Carlisle’s Diary ~ Flew the Coup

May 22, 2013

Dear Diary:

          I’m glad everything is over. It is very quiet here right now. Quieter than usual. That is because just about everyone has flown the coup. We do not have any Watchers in the neighborhood. After the face off with the Children of the Moon, the Watchers decided it was time for a vacation. And they weren’t the only ones; a good chunk of our family left too. The only ones left are Jasper, Alice, Esme, and I.

          Amy and Peter went to Nova Scotia to visit friends for a while. John, Maria, and Michelle—who is doing much better, save the scar—went to Oklahoma. They had volunteered for the American Red Cross previously and they joined again to help out all of those poor people affected by the tornadoes in the last couple of days. They sent us back photos of the utter devastation. It makes me terribly sad that things like Mother Nature can take everything away—even someone’s very life. I’m very glad that they went to help.

Our family donated close to $250,000 for the cleanup effort. Since money isn’t an object, it was the least we could do. From what Amy told us before she left, they donated approximately the same.

Corin, Seth, Keith, Leah, and Jacob went to La Push. The first four to introduce their imprints to the rest of the council and wolves; while Jacob went to see his father.

Edward, Bella, and Nessie went to Forks to visit Charlie. That way Jacob and Nessie wouldn’t be too far away from each other and Edward could keep an eye out on them.

Rose and Emmett went to Northern Canada for a romantic getaway.

Only Alexander and Rogue left the actual continent. They decided to go home, to Greece. They haven’t been back in a long time, and after everything Rogue had been through it only seemed natural to take her to her most comfortable surroundings. Besides, having been to Greece myself, I knew how beautiful and romantic it is. I had a feeling Alexander just wanted some quiet time alone with his wife. And who could blame him?

Meanwhile, we finally found out something about the Watchers that was very basic—though we didn’t know except for Amy, Peter, Alexander, and Rogue—and that was their last names. Something so trivial, and we had no clue!

Corin’s is Pilikos, Keith’s is Clark, and Michelle and her parents are the Borelli clan. So now we have Alexander and Rogue Melanides, Peter and Amy (nee Sotos) Bailey, Corin Pilikos, Keith Clark, John, Maria and Michelle Borelli. It was just a nice thing to know for our own private thoughts.

Jasper and Alice were holed up in their room while Alice planned her renewal of vows. She came out of the room only when she had questions for Esme.

Meanwhile, other than writing in this diary, I have been studying some of my journals on supernatural illnesses. I had added the whole Children of the Moon episode in there. I hope that I can talk to Rogue and the others more at length about it. The more we know of those monsters the better. I know there aren’t that many of them out there, but better safe than sorry. And hey, being a doctor, I love new information. Jacob calls Jasper and I ‘nerds’ because we play chess and read quite a lot. Wouldn’t hurt him to read a book now and then.

As I was finishing up writing that last sentence, Esme walked into my office with a glowing smile. She was holding a fancy envelope in her hand. Before I could ask, she said, “We just received an invitation in the mail.”

“An invitation?”

“A wedding invitation, actually.”

“Really? Whose?” I arched an eyebrow. I knew Alice and Jasper weren’t done planning and they wouldn’t send it through the mail anyways. Esme gave me the invitation to read for myself. I scanned it. It read:

The entire Cullen clan is cordially invited to the wedding of




To celebrate our union and love

On this day of the 25th of May 2013

At 8:00pm

At our house in Denali, Alaska


I was stunned. Alice and Jasper came into the room just then and looked over my shoulder at the invitation. They both smiled.

Alice was the first to speak. “Oh yay! Kate and Garrett are soooooo cute together! He’s so rugged and handsome and she’s our little blonde firecracker. I’m going to call her now and accept. I assume we’re all going?” She looked at all of us without really asking.

I nodded. “Of course.”

“Ooooooo I want to know what her dress and everything looks like!” she squealed before running out of the room and to her phone as we all laughed after her. Jasper followed her shaking his head the whole way.

I pulled Esme onto my lap and we both looked at the invitation again. It was written on simple white paper. We both knew that if it was Alice planning that wedding, she would have probably had some crazy 3D paper or something.

“I’m guessing the others can get back in time. Well Edward and the others can just come from Forks. I’m incredibly happy for both of them,” I said.

“So am I. Everyone is slowly being married off it seems. It’s a nice thing to come after such a hard time for us all,” Esme said thoughtfully. She was right.

Enough drama. Time to celebrate.

I sat there holding my beautiful wife and smiling at this new development. The next time I write to you all, I will tell you all about Kate and Garrett’s wedding. I’m sure Alice will be helping with that entry!

~Carlisle Cullen

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