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September 17, 2013

Dear Diary:

          It took Bella a whole week to recover from our huge surprise to her. Every time she would go downstairs for a whole week her mouth would still drop to the ground. We couldn’t help but giggle at her. But for once there was no grouching or grumbling her part. What bugged Bella for a few days is that she didn’t get anything from her mother. But about 3 days after her actual birthday; her mother called and the phone rang in the main house when we were all in the living room. Esme went to field it:

“Hello, Cullen residence?”
“Esme? Hi, it’s Renee.”
“Oh hi dear how are you?”
“I’ve been pretty busy. Was wondering if Bella was around?” She asked hopefully. Esme motioned Bella over.
“Just one moment please. Bella it’s your mother.” She handed the receiver over to Bella who took it with a genuine look of surprise.
“Hi sweetie. Happy Belated Birthday! I’m so sorry I didn’t call the day of, it’s been so hectic here. But I did send you a birthday present and according to FedEx it should be arriving to you very soon.” Renee giggled over the phone.
“Thanks mom.” Bella mumbled with a small smile.

          Just then the doorbell rang and Alice motioned to it, wiggling her eyebrows which meant that Renee’s gift had arrived. Esme who was closest to the front door opened it to see a delivery man carrying a huge box. Esme signed for it and the delivery man put it on the floor in the living room. The way he grunted made it seem like there were stones inside the box.

“Was that the box?” Renee asked excitedly.
“Yes, mom it was. What’s in it?”
“Well you have to open it and see, silly. What’s the point of me telling you what it is?” Renee’s voice had the whole DUH affect going; you could totally tell she was rolling her eyes on her end. We all giggled softly.
“Alright, alright…..hang on a moment.” Bella moved over to the box and opened it. There were books inside. She looked at the first book and turned it over to read the synopsis. Her eyes grew wide and she flashed back to the phone.
“Mom! You got me romance novels about vampires???” She asked incredulously, looking at Alice with fear while Alice just shook her head and laughed meaning that Renee didn’t suspect anything but just thought that Bella would like a little romance in her life.
“Yep! My little old soul…..all your books are about the past I figured I’d give you something more in the present and with a little flare so who knows maybe it’ll give your life with Edward a little bit of a boost.” We all laughed especially Emmett at that one.
“Mom! Come on! This is embarrassing!” Bella protested and if she were human would have blushed beet red by now.
“Don’t mom me…..everyone needs a little spice in their life. Anyways, sweetie I have to get going. Phil and I are on our way to New York and must pack.”
“New York? What’s in New York?” Bella asked puzzled.
“Oh Phil has to go see a specialist. He’s been getting these migraines and the doctors here can’t figure out what it is, so one of them suggested his own mentor in New York who specializes in these sorts of things. So figured why not? Couldn’t hurt right?”
“It’s not serious, is it?” Bella said chewing on her bottom lip as the rest of us looked on in concern.
“Probably not but you know it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I don’t understand any of the medical mumbo jumbo so we’ll go and see and I’ll call you from there. We’ll also do the touristy thing so there will be pictures. I’ve got to go now honey.” Renee tried to sound upbeat about the trip but there was no mistaking the worry in her voice.  
“Ok mom, keep me posted. And thanks again for the reading material.” Bella said with a snort.
“No problem. I love you sweetheart.”
“I love you too mom. Bye.”

          They hung up. Bella shook her head as she looked inside the box to find 14 soft cover books, all by the same author. They had silly names too. We decided to go to Bella’s house and put them on the new bookcase in her new basement. When we got there we each looked at the books with a wry smile. Vampire romance huh? Amy and Corin joined us at that point; don’t know where the other Watchers were. As soon as they saw the books and the author they both started giggling.

“Oh how funny! Rogue loves this author. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Fallen Angels series by JR Ward are the best when it comes to vampire romance.” Said Amy.
“I agree and Rogue has all of these books too but she has them all in hardcover.” Corin piped in.
“Are they any good?” Bella asked skeptically.
“Well it’s not our taste but she loves them. You can try and see if you like them. The first one from BDB is Dark Lover. So you can start there. If you like it awesome; then you and Rogue can have something to talk about.” Amy said with a smile.

          Bella sighed and continued finding places to put them so they were in a certain order; Amy helped her with that part. BDB alone had 11 books which included a guide. Plus according to what Amy said, the author still continued to write so new ones came out each year. As everyone finished putting everything up and walked back up the stairs and outside, Rogue was waiting for us with a glint in her eyes.

“Just give the books a chance Bella. No one is forcing you to live in the present.” She said with a wink and a giggle. Everyone laughed.
“Alright, Alright……I’ll try!” Bella said with resignation.
“Something else is on your mind.” Rogue said shrewdly looking straight at Bella.
“Yeah……I’m worried about what may be going on with Phil and that whole migraine thing.”
“Oh Bella stop worrying! I’m sure it’s nothing. Maybe Phil is tired of getting hit in the head by all of those baseballs.” Alice said rolling her eyes while everyone smiled.
“I’m sure you’re right. My mom didn’t seem too worried so I’m sure it’s just like a regular checkup.”
“Let’s worry about it, when there’s something to worry about, alright?” Rogue said.
“Deal.” Bella said with a smile.

With that everyone including Rogue, Amy, and Corin joined us back inside our house as the sun was shining insanely. Nessie and the Wolves had started their sophomore year at the newly constructed Hanover High School and were currently there. Bella and Edward took off a day from their second year at Dartmouth, but would be back tomorrow. Rosalie and Emmett did as well. Autumn was in the air; fresh air and changing leaves. This time of the year is everyone’s favorite because we can wear long sleeves. But the sheer beauty of New Hampshire is also incomparable.

I hope you are enjoying your Autumn afternoons too.

~Carlisle Cullen

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