Please come! She needs help!! John is with her.”


I instantly thought to the mysterious scent the wolves smelled. Could all this be tied together? It’s too much of a coincidence. As soon as Maria said what she said, Keith scooped her up as we doubted she could fly on her own or maneuver in any way. She pointed the way and Rogue took off in a blur so fast that even with a vampire’s keen sense of sight, I missed it, followed closely by Keith holding Maria, Amy, Corin, and Alexander. The rest of us glanced briefly at each other and took off running after them. Because Maria had to show us where Michelle and John were, Rogue slowed down enough to let them go first. Otherwise, she was still just a blur of white and blue that represented her shirt and jeans.

It wasn’t long before we reached where Michelle was lying on the ground with her father hovering over her shaking and looking quite concerned. Keith put Maria down who ran to her daughter still sobbing. Nessie who had caught up with the rest of us was the next one by Michelle’s side.

“Oh my gosh! Michelle! Are you alright? Can you hear me? Please talk to me!”

Nessie was almost crying herself as Michelle moaned and continued to lay in a fetal position. Just then we heard sounds of the wolves racing to join us. Before they appeared, they phased back to human form and walked over to us looking shocked by the site in front of them. Amy crouched over our injured friend.

“Michelle, honey, please show us where you were bitten. Please. I know it hurts but we need to see so we know how to treat you.” Amy said soothingly.

“Owwwwwwwww! It hurts so much!!!!!” Michelle was moaning as tears streamed down her face.

“Wait a minute; I thought Watchers were immune to any kind of injury? I’m confused.” Jacob said puzzled.

“Watchers are immune. Michelle is a Junior Watcher which makes her susceptible to injuries. This is why we only have 1,000 of them in the world.” Corin explained.

Everyone nodded, and then turned their attention back to Michelle, who by then had turned enough for Amy to see her injury. I was crouching next to her as well. Even though I had no idea how to treat Watchers, I was still a doctor and maybe could help in some way.

When we saw the bite, we all gasped; especially the Watchers. They looked at each other in horror. The bite was massive, from Michelle’s hip almost to her knee. A chunk of flesh was hanging loose. She was losing blood. Though not at the speed of a regular human. That part of her immortality was saving her from bleeding out in seconds. The print of the bite looked like massive jaws had gotten a hold of her.

“That’s way too large to be a vampire bite or any regular animal.” I said.

“It’s not a vampire bite nor anything else of that nature.” Amy said shakily.

“Well it wasn’t any of us.” Seth muttered, meaning the wolves.

“We know that.” Keith said slowly. It seemed that all of the blood had drained out of the Watchers’ faces. They knew. They knew who or what was responsible.

“What is it then?” Nessie asked for all of us.

There was a long beat of silence. We all waited. It was Alexander that spoke:

“It was one of the Children of the Moon. Some sort of hybrid that could turn in the sun as much as the moon. We’ve seen very little of them. They’re very rare.”

The Children of the Moon?!”  Maria gasped horrified.

Just then, the ground under our feet started to shake; first a little bit and then violent enough to where none of us could stand without grabbing a hold of something. The wind picked up as well, the sun disappeared behind clouds that came out of nowhere.

“What’s happening?????!!!” Nessie yelled over the howling wind.

Then Amy gasped and her eyes got wide as saucers, her mouth dropped open. She was looking away from Michelle in a different direction. When we all looked in the direction she was, what we saw sent Goosebumps up the arms of even the vampires barely being able to stand as the ground continued to shake. The other Watchers’ reactions soon mirrored Amy’s. The biggest transformation was of the person standing not a great distance away. She was up in the air, her clothes had changed in the blink of an eye; she was now wearing a leather one piece suit, shitkickers, and a trench coat. But it was her eyes that had everyone as Jacob would say “scared shitless”. The crystal clear blue was gone; instead her eyes were bright orange with red edges. Almost spitting fire out of them.

Instead of the Rogue we knew, there, 3 feet off the ground, was a DEMON….

To be continued……

~Carlisle Cullen

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