Carlisle’s Diary ~ Kate and Garrett’s Wedding

May 25, 2013

Dear Diary:

          Wow! What a wedding! Tanya, Kate and Carmen put together a simple but elegant Alaskan white winter wedding. No extravagance, just elegance. I know that Alice probably would have made it really spiffy but I think it fit both Kate and Garrett’s style.

They invited the Watchers as well, and therefore had a cake. I’ve put all those photos below for you to gander at. We were asked to wear regular formal clothes, no crazy themes here. Though from what I gathered, Alice and Jasper’s vow renewal does have a theme, and it more represents him than her—so that should be interesting.

          On Saturday, when we all arrived early in the morning, Garrett and Eleazer were putting together the aisle and reception areas. We men quickly pushed up our sleeves and moved in to help, while the women went to help Kate get ready.

The wolves, their imprints, Edward, Bella and Nessie had come straight from Forks. Rosalie and Emmett had gotten there a day before us and had helped with the majority of the setting up. Rosalie had her massive manual camera ready for the photos.

Amy and Peter traveled with those of us coming from NH, and the Borelli clan came from Oklahoma. The only ones not coming to the wedding were Rogue and Alexander, as they were still in Greece and from what we heard, Rogue still needed the time out. Kate and Garrett understood perfectly. Especially, after they heard what had gone down with the Children of the Moon.

          OK enough boring stuff, Alice is sitting next to me and pestering me to get to what she calls “the good part”, in other words, lots of gushing about the wedding details. As soon as I wrote this, I got the full stink eye, tongue sticking out look from our darling pixie. All right, All right, she’s threatening to take the diary and write it herself. Women . . . sheesh!

So what was I saying? Oh yes, winter white wedding or some version of that. Everything was being held outside and Eleazer had gotten himself a certificate online saying he can marry them. They didn’t want a justice of the peace.  The aisle was very basically decorated with flowers and the arch was made out of tree limbs and also decorated with flowers. The chairs were made out of wood. The groom and groomsmen (Garrett had asked Jasper, Edward, and Emmett to be his groomsmen) had very basic tuxedos, though Garrett’s appeared to have a bit of black velvet in the jacket. The bridesmaids (Tanya being maid of honor, Carmen and Bella as the bridesmaids) were wearing knee-length light purple dresses with a deep V in the front. And Kate’s dress was very form-fitting, with lace embroidery. It didn’t have a train. Alice did her makeup while Rosalie did her hair. It was up in an up-do, very similar to what Amy had—just without the flowers and the back was done in a French braid.

The bouquets of the bridesmaids were white roses, tulips and baby’s breath, while the bride’s was the same but with red roses and reddish-orange tulips.  The reception was held in their big ballroom/living room and it was decorated with fake white trees that looked very whimsical, with lights glimmering—but you couldn’t really tell where they were coming from. The cake was violet with what looked like lace mesh around it and similar violet and white flowers on top.

Unlike Amy and Peter’s wedding, Kate and Garrett wrote their own vows. So then we all ran off to our respective places to get ready. With vampires and Watchers it took under 10 minutes to get ready; the wolves were a different story. They took something like 30 minutes to  1 hour to do so. Leah took the longest, but Bella and Nessie helped her. It seemed that Leah and Bella were spending more and more time together. We heard that while both were in Forks/La Push respectively, they went to the movies together and had taken an afternoon to go hiking; just the two of them. Edward told us that they had gotten back in such good spirits that they said that once we all got back home, they’d find a path to hike there and make it a regular outing for them. Even clumsy Bella was actually enjoying the activity, more so, ironically, than when she did it with Edward.

I think that both Alice and Edward are feeling a little jealous that Bella has found a new friend to have fun with. Alice considers Bella her BFF and now Leah, it seems, has more in common with Bella than she does. Plus, Leah also hates shopping. And Edward, well he’s jealous because his wife is actually enjoying hiking, but she never did with him. It’s quite comical sometimes.

OK, OK—I’m getting back to the wedding or Alice may kill me. I’ve already nearly chased her out for being annoying and she’s my daughter!

But I digress. So once everyone was ready and seated, Edward had chosen some Mozart piece—that Garrett enjoyed very much—to be played from invisible speakers for the walk down the aisle music. First came Eleazer then Garrett, then Tanya on Emmett’s arm, Carmen on Jasper’s, and Bella on Edward’s. Then lastly came Kate. She looked stunning. Garrett—whose eyes were now as golden as the rest of us, having adopted the vegetarian lifestyle—looked at her as if seeing her for the first time, with awe and amazement. Kate looked really lovely. The dress she chose was a Vera Wang number, as were her bridesmaids’ dresses. Alice heartily approved.  It was a brand named designer so that got Alice’s attention.

Eleazer waited until both bride and groom were in their right positions and the bride had given her bouquet to Tanya before he began to speak.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the exchange of vows by Kate and Garrett. They will pledge their love to one another by reading vows each has written for the other before exchanging rings. So Kate, will you please read what you have written for Garrett?”

