Carlisle’s Diary ~ What a Trip!

August 5, 2013

Dear Diary:

          What a trip! Hi everyone! We’re back home and incredibly happy! I have so much to tell you. Rogue’s Isle is just indescribably beautiful. There are photos below that will show you exactly what I mean. But let me start at the beginning. The day we got there and after we had unpacked, we chose rooms in the massive mansion on one side of the island. Here’s a play by play of our trip.

Day 1:
          We went exploring. It turns out that the island has different wave patterns. One side has little to no waves while the other has some waves so of course since we aren’t much for boring things, most of the time we stayed on the side where there were waves. It definitely was funny to see the wolves and their imprints diving in and out of the waves. They weren’t big but every so often a wave would slightly obscure the horizon and the kids had to jump a bit to avoid getting buried in water.

          We found the bungalows Alexander was talking about as well. He wasn’t kidding when he said that if we wanted to have a romantic time away from the main house with our mate we could literally all fit elsewhere simultaneously. The bungalows were mainly located on the side of the island which had almost no waves. The best part is that you could see the sunset from every part of the island as well as the sunrise.

          We also located our respective food sources which meant we didn’t have to travel to any of the other islands in the Maldives to go hunting. There was a lot of yummy fruit as well for the non vampires and heck we could eat it now too! The main house as Alexander called the massive mansion was the center of all of our activities. But that first day was spent just exploring every inch of the island so we knew exactly what we wanted to do all of the other days.

Day 2:
          So on the second day, we went hunting the first portion of the day and the second portion we spent on the beach. The Watchers are lucky in the sense that they can get a tan and look pretty good with one. The wolves are already tanned but can get darker; unlike the rest of us that just sparkle like a zillion diamonds. When you stick all of us on the same beach we look like a giant glowing disco ball! The Watchers though didn’t seem to mind.

          Hunting was uneventful but much more fun than at home. I mean here we were hunting and running amongst palm trees and waterfalls that were like 3 stories high. Not at all like the little brooks and rivers back home. Running up palm trees was fun too. We had a contest to see who could run up the trees faster. Guess who won? Esme! She even beat Edward; now that says something! My beautiful, amazing, unpredictable, mischievous, daredevil of a wife. The prize was the first choice of bungalow for the romantic getaway with their mate; so I’m glad Esme won because that meant I got to go with her. ;)

          At the beach later in the day, we lay out in the sun and sparkled away while the wolves and their imprints played in the surf. As Corin was the most pale out of all of the Watchers, she was applying SPF 50 to herself; according to Rogue she had a tendency to burn to a crisp but still loved being in the sun. Rogue and Amy had a better chance of getting a tan as opposed to burning as they weren’t as fair skinned. Alexander was a combination of both while Keith was as tan as the wolves so he was trying to wrestle Jacob in the surf while simultaneously trying not to get knocked over by the waves. Whoever got buried by water first, lost. It was pretty even keeled I’d say. Seth was the referee while Leah and Nessie just swam around the guys rolling their eyes every so often. Women……go figure.

          The rest of us were on the beach watching the action in the water with a smile. Finally Bella replaced Nessie in the water with Leah and the two of them swam pretty far out. I think they are now attached at the hip; even more so than Michelle and Nessie. On the one hand I’m really glad that Leah and Bella have developed such a strong bond but on the other hand, seeing Alice’s pout every time she’s left out of the excursion is kind of sad too. Bella doesn’t do it on purpose but she has much more in common with Leah then with Alice truth be told and Alice knows this.

          Don’t get me wrong though, Bella does a really good job involving Alice when she and Leah are doing stuff. Leah wasn’t all too comfortable at first to be that close to Alice just because you all saw how long it took her to open up to Bella so this really was a stretch. But with more and more encouragement from Bella as well as Alice promising… more like swearing on the lives of everyone in her rolodex to not bug either woman regarding going shopping, it got to a point where when it was time for the usual Leah and Bella hiking trip, Leah herself invited Alice. I don’t think I have seen Alice beam so much in a very long time.

          So that was another huge accomplishment for my family. We don’t even consider the wolves and Watchers friends anymore. They’re family pure and simple; extended just like our Denali counterparts. Another heartwarming event was seeing the new and strong bond between Rogue and my wife. Those two would sit and talk for hours. You wouldn’t think that Esme and a warrior like Rogue would have anything in common but because their hearts are so open, pure, caring, and loving they find things or try each other’s suggestions. Like you all know that Rogue is a writer; a poet to be exact. Esme has never written any real poetry but hanging around Rogue she’s really gotten into it.

          While sitting on that beach, I noticed my wife with a notebook and a pen which she moved between her teeth every so often and then gaze out at the water. When I raised an eyebrow because I knew that wasn’t her diary, she smiled at me and showed me what she had written on the cover of the notebook; the word “Poetry”. Ah. I let her get back to her writing. I wonder what she’s working on. We stayed at the beach way past sunset and Twilight until I could see Nessie and the wolves start to yawn.

Day 3:
          We went scuba diving! Or the supernatural immortal equivalent of it. We even saw dolphins jumping out of the water. Nessie was squealing with delight at that one. We all were pretty stoked actually. Seeing dolphins in their natural habitat without really knowing where to look is rare. So it’s a real treat when that happens. When we were all swimming underwater (something we can do indefinitely as all of us except for the wolves and Nessie, can go for a long time without needing air), observing the fish and beautiful coral. The fish were different colors and sizes. Since Nessie didn’t feel comfortable in the whole scuba getup, Jacob snorkeled up top with her while the other two meaning Leah and Seth got themselves in some wetsuits plus BCD’s, regulators, weights, fins, masks, and of course air tanks. Alexander had supplied it all.

