Carlisle’s Diary ~ Tying Up Loose Ends

August 18, 2013

Dear Diary:

          So Leah’s engaged! How do you like them apples? When she and Keith got back from their date and showed us the ring and the massive cake with the letters were all stunned. Leah did however say that she wasn’t ready to plan a wedding much to Alice’s dismay. She now knew she was going to be with Keith forever and she had a ring to prove it. She wanted to do it next year at some point and since we are all on some serious speed, it doesn’t take us that long to put a wedding together; she said she’d let Alice know about 2 months or so ahead of time. After all, she wanted something simple.

          When we finally all got home, Leah called her mom to tell her the news and both women cried on the phone. After that, Leah’s cellphone was ringing off the hook from people from the reservation calling to congratulate her. Even Emily called. Leah was a bit pensive when she took that call but bit the bullet and had a pleasant conversation with her cousin. After she hung up, she exhaled a deep breath. Then called Bella on the phone as Bella was in her cottage and asked if Bella would go for a walk with her. I think she needed to talk through some stuff. Bella didn’t hesitate and met her outside.

          When they came back from the hike, Bella looked a little shocked. Leah was smiling peacefully. Here’s what transpired; when they got to their favorite log where they usually walked and sat on…..Leah pretty much blurted it out:

“Hey Bella?”
“I just spoke with Emily who congratulated me on my engagement. She’s getting married too. And she asked me to be her maid of honor; I said ok. But here’s the thing……I don’t want her to be my maid of honor when the time comes for Keith and I to get married. Does that make me a bad person?”
“No not at all! I’m sure Emily would understand under the circumstances. I mean though you were close, you aren’t anymore. And most importantly it is your wedding so the key thing is to make you happy.”
“Yeah.” Leah said thoughtfully.
“Why, who were you thinking of making the maid of honor?” Bella asked curiously. Leah blushed.
“Well actually, I was kinda hoping you’d be my maid of honor, Bella. I mean we’ve gotten so close and you’ve been with me through so much recently, I really feel like I’ve gained a sister even though she’s a vampire.” Leah giggled at that last part while Bella gawked at her.
Holy crow! Really?? Oh my gosh! Are you sure?” Bella was at loss for words.
“Yeah I mean if you want to that is.” Leah suddenly looked unsure. Bella quickly hugged her.
Of course I want to! It would be an absolute honor!
“Oh that’s so great! By the way can you help me pick out a wedding dress too…..I don’t want to look like a Vera Wang model….you know it’s not me!” Leah said laughing and cringing at the thought of Alice dressing her.
“Sure, I’ll help you with anything and everything you need. I’ll make sure Alice keeps herself in check!”

          After that conversation, they headed back to house. The weather was balmy and sunny as it was August, so our family stayed close to home. The Watchers were doing their own thing, until we saw Michelle fly in and touchdown excitedly in front of us. Before we could ask, she said:

“Guess what everyone? Kim is moving up here from OK! Now we can be together all the time!” You could tell she was all but bouncing around.

          We all smiled at that thought and congratulated her. We had gotten to know Kim while on Rogue’s Isle and she was a sweet young woman who loved Michelle passionately. It was only a matter of time before there would be another wedding. Even Nessie was happy with the prospect that now she and Michelle could double date. Edward rolled his eyes at that one. He has to face the facts sooner or later; his little girl is growing up. In fact the next entry will be all about her birthday party. As I’m not good at writing about parties….perhaps one of the other family members will describe what happens. But rest assured there will be a ton of pictures.

          Upon my returning to the hospital and getting a stack of files about a mile high to go over, I received another bit of pleasant news. Our Texas sweetheart girl Charlotte was pregnant! She was absolutely glowing as she made her rounds. It made the whole day feel lighter and brighter. So I sat in my office for a good 3 hours poring over all the files until all the paperwork was done and I could begin my rounds. I also had heard that Mr. Yang was discharged and was expecting to make a full recovery at home. His daughter stopped by the hospital personally to thank me and the team for saving her father’s life. As Rogue likes to say it; all in a day’s work.

          After my shift which was actually a good 26 hours long, I changed and got into my car. I went home and as I was driving, I thought about everything that has happened in the last half of a year. All of the good, the bad, the ugly, and realizing how lucky I was. Just then I heard:

“Tying up loose ends?” I jumped and nearly veered off the road as Rogue appeared in the passenger seat next to me, smiling.
“Holy hell! Are you trying to kill me??? This couldn’t wait until I got home? You enjoy pulling these heart attack appearances on us???” I exclaimed trying to regain my bearings.

          She just laughed and then I felt the steering wheel and the controls to the car totally get reversed into a different direction! I was no longer in control of my own car! But we weren’t going off the road or even speeding uncontrollably; she just manipulated the car to drive on an immortal version of cruise control! She kept laughing as she read my mind and facial expressions. Finally I retorted:

“Can I help you with something?”
“Just wanted to make sure everyone was alright.”
“That’s it??!! That’s the reason you just hijacked my car??”I asked incredulously.
“Well no….there’s one more thing but I didn’t want to have your family deal with this crap any more than they have to.” I waited for her to continue.
“Carrie has waived all of her appeals for execution. She wants it to be done ASAP. Apparently, she’s gotten it into her head that the needle won’t kill her. She thinks she’s a God.” Rogue finished with a roll of the eyes. I sighed.
“I mean she’s not legally insane but she is crazy.” I said shaking my head.
“No doubt there. Scott said he’ll keep me posted. Thus far the date is set for Oct. 31st or Halloween which ironically is also my birthday.” Rogue said with a smirk. Wow….what a birthday present, I thought to myself and she nodded.
“Will you be there for her execution because I know none of the victims or their families want to be there? They want her to see that she’s truly alone.”
“I’m debating about it. I’ll let you know as the date gets closer. Alexander knows and he doesn’t think I should go. He wants me to celebrate my birthday not watch some lunatic get the needle in the arm.”

          We rode in silence after that. Carrie didn’t want a stay of execution. She wanted it over and so did we. The faster she was 6 ft under, the better it would be. The fact that she was still breathing air on earth was a waste of space. But after thinking about that for a bit….I decided not to dwell on that freak anymore. When the time for her death sentence to be carried out, then we would speak of it one final time.

          We pulled up into my drive way and Rogue got out and after a quick hug, smile, and wink, flew home. I walked slowly around the back to the house as that’s where all the noise was coming from. The whole family, save the Watchers, Wolves, Nessie, Bella and Edward were talking excitedly about the trip and all the upcoming parties; making some people groan. They looked up at me as I came up to them. Esme hugged and kissed me; she also whispered to me that the poem she was working on on Rogue’s Isle was almost done so she’ll share that with everyone soon. I joined the ruckus that was going on in the backyard and sat in my favorite rocking chair feeling oddly content.

Rogue was right, I had indeed tied up a lot of loose ends in my head; and then I put my arm around my wife and stared at the incredibly starry sky and felt the warm breeze on my face. What a beautiful night it was indeed.

Wouldn’t you agree?

~Carlisle Cullen

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