Carlisle’s Diary ~ Secrets Revealed (Rogue’s POV)

June 4, 2013

Dear Diary:

          I feel so bad for Carlisle. This has been one insane month. Ashley—or Carrie—was absolutely nuts. The day after that final showdown happened, Carlisle sat in his office for what seemed like 9 hours. No one went in there except Esme. She said he was either staring out the window or at the wall. He barely said anything; she said his eyes were pitch black and that he had to hunt, but he didn’t move. She’s extremely worried as we all are. Having lived in the human world for these many millennia, I’ve had to put up with all kinds of things.

          I’m currently sitting in my own house waiting on that final report from Scott, who promised to fax it as soon as he got everything he needed. Scott Kramer has to be one of the best agents I know. He’s always on target, always thinking with his head, and using his intuition. I think he was glad Ashley was caught, considering he’s been working on her case since the very beginning.

My own history with him is quite simple; I worked for the FBI for 15 years. I graduated from Harvard Law School with a degree in Criminal Justice and was immediately recruited into the FBI. Scott was my very first partner. We got along great, and even Alexander liked him a lot. He’s like my mortal brother.

          Now here’s something that may shock you: Scott knows about us—as in he knows we’re immortal. He’s the only one in the FBI who does. I didn’t want to tell him but it turned out that I wouldn’t get a choice in the matter. When we lived in Washington DC, there was a particularly aggressive group of vampires in the area which we had to try to get to behave. Corin was in charge of these idiots. All was going well until one night when they somehow managed to give her the slip. She was trying to find them and, as I had that night off from work, I went to help her. To make a long story short, we found them all right; they were about to make a meal out of my partner, Scott. Well, obviously that wasn’t going to happen, and as you know how vampires are defeated, Corin and I fought them off and then finally just ashed them. Of course, Scott saw the whole thing.

          That took a lot of explaining. At first I thought of just scrubbing his mind, but he had physical wounds he couldn’t explain, so after making him swear on his life—literally—I sat him down and laid it all out for him. It took him a while to process it, but he was surprisingly calm about everything. He said he was indebted to me for saving his life, so he wouldn’t tell anyone. After 15 years with the feds, it was time for me to move on as I wasn’t aging and that was starting to become apparent so I decided to “retire.” Everyone was sad to see me go, but I promised to be a consultant if they needed anything.

          This was the first time I’ve seen Scott in about a decade or so. He’s recently divorced with three grown up daughters who are married and one already has a baby boy so that makes him a grandfather. He also knows that my real name is Rogue and not Rose. But he still calls me Rose to play it safe, which I don’t mind. When we were still working together, he would tease me sometimes and call me Rosie. I had threatened to castrate him if he called me that again. But it still makes me smile when I think about it. He really is an awesome guy.

As I was finishing up that last sentence, my fax machine beeped and I knew his fax was coming through. I got up and walked over to it. It started spitting out paper one right after another. I stood there thinking about him and everything we had gone through and seen together. Sometimes I miss that life, other times I’m glad I’m not working there anymore. Finally, the fax spit out what looked like 20 plus pages of the final report. I picked it up, stapled it, sat down and started to read. It took me about an hour to get through the whole thing. As if on cue, when I finished reading, my phone went off and I saw that it was Scott. He knows me still all too well. I picked it up with a smile.

“Hey, Scott.”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive,” he said.

“Isn’t that Shakespeare?” I asked.

“Something like that. So what do you think?”

“To say that I was surprised by it, would be a lie. The only thing that surprises me is how long she was able to get away with it.”

Scott knew that it wasn’t an accusation about his inadequacy as an agent, but just my general observation of the situation, so I didn’t have to worry about offending him.

He chuckled on the other end. “That makes two of us. How’s Dr. Cullen doing?”

“Eh. He’s kind of locked himself in his office in the house. I think he needs time to process everything. He really wanted to know the whole report but I’m wondering if I should even mention it to him now. I mean it’s a lot to process for someone unfamiliar with this whole playing field. He’s hardly an FBI agent,”  I said thoughtfully.

“True. But he deserves to know what he has been dealing with, you know? He needs closure. Hell all of you do!” Scott said wisely.

“You’re right. You know, you always know the right thing to say. I’m glad that hasn’t changed.”

“Well you know I’m the same old boring Scott. I mean look, I’m even a grandfather now! Talk about an old geezer,” he said, laughing.

I laughed with him. “Oh stop it! You’re not boring and hardly an old geezer. I saw how some of those nurses were looking at you, agent Kramer! You still got it.”

“Well they can never compete with you, Rosie. I’m not a dashing immortal like Alexander, either,” he teased.

I growled. “You call me that one more time and I’ll fly over to that office of yours and hamstring your ass, you got me?”

“Yes ma’am!” he said smartly.

“All right, you dork, I’m going to go to the Cullen’s now and tell them what you were able to reel out of Ms. Nutcase.”

“Have fun. Give my regards to the Cullen’s,” he said seriously then.

“I will.”

We said goodbye and hung up.

I then left my house and walked the 4 miles to the Cullen house. I walked faster than most humans, but didn’t want to fly. It took about 15 minutes to get there. I rang the doorbell and Bella answered it. When I walked in, I could see the whole family already there as well as well as my Watchers and husband. The only one missing was Carlisle, but just as I entered, I saw him coming down the stairs. He looked beyond pale and again I had second thoughts about coming here. But Amy and Corin nodded encouragement, so I walked into the living room and sat down on a chair that Jasper had pulled out for me. I thanked him and waited until everyone was seated.

