Carlisle’s Diary ~ Bon Voyage

July 23, 2013

Dear Diary:

          Esme and I are currently standing on our front porch as the Watchers are flying off with the remainder of our family to Rogue’s Isle. The whole trip there will take all of 10 minutes so in 20 they should be back for her and I. Last I spoke with you folks I described the insanity that was a packing a whole family plus a chunk of wolves and Watchers to go on vacation. We will be gone 11 days! I think that’s the longest trip we’ve taken together……ever!

          Below, are two photos one of which I think I’ve showed you already of what Rogue’s Isle looks from the photos Alexander showed us. The other one is of those champagne flutes we got for Bella and Edward on their anniversary. As they were made entirely of crystal and were very fragile, Alexander flown them to the island a night before and put them in a safe place where he would find it when it was time for the celebration. We weren’t going to do anything big; the island is a celebration in itself.

          Now as Esme and I look around our house, it’s never been this quiet. Everyone is gone. You could hear a pin drop. This is the total polar opposite of what it looked like two days ago and even yesterday. Clothes were flying everywhere; people were scurrying around like ants. I can’t even imagine what the houses of the Watchers looked like. I don’t think they were that efficient either, but then again who knows?

          Everyone was very excited about what the island looked like and kept pestering Alexander with questions. The poor man barely was able to pack. Rogue is finally smiling at the prospect herself; after feeling embarrassed at the thought of having an island and one named after her she was wishing the earth would swallow her up. But a few conversations with Esme made her realize it’s something to be proud of. It meant that Alexander wanted to really show the whole world or rather our world how much he loved his wife. Which is the same reason I bought Isle Esme.

          But this morning, everyone was finally all packed and ready to go. So the Watchers made our luggage invisible and therefore a whole lot easier to deal with, and the first wave took off with some hoots and hollers as Esme and I waved at them. Then we waited the 20 minutes it took for the round trip flight, wondering who would be sent to get us. We figured since Alexander had bought the island for Rogue they would stay put on the island and send two of the other Watchers to get us; we thought wrong. Exactly, 20 minutes on the nose, Rogue and Alexander appeared before us as we sat on our favorite swing in the back yard and smiling beckoned us forward.

          I guess it was sort of done in a ritualistic manner if you will. Rogue and Alexander are the head of the Watchers and Esme and I are the matriarch and patriarch of our family. So it was only fitting that “royalty” came for “Mr. & Mrs. Big Cheese”; as Seth calls us sometimes. Talk about a bon voyage. I find that being compared to a diary product is interesting to say the least while Esme just smiles. So with those thoughts in mind and an excitement of seeing the island and reuniting with our family, Rogue and Alexander wrapped their arms around us and off we flew; over the vast Atlantic Ocean, through Africa and both parties flew us low so we kind of felt like we were on an immortal safari! Still invisible to both animals and humans alike; though the animals having a sixth sense about these things could feel something strange in the air and bristled.

          We were allowed to stop for a few moments to take in the sights and sounds and to hunt. I actually brought down a giraffe and was pretty proud of myself until my wife hunted down a cheetah! Those things can run up to 40 mph if not faster! Now she was very proud of herself as the Watchers watched and laughed at my startled and awed facial expressions. Then we were off again. Finally, flying the diameter of Africa and into the Indian Ocean where the island is located; it is actually connected to a set of islands called the Maldives.

          Finally we saw the island up ahead and saw our family jumping up and down on the beach waving at us. When we touched down, we were hugged by everyone so hard; we were nearly knocked off of our feet. We were all together again. As we looked at the sheer beauty around us, I clapped Alexander on the shoulder and said:

“Not bad. Not bad at all…..for your first island!” At which Rogue guffawed loudly.

“First Island???? How about first and last!!!! One is more than enough, thank you very much!” We were all laughing at her expression as she proceeded to chase Alexander, Amy, and Corin down the beach as they were making fun of her. The rest of us with our arms around our mates and each other walked behind them.

          We were then led inland away from the water toward the main house which wasn’t really a house but a massive mansion. All over the island there were also separate bungalows if people decided on a change of scenery or a romantic getaway-getaway from the house itself which had plenty of room to house everyone.

“Damn, you can fit all of La Push on this island!” Seth said with awe as the rest of the wolves nodded their ascent. Alexander really did well.

As we went exploring, I noticed it was twilight and this is where I decided to put my pen and diary down. I know you all will miss us for these 11 days but I promise to tell you everything that happens, and according to a glint in Alice’s eye something is supposed to. But I want to spend as much time as possible with my family just relaxing and exploring. I hope you have a wonderful rest as well. Esme and everyone sends there love to you all.

~Carlisle Cullen

***This is my last entry before my vacation for which I’m leaving on Thursday. I will not be writing for 11 days so I appreciate your patience. Will miss you guys a lot! Have a wonderful next week and a half and I’ll see you soon!! ~xoxo Olga

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