Carlisle’s Diary ~ Simply Green

June 30, 2013

Dear Diary:

          Most people think our lives got nice and quiet after the trial ended. Well most of our lives did yes. Not for Alice though. Literally the day after, she got a call from Tanya saying that Marcus had asked her to marry him and would she, Alice, come out and help her, Tanya, plan it. Alice of course squealed so loud I think you could hear her in Vermont! Of course, she took off like a bat out of hell. At first she thought of purchasing a plane ticket, then changed her mind and decided to run; finally Rogue solved the issue and said she’d fly her out as both she and Alexander wanted to go see Marcus.

          Marcus really wanted for Rogue to officiate it, so Rogue got an Alaskan license in order to perform the ceremony. They took off that same afternoon. We were all really happy and excited for Tanya and Marcus. Nessie suggested that Alice should start a wedding planning business. She wasn’t far off there. I mean lord knew we had a whole chunk of them in the future and after Tanya and Marcus’, there was going to be Charlotte and Ben’s at some point. Not to mention the wolves and their imprints. But from what I gathered that was still a ways away and both Seth and Leah wanted to have their weddings in La Push. And Jacob and Nessie……well that one, Edward didn’t even want to consider. I guess we’ll just cross those bridges when we get there.

          Meanwhile, Alice was on fire planning the wedding in Alaska. What made things very easy is that both Tanya and Marcus wanted a very simple wedding. The theme was Simply Green (photos of everything are below). Tanya didn’t want an engagement ring. Her jewelry was very simple and a wedding ring would suffice. Even her wedding dress was quite simple; it was silk and very form fitting with diamonds around the bust line and a short train. She didn’t want a veil. Bridesmaids’ dresses were green of the shoulder silk numbers that were knee length. The groomsmen outfits were just simple suits with green ties and white and green flowers in the lapels. Even the cake had a bit of green in it. The reason they chose what they did was because they were both simple people and they never wanted anything over the top.

          So in less time then we could have imagined, we were told to saddle up and come to Alaska for the wedding. The wolves were invited too. It was all very impromptu because they didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Best man was Alexander with Keith, Peter, and me being the groomsmen. I was honored to be asked. Maid of honor was Kate with Carmen, Esme, and Alice as bridesmaids. Nessie was the flower girl. She was very excited. Rogue was presiding. The actual ceremony was being held inside their gargantuan ballroom and reception outside in the backyard where lanterns were hanging from lines and from trees. Two long tables would house all the guests and the couple would sit at a special table in the front. All very simple yet elegant.

          Everything looked immaculate. Alice did another wonderful job. So those of us, who were just guests, took their seats as Edward sat behind the piano to play some soft Beethoven to everyone coming down the aisle. Nessie came first with white and green petals; Jacob couldn’t get his eyes off of her. Marcus and Rogue stood at the arch in the front. Then came Alice and Peter followed by Esme and I, then Carmen and Keith and lastly Alexander and Kate. Then all of the guests stood up for Tanya as she came down the aisle. Her hair was up in a beautiful up-do with a lot of hair cascading down. It was similar to what she had for Bella and Edward’s wedding but a lot more formal. Marcus’ eyes got so wide, we thought they would pop out of his head. She came to stand in front of him and handed her bouquet to Kate. They held hands as Rogue began the ceremony.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this event has been some millennia in the making and I’m proud to finally be officiating this day of bliss. The two people before me have come a long way to finding true love and even finding it twice. So please join hands and say the vows you have written to each other. Tanya would you read what you’ve written to Marcus?” Tanya nodded and then unfolded a piece of paper and began to speak:

Don’t be afraid to love. Even someone who seems unlovable.

That could have been said for the both of us

I never believed in love

Or rather never let myself believe

Then you came into my life

Someone I should have hated

But instead loved

The goodness of your heart

Your soul

Your innocence

In the face of adversity


Immeasurable heartache

Made you a man strong as iron

With a heart of gold

In my eyes

I have never felt safer



More beautiful in someone’s eyes

Thank you for giving me

The world and yourself along with it.

