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August 24, 2013

Dear Diary:

          Remember when we were on Rogue’s Isle and I mentioned to you that Rogue got Esme into writing poetry? And that I saw her writing a poem on the beach? Well she finally showed me the poem she wrote. Actually she wrote it for Rogue but she shared it with all of us. A few days after Nessie’s party; it was pouring rain and everyone—Watchers included—were just relaxing in our living room. Esme asked everyone if they wanted to hear the poem she wrote for Rogue. Rogue actually blushed! When we all nodded eagerly, she ran upstairs and got the little booklet she used to put the poem in and add pictures to make it pretty.

          When everyone was seated, Esme stood in the center of all of us and opening the booklet to the very first page began to read:

Rogue Waves

One of a kind
Never the same size
But always quite tall

They come out of nowhere
Obscure the horizon
Anywhere from a few inches
To 100ft in height

Yet oddly fascinating
Another unexpected
Or curse
Of Mother Nature

Kids playing
In the surf
Do not notice
When one wave
Is bigger then
The rest

But when
It strikes them
The force
It’d knock superman
Off his feet

Rogue waves
Are warriors
They don’t
Conform to normal rules
Ships disappear
Without a trace

But being
Isn’t always a bad thing
Its power
Ability to make
Swift decisions

Control the masses
Protect its surroundings
Total invincibility

Never turn your back
For whether you fear them
Or are mystified by them
They will be present
Forever more
Guardians of the sea

          When she finished reading it, we were all in awe. My wife, the poet. Rogue had tears in her eyes as she got up and hugged Esme, who gave her the booklet as Rogue thanked her. That was truly beautiful and powerful, just like our Watcher leader. It fit her to a T. Esme said that she will write more and perhaps maybe even do a tandem poem with Rogue.  That’s pretty hard from what I hear but those two can definitely pull it off.

          I wasn’t going to write today if it wasn’t for this as we are all getting ready for Bella’s birthday. One right after another when it comes to birthdays and weddings around here. At least wedding season has come to a temporary close. Leah won’t be ready till next year and Seth is too young to propose. He and Corin feel that they may get engaged next year at some point. Emily and Sam’s wedding is going to be in November at some point.

          Esme also told me that after reading a bunch of books on poetry she had decided that Robert Frost was her favorite poet and his poem “The Road Not Taken” is her favorite poem of all time. So I will finish this entry with a snippet of that poem. Next time I write it’ll be about Bella’s Birthday! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Two roads diverged in the wood and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that made all of the difference.” ~Robert Frost

~Carlisle Cullen

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