Leah’s Diary: Favor (Jacob’s POV)

July 18, 2013

Leah is at our rendezvous place before I come across the street, carrying a black box filled with the tools I will need. I’m glad we are neighbors, just in case I need to grab more tools.

“Hey, ” I say, approaching Leah. She doesn’t answer. Her arms are folded across her chest and there is a thoughtful frown across her lips. Her eyes look like Dad’s sometimes do, when he’s looking at pictures of Mom, like he’s in another world. “Okay, so you want the car to run quieter?”

“Yeah,” Leah says, coming out of her trance. She turns around to watch as I lift the hood.

The job only takes about fifteen minutes and I finish with a yawn. “Okay, try that.”

Leah opens the driver’s side door and sits with her legs outside the car. The engine starts quietly and I smile at its purr. When it stops and Leah gets out, I can see even in the limited light that she’s smiling too.

“Thanks, Jacob, ” she says sincerely.

“No problem. It was my pleasure.”

I pack up my tools and say goodnight before heading back across the street. My work seemed to make her happy but I can’t imagine why she would want the engine quieter. Leah is definitely a puzzling person.

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Hello! I'm Annee and I love Twilight! I currently reside in The Land of Potatoes, USA, and plan to stay there for awhile. I enjoy reading, writing, laughing, taking and editing pictures, and going to church activities (I'm Mormon/Lds). I have not wrote any books—yet. I love writing though and hope that writing Leah's Diary will help me further improve my skills so that I can do even more!

I first started writing from Leah's perspective in a boring class during school one day and I couldn't stop. I had a twi-hard friend read what I'd wrote, and she told me I should keep writing and publish it somewhere! So I kept writing, but didn't post my work anywhere. Meanwhile, I was an avid fan of Bella's Diary and the other works. It was a wish I never thought would come true to join the talented team of writers, so you can imagine my excitement when I finally did! I love it so much—chatting with my fellow writer friends and talking to my fans like you! I LOVE to hear from you about anything and if any of you ever need to talk to someone, send me a holler on the LD facebook page!
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