Then I began to speak. “Thank you for all gathering so swiftly. I do have the report with me. Because it has a lot of legal language, I’m going to just summarize it for you. Also because you all knew her as Ashley, we’ll call her that. Calling her Carrie will confuse everyone. Are you all okay with that?”

They nodded, so I continued. “All right, so Ashley is originally from California and that’s where her truth ends. Everything else is a lie. She wasn’t an orphan; she came from a very big, very rich family. She has a younger brother as well as parents and a host of uncles, aunts, and cousins. She does not have an RN license. She has had many different aliases like this Ashley one. She’s wanted in California and Oregon for everything you can imagine. Her rap sheet is a mile and a half long. Her warrants include fraud, impersonating a medical professional, ID theft, harassment, stalking, assault, attempted murder, and murder.

“On top of that, she’s also very mentally ill. She has something called Munchausen by Proxy or MBP. MBP is an illness when someone purposely makes someone else ill so they can then help them recover, or save them, just to gain attention for saving them. Most of the time you see MBP in child abuse when mothers make their kids ill on purpose so the doctors would pay attention to her and treat her child. It’s very sick. But it has been seen in health professionals or those who are pretending to be health professionals.

“This explains the coding of the patients at the hospital and how she would appear in the nick of time to save their lives just to receive the praise and attention her sick mind craved. It’s like an addiction. You see people addicted to drugs or alcohol but this is an addiction for attention. She has charges in Sacramento for doing the same thing. Unfortunately for her, this time she didn’t do her homework correctly. She had expected that if she was caught she would be sent to a mental hospital or serve life in prison. She hadn’t researched NH properly. This state has the death penalty. And the agents are working with those in Oregon and California to extradite her to face those charges first then bring her back here and have the prosecution pursue the death penalty, which they fully intend to do.

“They haven’t executed anyone here since 1974, so this will be the first time, but they don’t intend to let her get away with just life without parole. But I’m getting off track. I’ll explain the legal tactics later for those who are interested. Her family has disowned her so she’ll have to foot the bill for the attorney herself. She had made her family believe that she was dead, going as far as sending fake cremated ashes to them so they could have a memorial service.

“She is also famous for using arsenic to poison people. She first poisoned Melanie during her baby shower luncheon, followed by Betsy just days after. She was testing out how much to put into each food item so her victims would get sick but wouldn’t die. Then she just went all out with that bun cake.

“Then there was the case of stalking you, Carlisle. The first day she met you, you became her target, the object of her affection. Everything she did was so that you two would be together. In her sick mind, you had a relationship. She’s done this multiple times, including actually killing the wife of the man she was stalking in Sacramento just so they could be together. It was fatal attraction at its worst. The day you went to visit Charlotte to get her blood, she was already there, and she saw Charlotte, then was stunned to see you there—which made her violently mad enough to stab Charlotte, because she thought you preferred Charlotte over her. She dyed her hair brown so she could look more like Esme. They even found clothes in her apartment that looked just like something Esme would wear. Her intention was to get Esme out of the picture and replace her as your wife.

“Meeting me on your property definitely didn’t fit into her plans, and in fact, she was scared a lot and started to really try to figure out how to maximize her plans without attracting even more attention, but obviously that didn’t work and all of her planning spiraled out of control, which is how we caught her. She has had a car since she moved here but when you drove her to her apartment that first time in the rain, it was all preplanned ahead of time. She left her car at her apartment and since no one saw her drive it, they wouldn’t know she had one until the Ski Party, which is when she claimed she leased it. Every single move she made was planned in advance. They found stacks of notebooks in her apartment with people’s work schedules; she knew what you did almost every moment of your day at the hospital.

“The agents also found multiple other ID’s from different states with different aliases and social security cards. She was a woman on a mission. And her mission was murder and lust. She was literally a one woman crime wave. She got all of the fake credentials by literally holding people hostage with a gun and telling them that they had to pretend that they were doctors. I mean you’d think she thought of everything. She never anticipated the bonds of family and friends. That and obviously she picked a vampire to have her crazy crush on.

“So that’s the gist of it. She killed 3 people in California; I believe a total of 6 here. She didn’t kill anyone in Oregon, but that’s where she got her start in ID theft. She’s responsible for 9 murders that we know of and Scott said he was contacting headquarters in DC to see if any other agencies had any similar cases that were unsolved. That evidence and information is still being gathered as we speak.”

When I finally finished speaking, no one was breathing. Not even those that needed to breathe. Everyone was looking at me with wide round eyes. I just let them all process everything. I knew that would take a while. The rest of the Watchers and I decided to leave them alone so they could really think this through.

Before I left, I said, “Carlisle, I know this will take a while to get over but and this is just a suggestion, you and Esme need to get away for a while. Like leave the country type of away. Go somewhere you can recover your strength and sanity.”

They looked at each other and Carlisle nodded lightly.

We Watchers quietly left the room and let the family have their time. We flew to our houses and all touched down simultaneously. We all then had a group hug and said goodbye. Alexander and I sat on the porch and watched as Carlisle and Esme jumped over the river on their way to go hunting. We both knew that he would feel better when he was fed. I really hoped both would take my advice and go on vacation. They deserve it. Alexander and I just sat on the porch, mostly in silence. Now that all secrets have been revealed, it was time to heal; in mind, body, and most importantly soul.


~Carlisle Cullen

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