Leah’s Diary: Hurt (Emily’s POV)

May 18, 2013

I paced through the trees waiting for Sam to return; it had been almost an hour now! I still wasn’t sure how I felt about him. He obviously was not giving up his pursuit to win me over. He was nice enough but he was Leah’s boyfriend and he had just dumped her when he saw me. He didn’t even break up with her; just left her alone after she saw us together. Sometimes, he could be so sweet and I can’t imagine ever being with someone else. Other times…I missed Leah and knew what she would be thinking of us, then I hated him for what he’d done. Part of me wished that he would return to her, but the other part just wanted to forget it, and love him back. I knew I was falling more and more in love with him and further and further away from Leah every day. Maybe it was time for me to put my foot down before my heart got broken too….

He bought a house ‘for us . . . ,’ he’d said, ‘or just you,’ he quickly added when he saw my expression. He let me move in and he stayed in his old house but frequently came to visit, with or without an invitation. I had fun cooking for him and his friends who always gave tons of help on how to make everything taste better and ate as much as a herd of elephants.

And then there was his secret. Not just his, but the tribe’s. It seemed like more and more people found out nearly every week.

He’s already shared it with me, about why everything had  happened the way it did and I’ve seen him and his friends in their other forms which was a little frightening. He explained why they exist and answers all of my questions. If only he would explain to Leah, then maybe we could set things right. He is so nice and handsome, but I still feel like Leah has a better claim on him. Maybe if she didn’t want him anymore, and as long as we could still be as close as sisters….

Sam suddenly burst through the trees, coming the opposite way I had been expecting.

“EMILY!” he shouted at me though I couldn’t tell if his words were meant to be harsh or simply filled with concern. He picked me up into an embrace that lifted my feet off the ground. “Where have you been? I told you to go home, not back here!”

“I was waiting for you to come back, Sam,” I explain. “I love Leah too you know; she’s still my cousin. Practically sister, although she apparently would not say the same anymore. You’ve hurt her you know. You need to just go back to her and forget me. I like you Sam, but you’re better off with her. She loves you so much. Please just go and give me my sister back. She hates me right now and I can’t live with that. Maybe someday, if she doesn’t want to be with you anymore than we—”

He lets go of me, not seeming to hear what I am saying and starts shaking. “Emily, that was something I needed to take care of on my own! You should have done as I’d asked! Leah won’t listen to a stinkin’ word I say. She doesn’t care. I love you, Emily. I need you, not her. I love her, but I’ve explained to you before; you are the one for me. Just deal with it ’cause I’m not going anywhere. It’s not like I get to control all of the . . . trashy circumstances. I know that it ‘s not fair for her. Life isn’t fair.” His words were half shouts, angry, but I didn’t know if it was me or Leah that had him upset. I started backing away from Sam as the shaking grew stronger.

I yelled back, angry that Leah didn’t matter to him and I apparently didn’t either since he wasn’t listening to me. I was going to lose the only sister I had and it was all Sam’s fault.  “Stop! Trashy circumstances? Is that what this is? Because to me it seem like you’re just acting to much like a Uley to know a good thing when you’ve got it. Leah was good to you and now you’re treating her like the last few years didn’t even happen. You’re so selfish! What about what everyone else wants? Or are you the only one who’s opinion matters? How can you be so mean to her? To me? You’re just like your father!” He takes a step toward me and I push him away, “I’ve heard the stories and—”

That’s when Sam lost it. His clothes exploded into a million pieces. His limbs seemed to reach out in every direction, his right paw catching my face on its way toward the forest floor. Sam’s sharp claws scrapped down the right side of my face and then my arm and shoulder. I cried out in pain and fell back towards the ground in shock.

It took him a moment to phase back—he seemed to be having trouble with it. Then in an instant, the monstrous wolf disappeared. He shouted my name again, this time his voice was for certain full of concern. Sam scooped me up into his warm arms and began running, murmuring words of comfort along the way.

A black fog threatened to engulf me, blurring my vision and making my head spin. I could feel warm liquid on my cheek and arm. My right eye closed and once it did, it wouldn’t open. I didn’t try to open it anyways because of the pain that came when I did. Instead I closed both of my eyes and focused on my other senses. I struggled to concentrate on Sam’s voice, on the gentle, steady rhythm of his foot falls. The smell of the forest around us, then the smell changed to home. I was faintly aware of when Sam climbed the steps to our porch and a minute later laid me on the couch. I could hear him talking to someone but as the warm trickled to my ear, I stopped listening, for a moment.

I was almost asleep before Sam hoisted me into his arms again and ran out the door. It was raining now. The soft, cold drips felt good on my skin. We had a car, but I guessed Sam thought it would be faster this way, and it probably was.

Since he had first turned into a wolf, he could outrun most of the cars on the highway. Or so he told me. I never got to be with him when he was a wolf apart from one time. He said it was dangerous, and after what had just happened, I now believed him. I heard Jared, another wolf in Sam’s pack, join us but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Sam was practically flying as he sprinted through the forest along the edge of the town. I began to drift to sleep again. I felt so tired.

“Sam. Tired. Stop running? Sleep?” I mumbled the words the best I could knowing they would probably be incoherent.

“No Em, don’t go to sleep. We’re almost there baby. I’m so sorry. Hang on,” Sam whispered more gentle words in my ear.

Then Sam and Jared spoke. I only made out a few words; sleep, angry and pain.

Sam slowed to a walk and then paused for a brief second. There was the sound of a door opening and then the voice of a woman quietly saying, “Come in! Put her on the couch Sam.” I recognized the voice as Sue Clearwater’s. She continued speaking in hushed tones. “I don’t know what I can do to help with my limited medical knowledge but I will do what I can. You really should take her to Forks. They really could help more than me.”

Sam laid me on the couch and someone pulled a blanket up over my legs. “You know I can’t do that. It would just make things worse.”

“You will take her if I say. If I can’t do enough then—”

“Then I will take her, ” Sam finished. “But please—” his voice was full of pain as he choked back tears. “Do what you can.”

And that’s when I fell asleep.


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