Carlisle’s Diary ~ Yee-Haw! (Alice’s POV)

July 1, 2013

Dear Diary:

          So I had to take Carlisle’s diary again because well it was wedding season and he just couldn’t explain things properly. Anywho, after the simply green wedding in Alaska, we had gotten back home feeling content and I thought I would actually have some one on one time with Jasper. Thought wrong! It turns out that Charlotte and Ben, knowing that we were in Alaska for our “cousin’s” wedding, started to really think about their own and didn’t want to wait. As Charlotte told me, “I got lucky. My life was spared so I could live it to the fullest and I don’t want to delay my life with Ben any longer.”

          So with those words, I decided it was time to plan her wedding. What I was really amazed at was the fact that the happy couple had already done most of the thinking and planning; they knew their theme, colors, and so forth. So on a particular cloudy day, I invited them to our house where we had more than enough room on the porch to get down to business. They decided that they had wanted to get married here in NH as opposed to going to Texas because this was their home now. Ben is a native from NH though a different town. So when they arrived, I grabbed my wedding planning kit which basically was a notebook, pen, and my Intel Tablet and lead the way to the porch where we all got comfortable.

“Ok guys so what will it be?” I asked with a smile.

“Well for starters, thank you so much for doing this for us Alice, it really does mean a lot.” Charlotte said touching my arm.

“Oh it’s absolutely a pleasure to do for you both. You’ve been through so much this year that it’s the very least I could do.” It was true.

          Charlotte had arrived here in NH looking for a new opportunity and to start a new life, which she did but with a massive hiccup. That hiccup shall remain nameless but she nearly cost Charlotte her life. Speaking of the hiccup, Rogue told us the other day that a date for the execution had been set; for October 31st of this year. Of course the defense is appealing so it may drag out for who knows how many years. At least we know it’s over with and we don’t have to see her ever again. We are all moving with our lives. A new nurse was hired in the hospital to take what’s her face’s place. This one was hired promptly because it turned out that she was related to Betsy’s husband and their family had moved up here. So Betsy’s got a relative in the hospital now. Everyone is happy; the woman is very capable and competent. But I got off track…..where was I? Oh yes on the porch planning Charlotte and Ben’s wedding.

“So what do you guys want to do or do you want my help to pick out themes and such?” I asked while scribbling in my notebook.

“No we’ve actually done a lot of homework on our own. We want to have a Texas theme. I want to wear white cowgirl boots under my dress and I want my bridesmaids to have short coral dresses with coral cowgirl boots.” Charlotte said with a smile.

“Oh neat! I can totally see that happening. Ooooooo and I totally know where we can have it!!” I squealed as I remembered.

“Where?” Ben was the one who asked.

“There’s this massive old barn that belongs to Dartmouth but it’s not on the actual campus. It has this really old fireplace and I think it was used during the Civil War or something. It would totally work for your theme.”

“Oh wow. Can we go see it?”

“Oh for sure! I just have to call the landlord of it and ask it for the date you mentioned you wanted and then we can start planning.”

“I’m getting really excited about this now! It’s starting to seem real.”

“Girl, it IS real! You’re getting married. Now, let’s go with who you want in the wedding party and who you want invited.”

“Well we both want our siblings as the maid of honor and best man. We have a ton of cousins so those will be incorporated into the wedding party. We want Texas style cooking. A buffet would work perfectly. We trust your judgment.”

“All right, sounds good to me. You too can run along now, I got this covered. Do you want to go see the barn tomorrow? How are your schedules? Oh and where do you want to go on your honeymoon?”

“Our schedules are pretty open after 4pm tomorrow so yes a trip to the barn would work well. And for the honeymoon, this is a sad admission but neither of us have been out of the country and have always wanted to go to Spain so that’s where we would like to go.”

“That’s absolutely not a problem and Spain is soooooooooooooooo beautiful! You’ll both love it!” I said.

          Then I let them go. I was excited to show them the barn tomorrow. I mean even though it looks like a barn, it’s so much more than that. Outside, yes it looks just like a huge barn but on the inside, it has a ton of potential. Besides, theirs isn’t the first nor the last wedding held there. Some people like that western feel to their celebrations. A half hour after they left, it started to rain and I realized I needed to hunt because that little burning sensation we live with on an everyday basis was turning into a little inferno and it was time to quench the thirst. I went into the house to see if anyone wanted to go with me or needed to go rather. And it turned out that both Bella and Rose needed to hunt so, we three women, took off into the forest behind our house to get some din din.