          Once everyone was ready, we all followed Alexander as he took us down some 45 to 50 feet below the surface where there were underwater caves you had to be a bit of a contortionist to maneuver in but was a very cool experience. There was also an old wreck with crabs and lobsters underneath. We went inside it. As there were a lot of us, we took turns going inside as we knew if we all tried to go in we’d bump into one another and maybe even get stuck; which actually ended up happening to Seth and Keith when they tried to out maneuver each other in a relatively tight space. Leah gave Seth’s tank a shove with her fin to set him free and he swam just like that fish Nemo in the movie. After we all saw the wreck and did all the cave climbing, we headed back up to the surface where Nessie and Jacob kept swimming. Jacob said he would definitely give scuba diving a go before we left.

Day 4:
          This was my “bringing sexy back” day as Seth called it. Esme and I had decided we wanted to do our bungalow retreat early on before Edward and Bella’s wedding anniversary, which as you know is August 13th. It was quite obvious to everyone that Edward and Bella would want that to be their Bungalow Day. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why most of us who want alone time with our mates don’t just do it altogether since there are more than enough bungalows for everyone. Well that’s because we actually do like to spend time with one another. So we really want to give a couple alone time. They get to have a whole half of the island to themselves for 24 hrs. That’s pretty nice, I think.

          But as usual, I digress. I decided to make it extra special for my beautiful wife by bringing our favorite lavender bubble bath bottle with me and setting it up so that we could have a romantic night in. I went into the garden and picked as many rose petals as I could find and after the candles were lit, the champagne ready and chilled, the lavender bubbles filling the tub, and the room with that wonderfully heavenly smell, I then blindfolded Esme and carried her over the threshold.

          When I untied the blindfold and set her down, she gasped because you could barely see the floor in the master bedroom of the bungalow we chose. I wasn’t kidding when I said I took as many rose petals as I could find to fill the thing. There was a line of rose petals trailing into the master bathroom which Esme followed with a look of wonder on her face as I walked behind her with a pretty satisfied smile on my face. That led her into an oasis paradise of lavender bubbled proportions. She turned, squealed, gave me a huge hug, and kiss. We then proceeded to have a very wonderful evening indeed.

Day 5:
          After our heavenly night away, Alice and Jasper prepared for theirs. They were so cute about it. Jasper did all the planning….and Alice didn’t know what he was doing because he asked Alexander to shield his thoughts as well as the future. It was so funny watching her trying to concentrate on Jasper’s thought process and coming up blank. Alice doesn’t get frustrated much but I could see smoke coming out of her ears by the time Jasper finally came to claim her and take her away to parts and romance unknown. I truly wished them a good time.

          As for the rest of us, we started preparing for Bella and Edward’s anniversary gathering. As mentioned in the previous entry we including Edward had gotten the couple crystal champagne flutes. They were a part of what was to become Bella’s birthday present at some point. Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, and I got them a set of matching red ones since we were one family we wanted to do it that way. The other reason for the flutes was because and this may sound a bit strange but Bella has become really fascinated with the art of glass blowing. Apparently, that’s something some of the elders in La Push were passing down to their grandkids and Leah had shown Bella a YouTube video on it. So that’s how the idea for the flutes first came about.

          Because we were already on this really lavish island and you know Bella’s lack of love for huge parties, we decided to make it into like a small backyard fire pit type of gathering. The main house has a pretty big pool in the back and right beside it there’s a fire pit. So we decided to put really comfy couches and cushions around it (not too close as we didn’t want to start a fire) and just have very basic decorations. We are letting Alice have some fun though not a lot. So that’s what we spent all day doing while Alice and Jasper were off on their little rendezvous in the bungalow of their choice.

Day 6:
          We spent this day each doing our own thing with our respective mates; well it started off that way for most of us anyways. Esme and I went for a swim in the big waterfall pond. I know that Bella and Edward had gone out scuba diving with Nessie and Jacob. They were trying to teach Nessie so she wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. She caught on pretty quickly and actually enjoyed it. Jacob was a natural and had a good time too.

          Alice and Jasper joined Rose and Emmett in a spritely game of vampire volleyball. They were soon joined by Amy, Peter, Corin, and Seth. As far as I know Rogue and Alexander went to have their romantic Bungalow Day themselves. Keith went for a hike with Leah and they passed Esme and me just as we were both about to leap into the pond from the top of the big waterfall. They stood long enough to see us splash into the pond and after some applause and laughs continued on their way.

          Our trip to Rogue’s Isle was more than half way done and we were more relaxed than ever. Thanks again to Alexander for inviting us all. This was truly a trip to Neverland. I had seen Keith talking to Alice about something but wasn’t sure what it was about. I did see her giving him a huge hug. Perhaps she had a vision of some sort. I looked at Edward who obviously knew what was going on…..hell all the mind readers in a 5 mile radius did! He just smiled and shook his head, which assured me it wasn’t anything bad. Just than a volleyball came flying out of nowhere and smacked Edward upside the head. He whirled around annoyed to see Nessie standing there with an “oops” expression on her face. Everyone laughed even Edward. Jacob was trying to teach her how to serve the ball…..except he forgot to turn her away from everyone when she tried for the first time. Hmmmm…..wonder whether that was aimed at Edward on purpose though who knows, Jacob and Edward have been getting along much better since The Talk.

          Yep, Edward gave Jacob The Talk. You could imagine how nice and awkward that was. But ever since Jacob assured him he didn’t plan on any “activities” until after marriage because that’s how he was raised, how all of the Black children were raised, it made Edward give a huge sigh of relief and also made Bella happy to see the two of them getting along so much better. That had taken a while…..almost as long as her and Leah’s friendship to blossom probably longer.

          So that was our first 6 days. 5 more to go.

To be continued……

~Carlisle Cullen

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