          As usual, everyone and their grandmother as Seth likes to say, had tears in their eyes. What Tanya had written was spoken so beautifully and eloquently that you couldn’t not get emotional and considering we didn’t have any full humans at this gathering, tears were relative. Marcus just stared at Tanya as if he was afraid that if he blinked, she would vanish. Rogue then after sniffing a bit herself, turned to Marcus and said:

“Marcus would you please read to Tanya what you have written?” He nodded and held both of Tanya’s hands as he looked straight into her eyes and began to speak:

ΚΑΡΔΙΑ ΜΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΛΗΘΙΝΟ, η καρδιά μου είναι γεμάτη από εσάς.

My heart is true, my heart is full of you.

Those are the words that came to me when I was thinking of what to write

They were the words that I suddenly remembered one of my siblings

When getting married said to his future wife

And it’s so true in this case

I walked for millennia


A figure of stone

Caught in my grief and bitterness

Thinking my eternity will be spent in this living hell

Until I set my eyes upon you

You were the comet that shot across my starless sky



Beautiful beyond words

And suddenly

My cold dead heart

Felt alive again

You brought me back

From the brink of my own destruction

Gave me something I never thought I could have again



Freedom to feel

You are my goddess

My princess in this world of unknowns

I love you more than words will ever express

It will be an honor to serve you the rest of my days

          And cue the waterworks again. Even Rogue had tears rolling down her face. It’s a good thing Alice thought to provide every row with tissues! That speech was so powerful and beautiful, especially since he started it off with a phrase in his native Greek. After all that was said, Alice passed tissues around to anyone in the wedding party who needed them. I had forgotten to mention that among the usual guests we had the Amazons joining us as well; Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri all made the trip for this wedding. All were smiling at the happy bride and groom. Rogue then got down to business again.

“Ok well that was lovely and all but you’re not supposed to make the officiating party cry…..that’s not in the contract.” She said with a sniff and everyone laughed. That lightened the mood again; well that and Jasper doing his thing to which Rogue looked over and gave him a grateful nod, he responded with a large crooked grin. Then Rogue turned back to the couple.

“May I have the rings please?” Alexander handed them over. They were white gold. The only difference was that Kate’s had a little diamond in the middle on one side while Marcus’ was just solid white gold all the way around.

“Ok Marcus take this ring and place it on Tanya’s finger and repeat after me; Tanya, with this ring I thee wed.”

“Tanya my love, with this ring I thee wed.” He slid it on her finger without fanfare.

“Tanya take this ring and place it on Marcus’ finger and repeat after me;

Marcus with this ring, I thee wed.”

“Marcus, with this ring, I thee wed FOREVER.” Everyone laughed as she slid it on his finger.

“Well, that went well.” Rogue said as everyone giggled. “What am I missing? Oh duh! I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride!”

          As we all clapped and cheered, Marcus and Tanya kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed…….finally after some throat clearing they stopped giggled, Tanya took her bouquet from Kate and they ran up the aisle. The wedding party did their thing with Rose being the photographer. After which we all went toward the large open area in the backyard where the reception was to be held. It looked like a very fancy backyard gathering. The dance floor was set up and after everyone entered to applause, the newlyweds went straight to the dance floor for their first dance which was Shania Twain’s “Forever and For Always.” The buffet consisted of Greek, American, and Mediterranean food. Now that we all had the ability to eat, we got to enjoy it.

          The Denali clan had finally come on board with that as well and Rogue gave them the gift of enjoying food. So now everyone in Alaska was paired off as well. We were incredibly happy that both Tanya and Marcus found happiness in each other. Their honeymoon was to be in Greece. Tanya had never been and Marcus was eager to show her all of his favorite places. They were to leave that night. Alice made sure she booked a flight for them with minimal layovers. They were going to go from Anchorage to Denver, from Denver to New York City and from NYC straight to Athens. The honeymoon would last about a month. We couldn’t wait for pictures.

          Meanwhile, we enjoyed the reception and the music. Marcus was actually an amazing dancer and had taught Tanya the tango. They looked really sexy on the dance floor, most of us who knew the dance, joined in while the others just watched with approval. All in all it was a very lovely evening. So now that we were sending off the next happy couple we were looking at Alice like ok, that’s another one done…..who’s next?

“Charlotte and Ben!” Said Alice with a huge grin. We all laughed; maybe we needed to really open a wedding planning business! And Nessie came up with the perfect name for it; Holy Weddings!

Hmmmmm……something to think about.

In the meantime, thank you for joining us here in Alaska for the wedding of our extended family members. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and have a lovely evening.

~Carlisle Cullen

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