          The whole time we spoke of all the weddings we’ve been to in the last year. I know Bella doesn’t want to think about it, but Nessie will at some point marry that pesky mutt and that’s yet another event I will be planning. I know that I have been feeling a bit jealous about all the time Bella has spent with Leah because I truly feel like I’m losing my best friend but out hunting it felt like old times, well old times with Rose acting a lot warmer toward Bella than ever before. When Bella gave birth to Nessie, something inside Rosalie melted. That stone exterior with the icy interior faded. The only thing Rose always wanted and couldn’t have was children and with Nessie she got the chance to live out that fantasy even though Nessie wasn’t hers. It made her truly respect Bella and really understand all of her decisions in a new light.

          When we got back, full of deer and mountain lions, the other two went to do whatever they needed to do, meanwhile since it was now pouring, I didn’t want to stay outside, I went into my walk in closet and spread out on the floor with all of my stuff and continued to plan the wedding. Now I love planning these things but to tell you the truth, I needed a break. I don’t have a chance to spend any time with my family and especially not with Jasper. What I like is that Jasper has become more of an integral part of the family. He’s become closer with the wolves especially with Seth. But then again who cannot love Seth? He’s such a sweetheart even though he reeks. I wish the Watchers could fix the whole smell thing. I need to talk to Rogue one of these days about that.

          In the coming weeks, Charlotte, Ben, and I saw the barn which they heartily approved and I moved fast forward with planning. The same day as we saw the barn, I sent out wedding invitations. Charlotte’s whole family was in Texas so they were flying here. Ben’s family was all over the New England states so they were driving up. Both parties extended the invitation to our family, wolves, and Watchers; which was incredibly sweet of them and we all accepted. I was having so much fun planning this one because I’ve never done a Texas theme before. So I found the perfect dresses and boots for the bridal party. Everyone was going to look stunning. I couldn’t wait! The groomsmen were all going to be wearing cowboy hats and boots too.

          Finally the big day arrived! All the hotels in Hanover were booked with the guests from out of town. We had about 150 guests at this wedding so it was sizable. A Catholic priest was going to be officiating this one as both held their religion in high regard. I decorated the barn with a bunch of hanging lights and candles. Everything had a very Texas theme to it and was very ethereal at the same time. All of the photos are below and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do! Their theme colors were white, beige, and coral. All looked really pretty together; very soft and very them.

          I took my seat next to Jasper and Rose when I knew everything was perfect and it was time for the ceremony to begin. Ben looked very handsome in his black suit jacket and coral tie; he had jeans on that were tucked into his cowboy books. The groomsmen and bridesmaids all made it down the aisle to soft music coming from the invisible speakers I had so properly installed. I totally rock at this! Then it was time for the bride who wore a gorgeous lace dress with a train and a long veil, she came down the aisle to the “Here Comes the Bride” song. Her dad was walking her down the aisle and I could see that it was very emotional for both of them.

          As this was a wedding for primarily humans, I hired an actual photographer and videographer. Everything was going to be done the human way. The immortals were the minority at this wedding. It sort of reminded me of Bella and Edward’s wedding. Theirs was a bit more formal than this one. Anywho, once the bride and the groom were next to each other the priest asked:

“Who gives this young woman to be married to this young man?”

“Her mother and I do.” Charlotte’s dad said and handed her hand over to Ben who took it and they stood facing the priest. Then the priest started off the ceremony with some prayers. After which he asked the couple to face each other and hold hands, which they did after Charlotte handed her bouquet over to her sister.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to pay witness as these two young people join their hands in holy matrimony. Ben, will you take Charlotte to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Ben said winking at Charlotte who giggled.

Charlotte, will you take Ben to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Charlotte said demurely.

“May I have the rings please?” The priest asked the best man who gave them to him. They were very simple rose gold bands.

“Ben, place the ring on Charlotte’s finger as you repeat after me; Charlotte, with this ring I wed thee.”

