Carlisle’s Diary ~ Isle Esme

June 6, 2013

*DISCLAIMER: There are sexual acts referenced here; reader discretion is advised, especially if you’re under 18 years of age.

Dear Diary:

I took Rogue’s advice. Esme and I booked a flight to Brazil, to Isle Esme. At first I thought Canada or Aspen, but then I decided I needed a total change in scenery. I needed to see crystal-clear water, palm trees, and my wife in nothing but a bikini. I was over the drama.

When Rogue came and told us what the final report said, I was ready to run away. But do it in a smart way. The first thing I did was go hunting with Esme. My eyes were pitch black and I knew that once I had some deer and bears in me, I’d be able to think clearly.

So while we were hunting, Alice took the opportunity to book our flight through We would fly first class Continental. Yes we do have the private plane but it was off to get repaired. Last time it was used, it flew near a thunderstorm and was hit by lightning, so it needed to have some of its wiring redone. It wasn’t going to be ready for this trip. We didn’t care, as long as we were leaving, that was perfect with us. Alice also called our house keepers on the island to get the house ready for our arrival. After packing, we left that evening to hugs and kisses from our family and Watchers.

We had a town car drive us to the airport and our flight was on time. We got on the plane without incident. Our seats were by the window and in the aisle. Our plane was a 747-400 series, and we were on the second floor of the plane. The pilots were up there, too. We spent most of the flight— which was around 14 hours long—talking quietly about what had just occurred so we could get it out of our systems and really enjoy the vacation.

Once we landed, we took a taxi to the harbor and got on a chartered boat. And we were off to our island to have some private time. It was another 45 minutes before the boat came to a halt at our dock. We took our suitcases and walked up to the house. It was evening again. The lights were on and the bed was made; the whole house was ready to be lived in. After I brought our suitcases into the bedroom, we unpacked. Then while Esme took a shower, I went for a run. I loved the smell of the island.

When I got back, I heard Esme humming away in our bedroom. I walked slowly toward the homey sound. She was finishing putting things away. I saw that she had put my diary on my side of the bed and hers on her side. She’d also brought a few books that we both love to read from our home library. Just as she reached for the last article of clothing, I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. I slowly kissed her neck as she exhaled a content sigh.

“I take it your run went well?” she asked.

I didn’t stop what I was doing, but made a noise affirming her question. I kept kissing her neck on one side, and then moved to the other side as she giggled. She then rounded on me and looked into my eyes with all the love she felt for me, and I felt humbled. I was also very aroused; I wanted my wife and I wanted her right now. No more delay, no more issues, or drama. Now was our time to enjoy each other.

I put my hands on both sides of her face and brought her lips to mine. They were soft and supple. I kissed her and her lips parted until our tongues were dancing together in perfect harmony. I started to unbutton the blouse she was wearing as her nimble fingers did the same with my shirt until both parts were open. I took her blouse off of her shoulders without breaking the kiss as she took off my shirt. We dropped our clothes on the floor. Then I pulled up her skirt as she undid my jeans. I picked her up and set her on the dresser in the bedroom. We were just not going to make it to the bed across the room . . . well not that first time anyway.

Our breaths were coming fast as we were touching each other and kissing. I removed her panties and pulled down my own underwear, and then I took her in one majestic thrust as she moaned and arched her back. Then we were moving together as one as I propped my hands against the dresser on each side of her body.

We moved faster and faster, until that amazing feeling started in the bottom of my stomach. By the sound of her moans, I knew she was feeling the same. As we moved even faster, the sparks flew for us both as I felt myself giving her parts of myself with the act of love0making, as well as with my heart.

When we came off of that high, I sagged against her as she rubbed my back soothingly. Then I helped her off of the dresser and we removed the rest of our clothing and got into bed. It felt like we were lying down on a heaven of feathers. She looked at me with that famous mischievous glance of hers that she only gives me in private, and without warning she hopped on top of me and straddled me. Just like that we were connected again. Lord, I love this woman. She shows everyone her soft side, her courage, and to me she often shows her take-charge side, especially when we are making love.

“You liking it up there?” I asked her as she sat straddling me with a satisfied smile on her face.

“You know what they say, ‘save a horse, ride a cowboy,’” She whispered seductively in my ear.

“Yee-ha!” I said, making her giggle.

Then we started moving again. Before I flipped her over suddenly, making her gasp and bringing her under me. My turn. I knew just how to move to maximize pleasure. When you spend nearly a century with someone, you learn all of their likes and dislikes. I don’t like to brag, but if I make my wife satisfied, I’ve done my job as a husband and a man. Esme started to moan again as I moved my lips down her neck and latched onto one of her nipples and began to suckle. While my lower body took care of business down south, my mouth did some work on her upper torso, especially her breasts. They were beautiful; just like every inch of her. They were the perfect size; they fit in my hands and were ample. My mouth moved from one breast to the other, drawing out her reaction while enjoying the sensations myself.

We were moving at the same time and again exploded simultaneously. When we were done, we decided that we didn’t want to stay in bed; instead we went into the bathroom to take our favorite lavender bath. I filled the tub up with water and placed rose petals in the water while Esme poured in the lavender. I love that smell. We got in and just lay their luxuriating as the sun was coming up. What a perfect way to spend that first night on our special island.

This is a short entry today because, to tell you the truth, I’d rather enjoy the island and make love to my wife than write. I promise to write again soon. Enjoy your day everyone!

~Carlisle Cullen

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