Kate, with very shaky hands, took out the paper that she was hiding and unfolded it. Then swallowing through what was nervousness and tears she began to read, what turned out to be a poem:

Garrett, you’ve brought light
Where there was none
I thought love was a joke
Something you read in sappy stories
Not for me
But I was wrong
You made me feel
Light as a feather
I could finally be a woman
A soft
Vulnerable woman
Because I have your strength
To guide me through
I can collapse into your arms
And know you’ll hold me
Never let go
I am so glad that fate brought us together
You are my beacon in the dark
I promise to be the best friend
The partner
The lover you seek
For all eternity
I love you

If there was a dry eye before she started reading, there wasn’t one when she finished. You could hear sobbing coming from everyone, even some men. Garrett, if he could cry, would have probably collapsed in a heap on the ground. We were all moved by her sincere and loving words. Now it was Garrett’s turn.

He had too written a poem:

Kate, you are the sun
In my dark existence
My love in a heartless world
My peace when things go bad
My very life
I wouldn’t be me without you
You make me complete
When you leave the room
My heart leaves with you
Even if it’s just for a moment
The fact that you chose me
For this forever of ours
Is the greatest honor
Ever bestowed on anyone
You are my princess
My goddess
My one and only love
I promise
To honor
And make you happy
For all eternity
I love you with every fiber of my being

There was a deafening silence after that one. All you could hear was sobbing. Even Eleazer had to compose himself while catching Carmen’s eyes.

Finally, he cleared his throat and spoke again. “Well now that everyone has officially cleaned up all the tissues within a 20 mile radius, let’s continue.”

Everyone laughed, including the bride and groom—who winked and smiled at each other.

“As I’m playing both minister and best man, I have the rings. Talk about multitasking.”

Again giggles from the crowd.

“OK Garrett, take this ring and as you place it on Kate’s finger, repeat after me; Kate, take this ring as a sign of my love and eternal fidelity.”

Garrett took the ring and said, “Kate, take this ring as a sign of my love and eternal fidelity.”

“Kate now take the other ring and as you place it on Garrett’s finger, please repeat after me; Garrett, take this ring as a sign of my love and eternal fidelity.”

“Garrett, take this ring as a sign of my love and eternal fidelity.”

“Now that the vows have been spoken and the rings exchanged, there’s only one thing left! I now pronounce you husband and wife. Garrett, you may kiss your bride!”

          To hoots and cheering, Garrett picked Kate up and spun her around while he kissed her. Finally when they disengaged, she threw her head back and laughed. Then she grabbed her bouquet and they ran back down the aisle together with everyone clapping and walking after them. Just like with Amy and Peter’s wedding, while Alice took the rest of us into the reception hall, Rosalie took the couple and wedding party away around the property for pictures. It took a half hour to get the pictures Rose wanted before the wedding party entered the reception hall to cheering from the crowd.

          They immediately walked onto the dance floor for their first dance which they chose as Shania Twain’s “From this Moment On.”  (Link is below)

As they danced, camera flashes went off around the room. It was a very sweet moment. Dinner was served to those who ate, and they diligently cut the cake and handed it out to our food eating counterparts. Then the party really began, everyone was on the dance floor doing everything from salsa to some Middle Eastern music to the Black Eyed Peas. I really learned what My Humps meant that night. Oh boy. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!

          The party went on until 3am when it was time to send off the happy couple on their honeymoon. They were heading to Scotland for 2 weeks. Sounded like a lot of fun and we all teased Garrett about possibly buying/wearing a kilt.

His response? “I don’t need that kind of a breeze!”

Everyone roared with laughter. Then in a hail of rise and rose petals, the happy couple took one of their cars to the airport, with metal cans and toilet paper hanging off the back of the car with a giant “JUST MARRIED” sign on the back.

 After it was all said and done, we knew that we were going to remain there the night and then go home the following day. So while we were there still, we helped Tanya and the others, clean up, while Bella put Nessie to bed and the wolves fell asleep in the den. The Watchers decided to rest as well, as they’d been traveling from large distances.

When all was cleaned up, Tanya went to her room to relax, as did Carmen and Eleazer. The rest of us just scattered around the backyard to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the snow in Alaska. It’s such a beautiful night. And this is where I am writing this entry. With Alice now satisfied that I had spared no detail of the wedding, she skipped off to sit near Jasper and play with her tablet thingy, now fully engaged in planning her own little wedding of sorts.

Amazingly, I’m tired. Not physically, but mentally. I think that this little time to really relax out here in these gorgeous surroundings is incredibly meaningful. I heard Bella make an awestruck noise and when I as well as the others looked in her direction, she was looking skyward. We followed her gaze and were also struck by the sky which was displaying a gorgeous array of aurora borealis (images below). The perfect ending to a perfect day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

~Carlisle Cullen

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