“Charlotte, with this ring I wed thee.” Ben said as he put the ring on Charlotte’s finger.

“Charlotte, place the ring on Ben’s finger as you repeat after me; Ben, with this ring I wed thee.”

“Ben, with this ring I wed thee.” Charlotte said softly as she slid the ring on Ben’s finger.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, by the power vested in me by the state of New Hampshire, I now pronounce you man and wife; you may kiss your beautiful bride!”

          As Charlotte blushed, Ben kissed her as everyone stood up and cheered. When they parted, they were both grinning from ear to ear. Charlotte retrieved her bouquet from her sister just as the priest said:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the pleasure to introduce to you the new Mr. and Mrs. Ben Palmer!”

          Everyone clapped and continued to cheering as the happy couple all but ran up the aisle and then everyone followed them out of that area of the barn. Then while the wedding party was taken aside by the photographer for pictures, the rest of us mingled and found our seating. Since I knew where everyone was to sit, I helped both the mortals and the immortals find their tables. I was and am after all the wedding planner! The buffet was to be served soon and so I had made my way into the kitchen area to make sure everything was running smoothly. We were going to have some serious BBQ-Texas style! Yum! I’m so grateful to Rogue for giving us our taste buds back…’s so nice to enjoy normal food again, even if it doesn’t fill us up.

          Rogue heard my thoughts and smiled from across the room, meanwhile I was making sure the cake was in its proper place just as the wedding party arrived. They were introduced by the emcee. The bride and groom took to the dance floor for their first dance which they chose to be Faith Hill’s song “Breathe”. They looked so sweet together. Everyone stood around the outer rim of the dance floor and watched them; camera flashes were going off everywhere. I was extremely happy. Then the food was served and I felt like I had died and went to heaven. That BBQ which was served in about 15 different ways was to die for to say the least!

          Everything had gone off without a hitch, the bride and groom sat at their royal looking country table and devoured their food. After which they made their rounds around to each table to thank everyone for coming. After cutting the cake and taking photos with the cute horseshoes that were on it, they fed each other the cake and drank the champagne. Then suddenly, someone stole the microphone and I heard some throat clearing. We all turned to the dance floor where Rogue was standing with what looked like a picture frame. She smiled at the happy couple and said:

“As part of my present to the two of you, I have written a poem which I have put into this frame; if you don’t mind, I’d like to read it to you now.”

          Everyone nodded eagerly and took their seats. Rogue wrote poetry? Wow! Who knew? Was there anything she couldn’t do? But then I shut my brain off and concentrated on her. She stood there for a few seconds as soft New Age music started playing in the background; she loves her New Age. Then she closed her eyes very briefly and when she opened them it seemed like her piercing blue eyes were even more blue than thought possible. Then she began to speak:

Think of me

Hold on to me

Like someone afraid

For a harsh sea to

Tear us apart

Love me

For I love you

Be mine

Touch me

Be my life

This world

So wrong sometimes

Is so right with you

My hand

Your hand

My heart

Your heart


For always


Never letting go

Who needs angels

When living on earth

With you

Is heavenly

Today binds us

We are now one

May we look back

On this day

60 years from now

With nothing but pride







For always

We are one

          When she finished reading, I know there wasn’t a dry eye in the house or the barn I should say. Charlotte had gotten up with tears running down her face and walked over to Rogue to thank her and hug her as did Ben who you could tell was very much emotionally touched by the words. That was something else, Rogue then handed over the frame to the couple who thanked her again as she went to sit at the Watcher table. Alexander put his arms around her and kissed her.

          After that it was time to get jiggy wit it! Literally, that was the first song that started playing when the emcee/DJ started spinning his tunes. Soon everyone was on the dance floor having a fabulous time. I just stood back and took it all in. I’m glad I got a chance to do this for them but I’m also glad that it’s the last wedding in a long time; I need a break. With that, I was dragged on the dance floor by Nessie and Rose where I remained for the rest of the night. Even after we sent the happy couple on their way on their honeymoon to Spain, we still stayed and danced. That was one hell of a wedding. I even got a cowgirl hat out of it! I looked at myself in the mirror…….I guess now I’m ready to go to Texas!


~Alice Cullen ;)

~Carlisle Cullen

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